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Casting Patrick Rothfuss’s The Name of the Wind

Patrick Rothfuss Name of the Wind

Ever since the announcement that 20th Century Fox has optioned the TV rights to The Kingkiller Chronicles, I’ve been obsessing over the prospect of casting the series...and I know I’m not the only one. Of course, this is a game people have been playing since The Name of the Wind came out in 2007—Patrick Rothfuss even weighed in early on, tapping a few actors and actresses for different roles. Back in 2008, he pictured Natalie Portman as Denna, for example, Morena Baccarin as Fela, and Neil Patrick Harris as Bast. Far be it from me to disagree with the author, but let’s take a look at some other possibilities...

In many ways, these aren’t easy books to cast: Kvothe himself presents a bit of a problem since his story is split into several timelines (I can’t quite imagine that any adaptation would change the whole structure of the narrative. Or, I can imagine it, but I don’t want to). The roles of older and younger Kvothe would both require incredibly gifted actors who resemble one another to a relatively strong extent. On top of that (assuming the show focuses on the time just around his entrance into the University), younger Kvothe is theoretically in his early teens, but passing as several years older, for much of the story. But the actor playing him has to be old enough to get into some rather adult situations (cough, cough, Felurian, cough) sooner or later, so I think they’ll have to go with a young-looking actor in his early 20s. I’d anticipate a lot of flashbacks to Kvothe’s boyhood as well, so in reality, I’m guessing there will be at least three actors playing the character at different points. The producers should just construct a Bat-Signal for young ginger actors, at this point—they’re going to be seeing more redheads than a Weasley family reunion.

Of course, the fact that it’s a challenge just makes this more fun—I think I’ve finally lined up a pretty sold representation of my dream cast, below. Just to be clear, rather than factoring real world concerns like budget and the actors’ availability, I prefer to focus on acting abilities and finding the closest fit to my own mental impressions of each character. I’ve also chosen actors who are mainly from the UK because in my head, The Commonwealth falls into the odd groove of “probably kind of vaguely British” that has formed in my brain over years of reading/watching fantasy series. Maybe I’m completely off, of course, and the characters should all be speaking like they’re from Wisconsin, or France, or somewhere else entirely. All in all, I expect that mileage for some of these suggestions will vary wildly, so please chime in with your own casting picks and theories in the comments!

Kote (AKA, Older, World-Weary, Cut-Flower Kvothe)—Tom Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston Kote

There have been a lot of strong candidates for this role bandied about lately, and I absolutely agree that Kevin McKidd would do an amazing job as Kote/Kvothe. And as for Magneto Michael Fassbender, that guy should be allowed to do pretty much whatever he wants from now on. But Hiddleston has a playfulness that makes him the first choice, in my mind—the series will need to connect the adult Kvothe with the brash, charming, likeable boy in the past, and Hiddleston has a boyishness that would serve him well in that regard. Plus, he’s a hell of an actor, and it would be a pleasure to watch him navigate the complexities of being both Kote, the affable nobody, and Kvothe, the conflicted, misunderstood legend in his own time.

Kvothe: The Teen Years—Matthew Beard

Matthew Beard Kvothe

This role is by far the most difficult to cast, and going with a relative unknown probably wouldn’t be a bad move on the studio’s part. The importance of finding a young actor talented and charismatic enough to carry the series can’t be overstated, and I don’t envy them the job. I changed my mind about 20 times in the course of writing this post—for awhile, I thought about nominating Nicholas Hoult, who seems to be everywhere right now, but it just wasn’t right. In the end, I settled on Matthew Beard (probably best known for his roles in the films An Education and Chatroom) because he comes closest to my mental image of Kvothe as a young adult. Of course, we’d have to reverse-Cumberbatch his hair from dark to true red first, but I think he has both the proper look and the proper intensity to be a contender...

Bast—Robert Sheehan

Robert Sheehan Bast

I realize that this might be a controversial choice, but while Sheehan is best known for the motor-mouth and goofball antics that allowed him to steal the show as Nathan in Misfits, I think he’d be amazing as the charming, slightly sinister Bast. Sheehan is fantastic at swinging between comic and dramatic extremes from one minute to the next, and he’s got the look right; I can’t think of anyone I’d rather see in the role of the shifty Fae princeling.

