Jul 15 2013 8:30am

Download Five Years of’s Original Fiction for Free!

Download Five Years of Stories on is celebrating its fifth birthday this week and as one of the many things we’re doing to mark the occasion, we’ve assembled the entire last five years of our award-winning original fiction into one handy, and possibly physics-defying, ebook.

This ebook is free to’s registered users to download, as a thank you for joining and contributing to our community over the years. Enjoy!

Download The Stories: Five Years of Original Fiction on

In addition, because we’re turning 5, we have 5 more stories coming your way this Wednesday, July 17th! Check out our entire schedule of stories, and read Jeffrey Ford’s “Rocket Ship to Hell,” in your subscriber email or on the site on July 20th. All stories will be assembled in our Original Fiction index for easy bookmarking.

On Wednesday July 17th:
8:00 AM: “The Best We Can” by Carrie Vaughn
9:00 AM: “One” by Nancy Kress
10:00 AM: “Dragonkin” by Lavie Tidhar
11:00 AM: “Contains Multitudes” by Ben Burgis
12:00 PM: “Old Dead Futures” by Tina Connolly

(Note: If you're getting an “invalid token” response or other hiccup from the site, try logging in through the home page first, then accessing the download page.)

1. smccann
You just rocketed past Omni in your race to be Santa Claus to the readers!
2. Tamu Miles
I would love to take advantage of this promotion (it's just so awesome), but I can't register with your site. I'm told I have an invalid token after filling in all the information. :-( And yes, I did fill in the reCaptcha stop spam field.
Jason Paul
3. araucariaceae
Awesome! Y'all are the best.

And congratulations on the anniversary, of course!
Ty Margheim
4. alSeen

Try a different browser. Also, try registering on their main registration page, not from the download link.
Irene Gallo
5. Irene
Tamu: If you still cant get through, email:
6. sarah w
Despite being registered when I log in for this wonderful book I'm told I have an invalid token
Steve Oerkfitz
8. Steve Oerkfitz
Downloaded it but can't find a way to send it to my kindle. Usually I email it over but it's apparently too long to attach to an email.
Dan Worcester
9. Azusa
Goodness, those are big file sizes!
Lianne Burwell
11. LKBurwell
Wow, thanks for the present.

And the PDF alone is 3,817 pages. That's a lotta fiction. It will take about five years to read!
12. WSaffron
All I get is notified of my invalid token. :(

And OMG, recaptcha is trying to drive me to the dark side.
Irene Gallo
14. Irene
WSaffron: email and we'll get you sorted. (And onc eyou are registed you can skip reacptcha!)
Tabitha Jensen
16. pabkins
You folks are the greatest! I can't wait to read this awesome collection!!
Ian Johnson
17. IanPJohnson
Awesome. Congrats on five amazing years.
Jeff LeBlanc
18. Jeff_LeBlanc
Looks like the epub might have crashed my kobo :(

Dang! I was looking forward to this.
Craig Barnett
19. Ommadawn
This is one big gift! Many thanks!!
Venkat Natarajan
21. venkat1024
Tor... Happy Birthday. Looking forward to reading these in leisure. I have just new appreciation for good short stories and I think I am going to like these.
Todd Caster
22. toddc219
Happy birthday!! And thanks for all the fiction.
Darin B
23. Darin111
Hi, great gift thanks, bit of trouble though... after finally getting it over to my Kindle App for Android (had to upload to Drive, download to tablet, move to Kindle folder, etc. to get around file size restrictions) it crashes out the Kindle App when I try to open it. Since the usual file size for my other Kindle books seems to be about 600K, I suspect, just suspect mind you, that 150 meg is not something the app can handle. Anybody out there managed to open this on a tablet or ereader?

Or maybe you guys can break it into chunks and "volumize" this??

Margaret Maloney
24. MMaloney
I, too, am surprised by the size of the Kindle file, and haven't successfully been able to transfer it to my tablet. This seems to kind of defeat the purpose of having it available in the mobi format. (Not to complain—it's very nice of Tor to have released such a long ebook for free! I just want y'all to know it might not be working the way you thought it would.)
Laura Stockman
25. cheekylala
Happy Birthday Tor!!

Thanks so much for the awesome gift!!
26. Erik Dercf

For some time I've enjoyed the audio pobcast of The New Yorker in which authors are invited to read stories aloud and are asked about the stories they chose to read by the editor. I think I would be amazingly cool if you guys did the same thing in which your authors were invited to read fiction posted on your site and made available on itunes podcasts.

Kam-Yung Soh
27. KYSoh
Happy birthday,

BTW, I don't believe there is an entry for this book yet at Is it okay if I make an entry for the book at Goodreads, using the above cover image?
29. super dave
Thank you for a tremendous birthday gift!
I agree with Joan. Wow! But for some reason, I don't seem to be able to download the stories. What have I done wrong?
Barbara Buchanan
32. CatBookMom
Thank you! This anthology is going to be a major treat, read slowly to savor all the goodness.

I look forward to Thursdays, for the new update, the fun articles, the re-read-alongs and re-watch-alongs. I've been following BtVS almost from the beginning.

ETA: Ooops! The Mobi file exceeds 50Mb, and can't apparently be Sent to Kindle. Any chance of re-issuing it in more than one file?
Tasha Turner
33. TashaT
I was able to open in kindle app on my iPad but not also save it to Dropbox so the next time amazon updates my kindle app & accidentally wipes out everything I'll still have it.
Richard Walker
34. teacherguy66
Awesome! Downloaded the ePub file on my iPad and opened in my nook app. Can't wait to start reading! Thanks - and happy birthday,
Theo Kanbe
35. herovillain
I downloaded the epub and it won't open on my Nook. What am I doing wrong?
Dhaibat Mukherjee
36. Dhaibat
I am pleased and notoriously proud to be a member of the Tor community.I first accessed this website for more "Wheel of Time",my favourite series of all time, news and have been hooked ever since.I am an avid reader and always look forward to the excerpts,re-reads and stories that are featured in Birthday and thank you.
Sean Markey
38. seanmarkey
I plugged my kindle into my computer and just added the document via USB. So if you have an actual kindle, this is the best way to get it into your library!
Edward Mulandi
39. McUBED
Signed up. Downloaded and ready to go. Man, all this on top and Steven Erikson's Malazan books to read. The commute is officially 'bibliophiled'.
Adrian Smith
40. fon
@McUBED I just finished the Malazan books, so now's a perfect time to start on this! Thank you, Tor.
Andrea Hayes
41. Pixelsheen
I had this downloaded and saved on my Nook (sadly didn't have a copy saved on my computer...) but I had to reset it due to an issue with ADE. Is there anyway I can recover it or re-download it? I was right in the middle of Six Months, Three Days!

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