Jul 10 2013 2:30pm

Watch This Kitten Wander In to Help Play a Ukelele Nerd Love Song

Nerd Love Song ukelele kitten DeAnne Smith

DeAnne Smith’s “Nerdy Love Song” had already reached One of the Best Things Ever status, what with the ukelele and the bow tie and everything—but then Clark the foster kitten wanders onto camera and STEALS THE SHOW. Watch the kitty make it nearly impossible for Smith to keep a straight face while she plays her song.

Clark plays along!

Nerd Love Song ukelele kitten DeAnne Smith

Clark looks at the camera!

Nerd Love Song ukelele kitten DeAnne Smith

Clark tries to sing!

Nerd Love Song ukelele kitten DeAnne Smith

You’re going to have to give us a minute. Go watch the whole video:

1. wingracer
That's great. Made my day.
2. Dalynda Marie
Really like this! Thanks for sharing!
Joseph Cook
3. Jobi-Wan
Well this is the cutest thing I've seen today.
Michael M Jones
4. MichaelMJones
I am absolutely dead of the cute.
And I love DeAnne's look as well. She just looks so -nifty-.
Fun song, too!
5. SueQ
LOVE IT!! Shared to Facebook immediately. Encore!!
corey chapman
7. martianblues
Yay! I love ukulele, I love kittens, and now I love you too DeAnne!
8. candice c.
this reminds me of wisdom tooth! AH I LOVE IT!
9. Action Kate
She had me at "Garamond." what a gorgeous font. And I want that kitten.

(ETA my captcha word is "science." No really.)
Lisamarie LiGreci-Newton
10. Lisamarie
I have to admit, I didn't like this as much as I thought I would. The cat is adorable, DeAnne and the ukelele are cute and quirky, and there were some laugh out loud moments for me, but the requests to take off my pants and comments of a similar nature got kind of old. It was funny the first time, but after awhile I just rolled my eyes. Not my kind of love song, I guess :)
11. BelleStarr21445
That kitteh plays a mean uke.
12. ThatIntellectualDude
Using "further" and "farther" correctly is part of my minimum criteria for a mate. I think she's right on... ;D
13. Susi Matthews
Absolutely adorkable! I giggled and "aw"ed through the whole thing.

Not to mention that DeAnne is just about the cutest geek ever; love the look and the bow tie and the smart geeky charm. Oh great! So now not only am I a cougar, now I'm a bi-sexual cougar.

Yep, brains, wit and proper grammar are about the sexiest thing ever!
14. Amy G Koss
15. Sean Cuthill
The cat was hilaroius and DeAnne is cute as all get out! I wish she was my neighbour.

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