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Warner Bros. Announces Batman and Superman to Clash in Man of Steel Sequel

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During its San Diego Comic Con panel, Warner Bros. confirmed the rumors that Man of Steel will get a sequel featuring the Dark Knight. The Hollywood Reporter broke a story on the potential DC line up, detailing a plan that only days prior hadn’t looked too solid. Read on for further details.

Zack Snyder came on stage at the end of the Warner Brothers panel to give the announcement, and enjoyed keeping the crowd on pins and needles for as long as he could. Here is what he had to say:

Man of Steel will get a sequel featuring Superman and Batman together, though it looks like they may be enemies this time around; the quote given at the panel by Harry Lennix was, “I want you to remember, Clark, in all the years to come. In all your private moments. In all the years to come, my hand at your throat. I want you to remember, the one man who beat you.” A combination Superman/Batman logo flashed at the end of the panel.

It has not been announced who will portray Batman in the new film or who will be directing.

Mordicai Knode
1. mordicai

So we're just going to keep doubling down on this "grim n' gritty" 90s stuff? Is Superman going to grow a mullet? Is Batman going to be replaced by a French Templar Ninja Made Of Knives? All this stuff is the boring crap that Kingdom Come discussed, & I sure am on the side of the Renaissance over the Dark Ages.
2. KF
Actually, the quote Lennix read is grim'n'gritty 80s stuff.
3. Zephyr Stone
I can't say that I'm terribly excited about this. Honestly, this takes the wind out of my sails for a proper follow-up to Man of Steel.

I would have hoped for an expansion on the Super mythology and its world that would have: a.) introduced Lex Luthor and the threat he represents for Superman b.) allowed us a more fleshed-out view of the Daily Planet and its staff and c.) delved more deeply into the budding Clark/Lois relationship. Oh, and of course something that would have given us a proper look on the physical aftermath and emotional consequences of what Superman did at the end of the movie.

Instead, we get what? A "bro" movie about two famous heroes duking it out? Eh.....
Christopher Bennett
4. ChristopherLBennett
@3: Actually it could be both. Maybe the reason Batman's coming after Superman is that he holds Superman accountable for failing to save all those lives in Metropolis, that he considers Superman a threat for having all that power and not enough awareness of the needs of the average people. You could get something really cool out of it if Batman were to serve as Superman's conscience, the one who drags his perspective down to Earth and teaches him to consider the consequences his actions have on ordinary people, and thereby helps mold him into the hero he truly has the potential to be. It would be a nice way to address the shortcomings and consequences of MoS.

But then, that's probably me being wildly optimistic. I don't have a lot of faith in these filmmakers to pay much attention to the human consequences of their over-the-top action, given how they subjected Metropolis to Hiroshima-scale destruction and then had the Planet staffers joking and flirting seemingly days later as though none of it had happened.
5. TheMadLibrarian
@4: I have been hoping for a World's Finest style matchup for about 2 decades now, especially since the reboots of both Superman and Batman. I think your take on SvB would be successful, as long as it grew both characters towards their eventual friendship and respect. Considering how now reboots aren't considered to be successful unless they have loads of explosions, the director's personal take on the universe (which is usually bleak, bleak, bleak), and nevermind the traditional fan base, I have little hope.
Andrew Love
6. AndyLove
Actually, the quote Lennix read is grim'n'gritty 80s stuff.
From "Dark Knight Returns."
Ty Myrick
7. tymyrick
Considering it is Snyder and Goyer writing it, the movie will probably jump forward 10 years to an epic battle between Superman and Batman over who gets to kill the last living supervillian.
Kimani Rogers
8. KiManiak
Multiple issues with a "Superman vs Batman" movie being the next Man of Steel movie. Two quick ones:

1. Lex Luthor was barely mentioned in the first movie, and it was in the form of Lexcorp related goods or services, as I recall. Lex Luthor needs to be set up as Superman's archnemesis.

Even if they try to set this up as Luthor manipulating the confrontation between Batman and Superman, it would not have laid the foundation of Luthor as Superman's main antagonist. In that scenario, it would instead make Luthor as much of a Batman villain as a Superman one.

2. Batman's main equalizer on Superman is Kryptonite. But in Man of Steel, Superman's weakness wasn't Kryptonite per se, it was being exposed to an atmosphere/environment identical to Krypton's (which allowed him to escape once the environment in the Krypton ship was changed to mirror Earth's). Its an important distinction.

Traditionally (and as part of DC canon, I believe) Batman could carry a piece of Kryptonite, that is toxic to Superman, and neutralize him that way. It's a lot harder for Batman to create a room/chamber/whatever that can mimic Krypton's atmosphere/environment. And trick Superman into entering it.

Anyway, I'm skeptical that the Superman of "Man of Steel" could be appropriately matched by the Batman from Nolan's trilogy (or any movie version of Batman to date).
Fake Name
9. ThePendragon
People need to stop wishing for Lex Luthor. Luthor has had 5 movies already. He's boring. Leave him be. How about we get Darkseid. I always preferred him as Superman's Archnemesis.
Mordicai Knode
10. mordicai
9. ThePendragon

I'd rather get a New Gods movie than shoe Darkseid in just as a Superman nemesis, but if it was used to spring board into a larger cosmology...

...oh wait that is exactly what Avengers did with Thanos. Nevermind.
Mordicai Knode
11. mordicai
2. KF

You are right, but I'm talking a much larger issue; Watchmen ended the Bronze Age & Dark Knight defined the Iron Age, but it really came into its own with the advent of Image. It isn't hard to draw a line from Jim Lee now to Jim Lee then. Which isn't a slam at Lee, particularly, but rather just a piece of evidence of a wider paradigm.
Francisco Guimaraes
12. franksands

I think hollywood movies is going through its own "reallistic and gritty" stage of comics adaptations. With any luck, it will pass.
Francisco Guimaraes
13. franksands
On the other hand if they present a "Dark Knight Returns" Batman, I will definitely wan to see this.
Mordicai Knode
14. mordicai
12. franksands

Well, except Marvel movies seem to be staying above it, but yeah, I think we need...well, like I said up in a) a Kingdom Come. The idea that Totally To The Max In Your Face Extreme Gritty! comics are somehow more serious or better reflect reality is...well, goofy. I dunno, it just bugs me because I'm a DC guy, I'm a SUPERMAN guy, & instead we get...this. & Grant Morrison is RIGHT THERE! Just throw all the money at him!
15. AngryhippyXer
What is wrong with all these people, this is so totally awesome. This is the ultimately comic book showdown. I am freakin pysched for this.

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