Jul 16 2013 8:00am

Morning Roundup: But How Can They Be Mapping Us If They Don’t Know We’re Coming?

There are few things on earth more wonderful than the moment when a treasure map in unfurled. Treasure Island, The Goonies, and Bugs Bunny cartoons—following dotted lines to big X-marked spots serves a primal need for linearity. Now, illustrator Andrew DeGraff has turned the movies themselves into maps, which in turn become delightful puzzles and provide a whole new way to experience each movie—free of the conventions of plot. You can check out more of DrGraff’s amazing work here.

Today’s Morning Roundup doesn’t have any pirates, but it does have tntergalactic travel, Days of Future Past photos, and Terry Gilliam!

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1. Yensi2013
Absolutely loved 'Rocket Ship to Hell'!! Thank you!

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