The Chronicler/Devan Lochees—Hugh Laurie

Hugh Laurie the Chronicler

The role of Chronicler could be played a million different ways, and an actor like Hugh Laurie is capable of bringing a little bit of everything to the table: the gruffness of Dr. House, the foppishness of Bertie Wooster, and the skills of a brilliant, world-class comedian. Devan Lochees is a scholar, but he’s also travelled The Four Corners of Civilization by himself, so he’s got some grit to him, and I love the idea of the character being played by an actor who also writes, as Laurie does. It would be an interesting fit...

Ambrose Jakis—Harry Lloyd

Harry Lloyd Amrbose Jakis

Anyone who witnessed his turn as Viserys Targaryen on Game of Thrones knows that nobody plays a smug, spoiled, infuriating jackass quite like Harry Lloyd, and I mean that as a compliment. His sneer is a work of art.

Denna—Tatiana Maslany or Emilia Clarke

Tatiana Maslany Denna

Emilia Clarke Denna

The biggest issue for me in casting Denna is that she has to be able to draw the audience in, the same way that Kvothe is drawn to her, inexorably. It’s not just a matter of being physically attractive—Denna has to be inherently likeable, which can be difficult when playing the unobtainable object of a protagonist’s desire. Given the nature of Denna and Kvothe’s friendship/tentative romance, it would be easy for her to come off as flaky or frustrating, which is why I think either Orphan Black’s Tatiana Maslany or Game of Thrones’ Emilia Clarke could fill the role admirably. Both are capable of projecting a warmth and humor that seems absolutely genuine—as well as shifting seamlessly between toughness to vulnerability. They’re both hugely appealing actresses who could do wonders with a potentially difficult character.

Master Elodin—Lee Pace

Lee Pace Elodin

Lee Pace has quickly become of my favorite actors over the last few years due to his astounding range as a performer. Whether it’s quirky comedy (Pushing Daisies), tragic indie drama (Soldiers Girl), stunning meta-fantasy (The Fall), or more mainstream roles like Scruffy Eyeliner Vampire in Twilight: Breaking Dawn or Sad, Unhelpful Elf King in The Hobbit, Pace brings something new and unexpected to every role. I think he’d be the perfect choice to bring Elodin’s mercurial eccentricities to life without sacrificing the darker, more haunted aspects of the Master Namer.

Elxa Dal—David Tennant

Dacid Tennant Elxa Dal

Do I really need to explain this one? I would also happily accept Tennant in the role of Elodin, but then I wouldn’t have gotten to use this picture. And that would have been a damn shame.

Simmon—William Moseley

William Moseley Simmon

Best known for playing Peter Pevensie in the Narnia films, Moseley would be an obvious fit for playing Kvothe’s sensitive, sandy-haired friend and drinking buddy.

Wilem—Elyes Gabel

Elyes Gabel Wilem

Most people will recognize Elyes Gabel as Rakharo from Game of Thrones or his latest role in World War Z, but I saw him first in The Borgias (because I have a weakness for scenery-chewing and historical melodrama. I’m not proud). He’d bring plenty of charm to the role of the stoic, intelligent Wilem—the steady voice of reason in Kvothe’s life at The University.

Fela—Jessica Brown Findlay

Jessica Brown Findlay Fela

Besides the fact that she’s clearly rather stunning, Downton Abbey’s Jessica Brown Findlay has a knack for playing young, intelligent, idealistic women—who better for the luminous and clever Fela?

Auri—Saoirse Ronan

Saoirse Ronan Auri

Saoirse Ronan is a seriously gifted young actress, capable of bringing all manner of depth and shading to the role of the damaged, otherworldly Auri. I know that Evanna Lynch (who did a stellar job as Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter movies) is a popular favorite for this role, but after seeing Ronan’s performance in Hanna, I’d argue she’s the stronger choice: capable of balancing Auri’s delicate, ethereal quality with the fearful, feral survival instincts of someone slightly wild, maybe even slightly mad. In other words, she’d keep things from getting way too twee. And just in case the older, rather stark photo above doesn’t do her justice, check out this amazing, Pre-Raphaelite-inspired photo shoot from Vogue.

Devi—Dakota Blue Richards (or maybe Jenna-Louise Coleman?)

