Jul 15 2013 8:00am

Morning Roundup: Mother of Dragons is Also Mother of Headlocks

Ramon Villalobos Daenerys wrestling headlock Game of Thrones

Professional wrestling long ago elevated itself into a unique artform, with all the tortured character arcs, pageantry, elaborate costuming, and last minute redemption of an opera, or an episode of Game of Thrones. Artist Ramon Villalobos saw this connection, and illustrated the results, along with examples of Mario, Freddy and Jason, and, um, Aquaman, all demonstrating proper ring technique. As long as Magneto doesn’t throw any folding chairs into the ring...

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of and wonders what a “supernova” wrestling move might entail. WHERE'S YOUR FUSION NOW, BONESAW?

1. Dutchstau did the whole "Pixar's all in one universe" thing in their after hours, video series a while back, it ended up falling apart at some point don't remember where. I'll definitely still give this one a look tho.
Joseph Newton
3. crzydroid
I think there are several holes in the Pixar theory. One of the other ones I thought of today is if Cars takes place in the post-Exodus world of Wall-E, where is all the trash? Not to mention all the run down signs for BnL and the advanced technology. In Cars we see a pretty clean world with a thriving ecosystem, and is more or less modeled after the world of today. We also see signs that it evolved from at least a 1950s era world. Yet in Wall-E, we see the first plant coming back and there's still a bunch of garbage and signs of the advanced world before the humans all left. Also, why would the cars go back and start modelling themselves from Model Ts and advancing onwards when surely cars featured more advanced designs by the time humans left?
Tracy Durnell
4. kaeldra
Unless I am misunderstanding the anatomy of that drawing, he is not going to tap from that fail of a choke. She's not cutting off bloodflow through the carotid arteries. Her bicep would need to be under his chin. Or is she just trying to break his neck?

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