Jul 3 2013 1:30pm

William Shakespeare’s Star Wars Sweepstakes!

Happy Force of July! We've already told you that William Shakespeare's Star Wars by Ian Doescher, out now from Quirk Books, is exactly what you need for your next geeky houseparty, and now we want you to have a copy of your very own and a Darth Vader-as-the-Bard poster to go with it!

Check out the new trailer for the book here, then enter to win a book and a poster of the cover by commenting in the post below!

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A purchase does not improve your chances of winning. Sweepstakes open to legal residents of fifty (50) United States and the District of Columbia, who are 18 or older. To enter, comment on this post beginning at 1:30 p.m. Eastern Time (ET) on July 3, 2013. Sweepstakes ends at 12:00 p.m. ET July 7, 2013. Void outside of the 50 US, and DC where prohibited by law. Please see full details and official rules here. Sponsor:, 175 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10010.

2. Kella
I need that book in my life. It's that simple. And I already have the perfect place for the poster.
4. NyanShey
A former co-worker at Georgia Shakespeare posted this yesterday. Can't wait to read it!
5. SM
Sounds like a fun book.
7. Deborah Cutler
Two of my favorite things in one place.
9. aanast2
You will pick me to win the book. This is the book I'm looking for. Everyone else can go about his business; move along.
10. ll160528
I'd like to enter to fine please.
12. Michelle L.
Yes! I would very much like to win this.
13. Celia
Ooo! My husband totally needs this. Please!
14. Thom_D
Totally awesome idea. I've always loved Shakespeare parody. My favorites were written by Ruchard Armour.
16. DavidEsmale
I have never put up posters on my walls. But this...this I would put on a wall.
17. RobWB
I need this in my life.
18. Thom_D
Stupid autocorrect. RICHARD Armour not Ruchard. Stupid , Stupid Autocorrect.
20. BC
The Bard himself would be proud!
22. carrottop2864
Would love to read!
23. socratesjr
Perchance the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune will bring me this most excellent prize!
24. Logan Spangler
I'd love to use this to help my students better understand Shakespeare's use of language!
25. Beth D.
Oh! Definitely count me in for this one!
Peter Czyzewski
26. sebastianelgar
What light through yonder cockpit breaks it is the moon... that's not a moon.
27. FredP
To Force choke, or not to Force choke? That is the question. (The answer, of course, is always to Force choke.)
29. mosaix
The Force says Mosaix! Yes!
Sean Jones
30. PersonOfTheDragons
That's an awesome poster, it and the book would look great in my house :)
35. dwndrgn
That poster would look mighty nice on my wall!
37. Chad Walker
I'd love a copy!
38. Monica McAbee
Comment comment comment.
Comment, comment!
39. Darth Touma
The force is with me.. always
Joseph Newton
40. crzydroid
It's really interesting that someone would do something like this, because I've often wondered if 400 years from now they will treat Star Wars like we treat Shakespeare.
Marc Houle
41. MightyMarc
Only legal residents of the US can win? It would seem Darth Vader doesn't like Canadians.
44. Hillary L.
So excited for this! My friends and I do play readings for fun - this will be a great addition!
Jessica Walden
45. jessicaw
This idea wins the internet! I'd love this book.
Mike Petrucelli
46. mpetruce
I have no spur to prick the sides of my intent (other than to win this book), but only vaulting ambition (to win this book), which o'erleaps itself (in order to win this book), and falls on the other (to finally win this book).
47. Clmm
I'd love to read this one.
Kyle Kinnear
49. Xaelun
This seems super great. I'd love to read it.
51. Darren A Jones
This book sounds made of awesome.
52. TBGH
Forsooth . . . verily . . . and wherefore
tatiana deCarillion
56. decarillion
To C or not to 3PO...(ok, yea, it's bad LOL)
Ty Myrick
58. tymyrick
Verily, A New Hope (that I shalt win).
59. mdunnbass
Oh the houseparties I shall have!
Fredrik Coulter
60. fcoulter
I already have the book - it showed up in my mail yesterday. But if I win, I'll send it to the Stony Brook University Science Fiction Library.
Sky Thibedeau
61. SkylarkThibedeau
Dark Lords did spread their wings across the stars
And thus the Old Republic was enslaved.
63. daventor
'Tis a book devoutly to be wished. Fingers crossed.
64. EC Spurlock
This needs to be PERFORMED. Count me in.
66. Vicki S.