Dakota Blue Richards Devi

I can’t quite make up my mind on this one. Doctor Who’s Jenna-Louise Coleman would certainly be a natural fit for Devi: several years older than Kvothe, smart, flirtatious, driven, with a devious, mercenary nature beneath an innocent exterior. On the other hand, Richards (who made her debut as Lyra in The Golden Compass) might make an interesting foil for Kvothe—her youth and physical slightness underscoring our sense of Devi as a formidable woman used to being underestimated (by Kvothe and others), something she both resents and uses to her advantage. I think I would enjoy watching Dakota Blue Richards letting loose as the most feared gaelet in Imre.

Count Threpe—Jim Broadbent

Jim Broadbent Count Threpe

Who doesn’t like Jim Broadbent?! He’d be a delightful fit as the good-hearted, music-loving Count Threpe, patron of the arts and devoted friend to young Kvothe.

BONUS ROUND: The Wise Man’s Fear

Maer Alveron—Richard Armitage

Looking ahead to the events of The Wise Mans Fear, Richard Armitage would bring just the right amount of aristocratic gravitas and aloofness to the role of the enigmatic Maer.

Lady Meluan Lackless—Eva Green

Eva Green Meluan Lackless

Eva Green is beautiful, she’s got plenty of experience in the fantasy genre (The Golden Compass, Dark Shadows, Camelot, etc.), and she plays a very convincing femme fatale—all of which might come in handy in approaching the role of the mysterious Meluan Lackless.

Felurian—India Eisley

India Eisley Felurian

The up-and-coming India Eisley, the 19-year-old daughter of actress Olivia Hussey, made news when she was tapped to play the younger incarnation of Angelina Jolie in Disney’s Maleficent. I’m hoping/assuming that Fox will tone down much of the Felurian section of the novel for TV, which makes me feel slightly less guilty at casting someone so young-looking for a character described by Kvothe as a “primal lust goddess”—I’m aiming more for a PG-13, Manic Fairie Dream Girl territory. Get her some butterfly eye makeup and write in some extra clothing, and it’s hardly creepy at all, right? Maybe?

So, that’s all for now—maybe we can do another round focusing on more of the secondary characters and The Wise Mans Fear at a later date. In the meantime, please have at it in the comments...

Bridget McGovern is the managing editor of She spent the last week wading through previously uncharted regions of Google Image Search, and what has been seen can never, ever be unseen.

Matt Stoumbaugh
1. LazerWulf
But what about Masters Kilvin, Loren, and Hemme?

Kilvin I picture, as big, burly, bearded, and brown (or at least REALLY tan from all the forging he does). Also, the Cealdish accent reminds me a lot of a Russian one. I can't really think of any actor like that, though.

Loren's deadpan, no-nonsense attitude reminds me a bit of a less-greasy, slightly less antagonistic Snape. (So Alan Rickman, I guess?)

And Hemme, who is ALMOST as big of an antagonist than Ambrose, seems to have a bit of a fiery temper. (Again, I can't think of anyone who fits that bill)
2. MollyKanHas
I love, love your castings! I hadn't given it too much thought myself, but I feel like most of them would be a perfect fit (although I can't help but think of which ones will not be able to do the role because of conflicting engagements). I have to disagree on Devan Lochees, though. I think Timothy Spall would be a great choice for him; he has a lot of range, too, and while Devan is gruff, he protects himself more through cunning than intimidation or attitude. Not that Hugh Laurie can't pull it off, but not everyone cast in the show has to be stunningly good-looking! :D
3. Amey
Depending on when the series actually airs, casting Emilia Clarke as Denna may be counte-productive, based on her role as Daenerys (even the names are very similar, while the characters are oh so very different). Meanwhile, if they hurry up, based on same logic, Harry Lloyd as Ambrose Jakis will be perfect.
Sharat Buddhavarapu
4. spinfuzz
Where to start with the awesome in this post? The Tenth Doctor as Elxa Dal? Professor Slughorn as Threpe? Vesper/Morgan le Fay as Meluan? No. I think it is best to start at the beginning: Loki as Kote/Kvothe. Bridget, you have just written my most favoritest post on in my 3 years following the site. And that's not even mentioning the great eye you had for Saoirse Ronan's photo shoot for an Auri mood board. I fully stand behind every choice you have suggested here. You should offer to be their casting director!
Toby Firth
5. scio
A very good selection. I can really see them playing the characters fro, the books.
I also would like to see an actor for Kilvin added as he is at least as main a character as Elxa Dal.
Karen L
6. changisme
oh my oh my oh my!!! I totally love this though I disagree with most of the casting here. I think Denna should be portrayed by Natalie Portman, Master Elodin by Peter Dinklage. Kvothe by Giancarlo Esposito.
Steven Halter
7. stevenhalter
I would rather go with Hugh Laurie as Abenthy. I'm not sure on Chronicler, but I picture him shorter and plainer.
Scott Silver
8. hihosilver28
Bridget, why are you hoping that they tone down the Felurian section? I'm under the full assumption that they will, but it's not my hope.
Karen L
9. changisme
@LazerWolf, with regard to Kilvin, what do you think of Robbie Coltrane (Hagrid from Harry Potter)?
10. Ahimsa
I would really, really like to see Jack White as Kvothe.
Bridget McGovern
11. BMcGovern
Good points, and some interesting suggestions, all around!

