Jul 21 2013 7:14pm

Check out this Steelheart Excerpt from SDCC!

Brandon Sanderson Steelheart San Diego Comic-Con 2013Random House has released a two chapter excerpt of Brandon Sanderson’s upcoming novel Steelheart in preparation for today’s video sneak peek at San Diego Comic-Con. The excerpt covers chapters 10 and 11, and gives us a look at the desperate resistance movement that’s grown up in opposition to the oppressive rule of the supervillain Steelheart and his cadre of fellow Epics. You can read it here now, and keep watching the website for tonight’s video preview. Go read it now!


Stubby the Rocket is the mascot and occasionally random voice of Stubby’s superhero name is the same as its supervillian name. It’s Stubby.

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Jan Grilanc
1. DrRoxo
Does anybody know, is the title of this novel's title a reference to this band:

Also, if you're going to watch the video, wait until the refrain at least, it's amazeballs! :)

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