Jul 21 2013 2:00pm

This is What Would Happen if Sterling Archer Commanded the Enterprise

Star Trek Archer mash-up Starcher Trek

Two enterprising souls have mashed up footage from Star Trek: The Animated Series and the vocal tracks from current FX spy comedy Archer to create Starcher Trek!

And it is sublime. Watch the one minute clip below and visit their Vimeo page again and again until they make more of it.

Eugene R.
1. Eugene R.
More Starcher Trek? Make it so! No, wait, that was some other captain.

And our captain is named "Sterling Archer", by the way.
Lee Anderson
2. DSNiner
This is the transporter accident I've been waiting for my whole life!

Or at least as long as Archer has been on the air.
Bridget McGovern
4. BMcGovern
This makes me want to spend all day rewatching every season of Archer. Then Frisky Dingo. Then all the Captain Murphy episodes of Sealab 2021. Adam Reed and Matt Thompson are pretty much the founders and co-emperors of Fort Kick-ass.
Scott Silver
5. hihosilver28
My roommate and I were rewatching the fourth season episode "Legs" the other night. Damn, the ability to rewatch that show and it still be funny is through the roof!
Eugene R.
6. Starcher Trek
Glad you liked the video! Episode 2 was completed over the weekend... check it out here. The Enterprise is in the DANGER ZONE!

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