Jul 16 2013 3:30pm

John Scalzi is the Prettiest Belle at the Ball

John Scalzi regency dress

We are delighted to see the Scalzi family’s eldest son John returned to the social circuit after a worrying winter laid up with consumption. What a coquettish figure he cuts here, re-emerged in the Sommerset sun with the Scalzi family hound, Mumford. Surely there can be no absence of suitors for the trembling buck’s hand?

This is what happens when you let Tor Books authors dress each other. A little while ago, John Scalzi told his Twitter followers that if the Clarion Foundation received $500 in donations in the next 30 minutes then Scalzi would post a picture of himself in one of Mary Robinette Kowal’s Regency dresses.

They raised $590. And high society shall never be the same.

Stewart C Baker
2. Stewart C Baker
Clearly what the world needs now is a charity dress-off between Scalzi and Hines... :)
Stewart C Baker
3. Puff the Magic Commenter
MUMFORD!? The hell's wrong with you, Stub? That fine animal's name is Daisy. Surely that's a more than appropriate moniker for sitting in the sun, waiting for the parish's soldiers to return from Waterloo?
Mark Lawrence
5. incurablyGeek
Sorry. Just doesn't do anything for me. But good on ya, John!
Stewart C Baker
6. Aethenoth
I barely recognized him without the buttercream.

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