Jul 17 2013 4:20am

Dave McKean’s Sandman Overture Cover Revealed

Neil Giaman’s Sandman Overture cover by Dave McKean


On the eve of San Diego ComicCon, Entertainment Weekly has revealed the Dave McKean cover of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman: Overture 1. Dave Mckean created the iconic covers to the original Sandman series, so his Morpheus (now with haircut!) is just the thing to make original fans of the series very excited. Neil Gaiman told EW, “There is something special about Dave McKean that makes it feel real....I get the same thrill I got 25 years ago seeing his covers…” 

It’ll be a big year for Sandman at ComicCon—both McKean and Gaiman are guests of the convention and McKean has created another Morpheus image for the program book.

EW also revealed the first page by series artist J. H. Williams II and, earlier in the month, Vertigo released cover and interior images. Sandman: Overture will begin publication this October. I, for one, am getting really excited for what looks to be a fantastic and trippy ride.

J. H. Williams art for Neil Giaman’s andman Overture

MAtthew Thom
3. zas452
Perfect actor if we could persuade people to do a TV Series of Sandman then...
4. bcarman
Man I love me some Dave McKean

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