@2, 4, and 6: Thanks so much for the kind words :)

@1 and 5: As I mentioned at the end of the post, I'd like to eventually fill out the rest of the cast--to be honest, putting this list together took much longer than I'd expected, so I decided to save the remaining characters for a second (or at least an expanded) post. Robbie Coltrane and Timothy Spall are always excellent, and I will NEVER say no to more Alan Rickman (or Cumberbatch, or Idris Elba, or Maggie Smith, or Christopher Lee...there are certain actors I'd be happy to watch just read the phone book, and he's certainly one of them). And there are plenty of other key roles to consider: Kvothe's parents, Cinder, Haliax, and the rest of the Chandrian. So many possibilities :)

@8: Mainly because it's one of the less interesting parts of the novel, for me, relatively speaking. I know opinions vary widely about that particular section, but there's just so many other threads that I'd want the series to focus on. I think the Felurian section could be adapted rather well without spending nearly as much time on it, in the series, as was spent in the book. On a related note, I'll be very interested to see how they handle the Cthaeh (but I suppose it's way too early to start worrying about cheesy special effects, at this stage in the game).

@10: Interesting--well, we know he can sing! I've been wondering how the singing/musical aspect of the novels will affect the choice of cast...
Daniel Castellanos
12. TheEightChandrian
@10 Jack White as Kvothe? LOL It'd be kinda cool though, in fact it'd be really fitting to have a musician playing Kvothe, specially teen Kvothe.

For all we know Adult Kvothe may not play music again so Tom Hiddleton is perfect. On Young K and Denna I'd like to see new actors, if they're in their teens the better. I don't like when twenty-something actors play as teenagers, but then, it may prove hard to find a teenager who acts really well and fits with the character. I'd really like new actors specialy with Denna. If you have an already stablished actor when you watch the series you'll think of their previos roles and it'll echo, but Denna is unique. Denna must be Denna. Emilia Clark as Daenerys is a great example.

I also imagined Bast differently but well I think we all have, after watching fanart about him and that cast semmes good.

And Chronicler... it'd be cool to have Hugh Larie but his personality (before and after House) doesn't really fit with Chronicler. Besides I'd expect him to say something sarcastic every five minutes which doesn't fit with Chronicler(rewatching House has its toll). As someone said he's plain and even passive (until now). It'd be cooler to have him as the Eternal E'lir making fun of Kvothe's inexpirience.
Besides that the rest of the casting seems perfect, except Felurian. I always imagined her as some kind of "fairy" (I've never pictured fae as fairies as elves but as something more "modern" like a re-imagined version of the myths in our minds) Angelina Jolie but ageless. And India Leslie doesn't look ageless, you can see her youth.
Ambrose - Perfect!

