Jul 30 2013 4:30pm

Get Eric Van Lustbader’s First Daughter Ebook For Just $2.99!

First Daughter Eric Van Lustbader

In Eric Lustbader’s new thriler, First Daughter, ATF agent Jack McClure must battle a mysterious man who has ripped two families apart. Jack McClure has already  escaped a troubled childhood and overcome dyslexia in order to become one of the top agents in the ATF. However, success in his career is all he has left to keep him going after the death of his daughter and crumbling of his marriage. Now, alone and looking for purpose, he is called upon to rescue President-elect Edward Carson’s kidnapped daughter. But this isn’t just a routine mission for McClure: Alli Carson was his own daughter’s best friend, and he’ll stop at nothing to save her.


Now you can get this action-packed novel for just $2.99 on your favorite ereader!

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CHOAM Nomsky
1. CHOAM Nomsky
I also look forward to the upcoming books starring Brock McGruff, who overcame lactose intolerance to become the top agent at CIA's Unpleasant Pranks department, or Dash O'Hammer, who overcame his crippling fear of clowns to lead the IRS civil division until his wife left him to start a vegan-feminist hot yoga studio in Portland.

More seriously, I know nothing of Lustbader's work, other than not having seen the latest Bourne movie. Any opinions out there?

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