Jul 16 2013 4:15pm

Syfy’s Next Masterpiece is...Ghost Shark

Ghost Shark Syfy movie

Sharknado provocateurs Syfy have released a trailer for their next masterpiece: Ghost Shark. According to Entertainment Weekly the TV movie will be released in August 22nd and, like all worthy art, will contain flaws that only serve to enhance its natural beauty.

I didn’t actually listen to the trailer while watching it but I gather that this truer-than-life cinematic experience will center around a shark that is also a ghost. The ghost shark is still capable of biting people, an apt metaphor for these unpleasant times, as we as one people shake our fists in the face of God, raging in our futile attempts to prevent the eclipse of death. Perhaps in Ghost Shark we can be shown the way?

Spoilers ahe...just kidding.

Did I mention that it stars Mackenzie Rosman aka tiny Ruthie Camden from 7th Heaven? Do I feel confident in speculating that this is essentially an extension of that television show’s storyline? I do.

Here is something fantastic that the people behind this film have said:

Thomas Vitale, Syfy’s Executive Vice President of programming and original movies, says that the creativity behind the latest TV-movie to be added to the lengthy list of shark hits was inspired by an idea from his 7-year-old daughter.

Did anyone watch Sharknado? Was it fun?

Chris Lough is...there are none left who know.

David Lomax
1. dlomax
Ghostwerewolfshartopusnado. 2016. Calling it now.
David Thomson
2. ZetaStriker
I still have Sharknado unwatched on my computer, sadly. I need to get on that before the next Sharkpocalypse hits.
Fade Manley
3. fadeaccompli
Given how much fun I had watching Mega Shark vs. Crocosaur last night, I am so going to be there for this one. Eventually. When it hits Netflix streaming, anyway.
treebee72 _
4. treebee72
Sharknado made the fatal flaw of having too much story & not enough sharks or 'nados.
Ethan Glasser-Camp
5. glasserc
You don't think the executives at SyFy get you?

(Warning: other comics on that site are NSFW.)

Lianne Burwell
9. LKBurwell
I watched Sharknado and had a lot of fun with it. Mind you, you have to watch it with tongue firmly in cheek and not say 'how can you stab a shark through the skull with a pool cue and kill it? especially when you are a barmaid in a bikini top' all the time.

(not to mention the concluding scene with the shark and a chainsaw. Seriously?)

But is it any crazier than the giant solar flare that sends Mercury hurtling on a collision course with Earth in another SyFy classic? Now *that* was pure crack, in a 'But science doesn't work that way!!!!!' sort of thing.

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