Rothfuss may have the final word but he should look at this casting!
Anyway what really interests me is which subplots they may expand and which arcs they may add hinting at other stories set in the 4C. (Underground University? Hell yes!)
13. Mman
I'd prefer a more racially diverse cast. Your picks are interesting, but that is a lot of white people filling out a show that doesn't have to be a bunch of white people.
Bridget McGovern
14. BMcGovern
Mman @13: I'd love to hear some suggestions! This is something I thought a lot about, putting the post together. While I opted to focus on actors who fit the way the characters were described in the book, to my best recollection, as you say, it doesn't necessarily have to play out that way.
Scott Silver
15. hihosilver28
Hmm, that makes sense. I actually like that the pace slows down for that as we explore the fae world (funny bit of Freudian typing, I accidentally hit the "s" right before explore, making it "sexplore"...which is not incorrect) :-P But I can understand people having an issue with the pacing. Honestly, my issue was with the Adem, it just felt like I was reading about the Aiel's cousins.
Bridget McGovern
16. BMcGovern
hihosilver28 @15: Well, if we learned anything from 80s movies, hopefully it's that you can really move things along with a well-placed training montage :) Throw in some sweet power chords, and we can probably get through some of the Adem section a little more quickly, too...
Robert Dickinson
17. ChocolateRob
You folks know that Kilvin and his kin are dark skinned right?
Check out the artwork for the NotW card deck.
So no to Robbie Coltrane and whatever other white guys you have in mind, not unless you're planning to go the tropic thunder route.
18. William Wall
I always pictured Elodin as Bennedict Cumberbatch.
19. Tony Witherspoon
@15 and @16 - I don't think they should speed through the Adem section. If you think about it, Kvothe has everything come to him so naturally up to that point. It's really the first (and only) time we get to see him completely out of his element and very human. I mean, he gets beat up on by a little girl!! lol I personally think that (and the Felurian section) are my two favorite sections of the book.

I'm not quite feeling your choice on Fela but I can't say I actually object to ANY of your suggestions, so well done! I just think Fela is actually more beautiful (at least physically) than any of the other ladies. Maybe that was just a bad pic? :)
thistle pong
20. thistlepong

Thanks for pointing it out. What's more, Tor sort of broke that news in the Admissions Interview. After a couple months of rereader bickering, we allocated a question to settle it. The cards do have a sort of finality to them, though.
Melissa Shumake
22. cherie_2137
i also agree with your pick for ambrose. you're 100% correct about the smirking ability.
23. vrn
Are you guys actually looking forward for a television adaptation of the books? I just don't think that such beautiful books can be converted into another medium, especially TV.

Harry Dresden, on the other hand, would be fantastic! I know they did a show, but i haven't seen it. But with Supernatural coming to a close in a few years(i hope), there will be space for another paranormal drama. Butcher has created an excellent cast and the way the books pan out, they would make for excellent season long arcs.

NOTW on the other hand, just doesn't seem filmable. The story isn't fast paced, and book two suffers from this the most. The characters are excellent though, and maybe if they are well cast, then i might be in for a very pleasant surprise.
Michael Keast
24. dragon_mk
The older Kvothe (Kote) and the younger Kvothe who goes to the University should be the same actor. Kote is only in his mid twenties (if I remember correctly). There is no way you can get two people to look completely different if they are only a decade apart, especially since when Kote gets to the end of his story the Kvothe in his tale will be almost the same age as Kote. I'd get an actor who is around 20-ish who looks young. Have him put on makeup to make him look older as Kote and problem solved. They will need a child actor though to play the kid version probably up until he has been living in Tarbean for a few years and that c0uld be tricky.
25. Shanmok
Although Harry Lloyd could do fine as Ambrose, I believe Cillian Murphy is the better choice.
Bridget McGovern
26. BMcGovern
Shanmok @25: Interesting--I really like Cillian Murphy as an actor, and thought about working him in somewhere--I feel like he'd be a great addition to the cast, but at 37 he just seems a bit too mature to play Ambrose. Harry Lloyd is almost too old, in my mind, to play a student at the University, but he's a younger-looking 29.
Steven Halter
27. stevenhalter
Tahj Mowry is fairly close to how I picture Willem:

And Laurence Fishburn could work quite well as Kilvin:

28. Juniper Green
Ha, great post! Most of your choices I reeeeeally like. Tom Hiddleston is just all-around fantastic and he could do amazing things with the role of older Kvothe/Kote. On the other hand, I'd also love to see an unknown in that role, someone with whom I have no other cinematic associations. I had to look up Matthew Beard, but yeah, I like that choice too. He seems to have a charisma and intensity that would suit young Kvothe.