Saw him (and friends) act out some scenes at Powell's last night. Can not describe how much awesomeness lies within.
67. Charles W Coulter
Please send me this book. I want it. :)
69. DJ Erfquake
This looks awesome! Pick me!
70. Aaron Muguerza
May the Force be with me winning this book.
71. ScifiChick
Mommy needs a new book of Shakespeare Wars..
73. Iron Maiden James
Yeah, homes.. I can dig it..
Bruce Arthurs
74. bruce-arthurs
Yon' tome lies await
With splendid broadsheet by its side
Lacking only my good fortune
For fair sprites to bring it hence.
75. ConfuzzledPuzzle
Sounds like summer reading!
76. ShawnShine
Available Everywhere (Except Alderran)! HA!
78. Michelle Bitner Smith
Loved the trailer!
80. David T. Wiley
This book is more exciting to me than the prospect of the new movies!
82. Skia
Love Star Wars and Shakespeare.
83. ewak
OMG. Legen-wait for it-dary.
Becca Hollingsworth
84. bibliobeque
This looks incredibly entertaining. I've been recommending it to everybody at work this week.
85. EternityMage
Pay thee, deliver such a prize as this unto mine own self!
86. stazimel
I am the first person on the hold list at the library but would love to win one instead!
89. Aidan S
This seems kind of amazing
91. SarahSparrow
I'm pretty sure I must read this.
93. ncarter
Here goes nothing...
Colleen Palmer
94. arianrose
My hat's in the ring. This one looks like a blast.
96. mariathemuggle
Star Wars and Shakespeare my 2 favorite things =)
99. grizzlybear
My two loves.
100. basilisk
Poetry and Darth Vader? I'm in.
101. eric’s alias
trailer was great
102. ThatMovieNerd
Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow,
Creeps in this petty galaxy from speed to speed,
to the last syllable of recorded saga,
and all our empires have lighted fools the way to handless death.
Out, Out brief lightsaber!
Life is but a cloak, a poor player,
that struts and frets his sorrows to two suns and then is heard no more...
It is a tale told by an Ewok!
Full of fear and anger,
Leading to the dark side!
103. Kevin F
This would be so fun!
104. RLBrown
Nothing would be better...
Kyle McMahon
106. Ulairi
This would be great in my son's room!
Rich Bennett
108. Neuralnet
OMG, that trailer was awesome! I want to see the whole production.
Guillaume Allardice
110. Zmogyls39
To be or not to be, the question that is. Yes!
111. Darth Shakespeare
Considering I'm writing a novel about Shakespearean actors who are also geeks.... yes please.
112. PD07
Now let us set our eyes upon a place,
Lost in time and somewhere out in space....
A book like this a masterpiece will be;
A tale of knights and lords and droids, you see.
And now the Force presents this book to me.
113. Desmond
Count me in, please!
114. Laurraine
This looks really fun!
Steve Rios
115. stevebruin
Can't wait to pick up this book. Sounds like a lot of fun.
117. gwendolynkay
me please
119. DJAmbruso
This is the book for which I seek. To post- perchance to win!
120. Mels
There have been tons of mash-ups that are kinda so-so, but this one actually looks amazingly good.
122. Jason (No, The Other One)
I would LOVE this!!
A.J. Bobo
125. Daedylus
Oh, yes. I have to get in on this one. Thanks!
Jeff Tufano
130. profchaos
The Force is strong with this one. I will use my Jedi powers to win me a copy!
131. Prominent Nonentity
Oh yes.
133. TheMadLibrarian
Yea verily, I wouldst fain acquire a copye of yon chapbook!
Richard Caywood
137. rcaywood
A wonderful prize that is not much ado about nothing.
138. PrestonFS
I love the illusterations in this book and I'd really like that poster.
139. Chris W.
Oh, yes. Me, please. Er...Prithee.
140. lucia
great poster! will be just perfect to hang in the Shakespeare section of our library!!
143. William Gardner
It's sometimes hard to find things with my sense of humor, this is exactly the book i'm looking for.
144. rodneyaaa
I can't wait for the Disney movie. After all the main character's parents are almost always dead in all Disney movies.....
146. miriam12
Combining my love of Shakespeare and all things nerdy; what more could a girl want?
149. dreadbeat
Looks fun!
susan beamon
151. susanbeamon
Darth Vader as William Shakespeare. This I would like to see. Enter me.
153. pdxmike
Not as clumsy or random as raffle, but a contest of a more civilized age!
154. Stacipaty
I need this! I am a middle school drama teacher and this would be perfect for my students!! I teach Shakespeare and they love Science Fiction. You're my only hope!

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