Jul 10 2013 12:55pm

Electro Stands Revealed in New Amazing Spider-Man 2 Pic

Electro Amazing Spider-Man 2 Entertainment Weekly

And there he is! We’ve seen Jamie Foxx painted blue in previous on-set pictures and now Entertainment Weekly has given us our first glimpse of Electro as we’ll see him in next year’s Amazing Spider-Man 2. He sparkles like a vampire in the sun! And he looks really mad about it. Which, you know, makes sense.

Check out the full cover below.

Sony Pictures will be revealing more about the upcoming sequel at this year’s San Diego Comic Con. One wonders if we’ll get to see Paul Giamatti’s full transformation into the Rhino next.

Electro Amazing Spider-Man 2 Entertainment Weekly



Bruce Arthurs
1. bruce-arthurs
I am underwhelmed.

I grew up reading the original Ditko-drawn issues of Spider-Man, so I'm imprinted with the bizarre and garish (understatement) original Electro costume:

Accept no substitutes.
pat G
2. pat G
Come on...the yellow and green suit? With the electric starfish mask? REALLY? Ive been reading for about 20 years and grew up with the characters too, man, but there is no way anyone AT ALL would really take the yellow and green seriously. Theres a time to be aggresive on following source material, and then there is a time to let something be new, fresh, and better designed for modern times.

Also, we all know they are dipping more into Ultimate Spiderman with these movies, and I say great work, Im very excited to see how this all pans out.
Bruce Arthurs
3. bruce-arthurs
Yes, really. I look at the new Jamie Foxx version, and I'm just... bored.

Whatever else you say about the original costume, it's not boring.

(Have you seen the Fashion Police around lately? No? You know why not? Because the original Electro ELECTROCUTED their asses, that's why.)

Besides which, this is a movie where the main character DRESSES UP AS A SPIDER. Your argument is invalid.

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