Harry Lloyd would be perfect for Ambrose. Love the idea of Lee Pace, and Saoirse Ronan, too. Totally with you on your choices for Simmon and Wilem, too. Armitage as Maer and Eva Green as Meluan? PERFECT. Not sure about Hugh Laurie, though; he doesn't entirely jibe with my mental image of Chronicler, and somehow the idea of him in the role jars a bit in my head. Maybe ... hmm, I don't know, I'll have to think about that a little more.

Personally, I'd really like to see Ben Whishaw in the role of Bast. He's an extraordinary actor and has a light, almost delicate quality and a loose-limbed, elfin physicality that really fits my mental image of Bast. He can move very swiftly and easily between both gravitas and sly humor, which would play right into the character.
thistle pong
29. thistlepong
Juniper Green@28, I like it. I saw him as Ariel and it worked. Djimon Hounsou, Caliban from the same Tempest, would make a good Kilvin. Man, I didn't want to play.
Katherine Herriman
30. NellieWindmill
Sweet fancy Moses, I did not know that piece of news. "TV rights", though. I'm not sure how I feel about that - perhaps "deeply ambivalent", as Patrick Rothfuss would say.

Although, perhaps the most exciting part of this post is that I had a lot of trouble remembering all the characters. Which means it might be time for a re-read!

I'm liking Kris Holden-Ried of "Lost Girl" fame for Older, World-Weary, Cut-Flower Kvothe. Maybe we could give him a red-rinse?

Emily Browning from "Series of Unfortunate Events" to bring the serious, quietly competent air of Denna.

Master Elodin has to be a little bit sexy, doesn't he. I can't for the life of me remember who Elxa Dal is but I respect your choice of David Tennant for him if that picture is anything to go by. I must say though, I can't go past Tennant for Elodin. In my mind whilst reading the books, I actually pictured him as the guy who plays Littlefinger, mostly because of his wardrobe. I see that Pat has set his heart set on Johnny Depp for this role, which would be a little bit awesome, wouldn't it?

I agree Jenna-Louise Coleman for Devi is a stroke of genius.

Felurian - Liv Tyler. 'nuff said.

Juniper Green@28 I never would've thought of that myself (I imagine Bast as a lot more masculine) but now that you've mentioned it...

And although I can't think of an appropriate character, can we work Robert Downey Junior in there somewhere? Mabye Pat can write him in for the next book?
31. Robo
These castings are surprisingly spot on. Well done!

Don't know why I'm suddenly writing like a Brit, but, whatever, dude.
32. Sabra_ray
In the Rothfuss reread done here on Tor by Jo Walton, Patrick Rothfuss did a QA where he specifically (I THINK) said that in a film/TV environment, Ceald men (specifically Kilvin and Wil) should be played by black actors.
33. SKM
Hold up a momentm, why would the Kvothe role be split between two actors? "Kote" carries himself like an older man, but is mentioned as actually being in his twenties, IIRC. Splitting the Kvothe role rather than getting a single brilliant 20-something actor to play both timelines seems needlessly distracting.

Tom Hiddleston would have been absolutely brilliant had he been five years younger (and not already a big-screen star), though.
Deneb Edwards
34. Dibb
Remember, going the The University is for "continuing your education." Kvothe is one of the youngest by getting in at 15 but even Will and Sim are new to The University and are in their late teens 18 or 19. Ambrose, Fella, Devi, are all older students. Even Auri though skittish and wild would have been an older student that cracked. Elodin is in his late 20's but the rest of the masters are all "older" 40's and 50's. Mannett has been a student for 20+ years. Other than Elodin and Kilvin these are all teachers who lecture and live basicly non-athletic lives.

I agree with most of your pics but your Chronicler, Dena and Felorian I don't agree with.

Felurian is beautiful but ancient. A younger girl in her role isn't a match at all.

Laurie would fit better as the chancellor. Chronicler though sounding like an older man is more of an intellectual. Remember he joined the University after Kvothe "left" and only made Relar before he left so at most he is in his late 20's or early 30's.

Dena though Kvothe finds her absolutely beautiful as he's describing her Bast makes the comment that her nose is crooked. So though pretty by most standards I picture her as beautiful from her presence more than physical features.

