Jul 17 2013 10:30am

Oh, Nothing... Just Harlan Ellison Doing a Book Signing at Sweeney Todd’s Barber Shop

Harlan Ellison Sweeney Todd Barber Shop book signing

When Harlan Ellison invites you to Sweeney Todd’s Barber Shop you...well, honestly, you would seriously question that invitation.

But you’d miss out on one of the more entertaining book signings around. The L.A. Times’ David L. Ulin reports today on a two-stage signing that notorious author Harlan Ellison held at Sweeney Todd’s in Hollywood on July 16th for the upcoming re-release of two of his early street gang stories “Pulling a Train” and “Getting in the Wind.” While he got his hair cut, the 79 year-old author essentially shot the shit with reporters and fans, then headed over to La Luz De Jesus Gallery and Soap Plant to finish the signing. Also at one point he pulled out a switchblade because Harlan Ellison.

Check out the full account at the Times story linked above. And check out tons of great photos taken by Lee Joseph at the event over on the Sweeney Todd’s Barber Shop Facebook page.

Steven Halter
1. stevenhalter
That looks like it would have been all kinds of fun.
2. ChuckEye
Interesting to see these stories reprinted. I bought a used copy of Sex Gang for $85 twenty-odd years ago. I took it to one of Harlan’s signings a few years back, not sure if he’d sign it or tear it up. I think he was a bit surprised to see it, but took it in good stride and we talked a bit about the pen name he’d used. (The book is credited to Paul Merchant, but he’d originally wanted D.S. Merchant, for “Dirty Smut Merchant”...)
3. missallen
Hellison, PLEASE. A tiny elderly man pulling a switchblade is pathetic.

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