Jul 10 2013 3:30pm

Pay-What-You-Can Humble eBook Bundle Adds Neil Gaiman and XKCD!

Humble ebook bundle XKCD

The pay-what-you-can Humble eBook Bundle 2 has added some fabulous new content! The bundle compiles works from across science fiction, fantasy, comics, and YA, and offers them on multiple platforms, DRM-free. It also allows you not only to pay what you wish, but also to choose how your payment is divided: between the authors, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Child’s Play Charity, or the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America. (You can also tip Humble Bundle if you so desire!)

The ebook bundle already offered great work like the Deluxe Edition of Peter S. Beagle’s classic The Last Unicorn, Cherie Priest’s Boneshaker, Cory Doctorow’s Little Brother and Wil Wheaton’s Just a Geek, but now they’ve added four more titles:

  • xkcd: volume 0, the first collection of Randall Munroe’s investigation of romance and math
  • Signal to Noise, a haunting, seminal graphic novel from Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean
  • The Poison Eaters and Other Stories, by acclaimed fantasy author Holly Black
  • Machine of Death, the wonderfully eclectic collection of stories about a device that predicts a person’s cause of death, edited by Ryan North, Matthew Bennardo, & David Malki.

If you’ve already bought a Humble bundle, the new content will appear automatically on your download page, and new customers simply need to pay more than the current average on the site, which will also get them all six books from the first week of the promotion! Check out Humble Bundle’s viedo below for more details about the sale, plus some wise words from Cory Doctorow:

1. M—
I'd be more excited about this bonus if I hadn't already received the Gaiman and XKCD works as part of the first Humble Bundle. Not that this has stopped me from buying the second bundle, mind.
Chris Bridges
2. cabridges
Yeah, I was a little disappointed. Still a great deal, but, you know.
Scott Silver
3. hihosilver28
Agreed. I was hoping for other exclusives with this one. Maybe even Order of the Stick, or Schlock Mercenary. :-) Ah well. Hopefully this one does well enough to warrant a third.
4. jcr
I just stumbled on the site from tweets by Wil Wheaton & Neil Gaiman. I'm really excited by the bundle offered & can't wait to rummage through the rest of the site. Thanks
treebee72 _
5. treebee72
I wasn't able to purchase the first bundle (lack of $), so glad to be able to get this one. Thanks for the head's up.
6. McDude
I'd paid less than the "average price" for this before they added the new bonus books (I'd already read the first two bonus ones), and the new ones magically appeared in my account anyway. Very generous of them.

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