I'm not any good with naming actors but those are my thoughts on how they don't need to be filled with gorgeous people so much as charismatic people.
35. Pir8rbrts
I love the choices. However, this cast would cost a fortune! Don't expect Fox to ante up for big (or even moderately) named actors on a property that (while wonderful) is still essentially incomplete. I think we'll find that this show will be cast with unknowns for the most part, since they come at a much lower price tag. Now, that does not mean that unknowns cannot be fantastic in thier own right! Firefly was essentially cast with unknowns (Fillian has often said that Weadon took a chance on him and Ron Glass was pretty much the only big name and it was pretty much a comeback for him), Star Trek (TOS) were generally all unknown actors (apart from DeForrest Kelly). So if it does happen, here's hoping for some pleasant surprises!

I loved these books and I'm very very dubious about its chances for survival or popularity, given Fox's poor track record with quality properties in the past, ie. Firefly and the rather poor history of the fantasy(sword and sorcery) genre on television (apart from GOT, Xena is the only sucess that comes to mind) in general.

I'll believe it when I see it, and meanwhile I'll sit in quiet anticipation of book three.
KA Cartlidge
36. kcartlidge
LazerWulf states a Russian emphasis may work for Kilvin. Given his "big, burly, bearded and brown" summary, along with the hard labour, it seems a bit outlandish but Dolph Ludgren could fit. And on occasion, with the right role, he can act.
Ashley Fox
37. A Fox
@35 me too, mate.

I um....don't like this list. At all really. But then I didnt really expect to, I tend to always be disapointed with such (and tbh would probably freak out if the image in my head was made manifest!). Soz :)

It's a a bit american/polished. Lets get some wonky noses, variance in skin tone/cheekbones and non-gym perfect bodies!

Though I could get on board with your choice for Auri. Ronan could pull off the airy fairyness and the grit.

I could also dig Eva Green as Felurian. (Not the girl you put up! Wouldnt you feel...guilty watching the Faen scenes?!)
38. JohnM
What I want to know is: What is that David Tennant pic from?
39. Lioness

It's from Fright Night...the modern one.
Alina Maria
40. Alina_M.
I totally like the cast, but I agee that Denna should be someone new for this kind of stories, like someone like Tatiana Maslany. I like Kvothe as a teenager and I also think Bast is a good choice; just how I would've imagined me! The older Kvothe should be Tom Hiddleston not Grey's Anatomy's "Owen", Kevin McKidd. I would love to see actors that don't already exist in our minds as TV-Series consumers or fans of movies like "The Lord of the Rings" or "The Chronicles of Narnia" or more dangerous "Harry Potter"; thee are people who think "The Name of the Wind" ist just another or the american version of "Harry Potter" so don't use actors from that cast.
I'm really excited about these series but I will finish reading the books first. The most important thing ist that Patrick Rothfuss should have the last word on this and let his imagination do the job, like it has been doing it untill now. :)
41. Anke
Can't say why, but I would love to see Matt Smith as Elodin.
Hugh Laurie would make a grat job as Chronicler I think (but I have to say that I didn't watch Dr House and don't see him compulsorily as someone being cynical).
42. Magira007
Amazing post! I agree with most, Emily Clarke as Denna would be extraordinary! But I'd like to see Eddie Redmayne as Kvothe when he is at the univesity. I know he isn't exactly so fresh looking but in many cases they make the main character older, and in that case he would be great. And he somehow can look like a 18 something guy sometimes!

Also, for Wilem I imagined Sean Teale , he is kinda charming and he has the look. Or Luke Pasqualino
(probably because of The borgias and Skins and BSG fandom), he isn't really a good choice, I'd just like to see him do something fantastic in this ^^

As for Master Elodin Tennant would be awsome, but Cillian Murphy
has that creepy look, I always see in my mind when I think about Elodin.

Somehow, for Ambrose I never even thought about Harry Lloyd, altough he is great, I always imagined him as Alex Pettyfer, because he has that annoying spoild kid look for me!

I have some other picks too, but I think these are the only ones worth mentoning. But in some cases you made my choices fly away with your amazing ones! Like Devi and Auri and Bast :)
43. aimee-claire
This is perfection. Everyone, especially Amrose, Jakis, Kote, Bast, Felurian and Chronicler look almost exctly like how I saw them in my head
44. appy
David Wenham (Faramir from lotr movies) is my Kvothe. He is easy to project to young kvothe in my mind. I feel most other castings of kvothe seem too "wimpy". Bast as is in this article is almost exactly as I imagined.

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