Jul 24 2013 2:10pm

Bag End-by-the-Sea: A Life-Size LEGO Hobbit Hole!

The LEGO Workshop set themselves a challenge: could they build a life-size version of Bag End out of LEGO? The answer, clearly, was yes. 2.5 million LEGOs later they had a hyper-detailed version of the “Unexpected Party” LEGO set that an adult non-hobbit can walk around in!

Much like Bilbo, they paid particular attention to the food, recreating each piece twenty times larger than the toy set. So this mini-carrot:

became this MEGA-CARROT:

And each hobbit and dwarf minifigure, recreated at twenty-four times the original LEGO size, became about as tall as, well, as hobbits and dwarves actually are, when compared with Big People.:

(Complete with adorably huge pretzel!)

Just in case some mean cave trolls came by looking to step on things, they reinforced Bag End with some metal scaffolding and glue, which also meant it could travel! And so it was able to make an appearance at this year’s San Diego Comic Con:

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Watch the video below to see the full build!

1. Jayms
I love all things LEGO as much as the next man-child, but this seems like a huge waste of bricks.
Monica J
2. hearmonicaroar
How does this only have one comment? I loved this video.

I wouldn't mind doing that for a living.
3. Rusty Patti
GAH! I did not know it was LEGO! Meant to go have a look see but didn't get around to it. Off to the Green Dragon to drown my sorrow.

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