Jul 10 2013 4:00pm

Our 5th Birthday Party is July 24th in NYC 5th birthday partyHello everyone! This is a friendly reminder to circle July 24th in your calendar over and over and over again until you can’t remember why. Because it’s PARTY TIME.

It’s our biggest year yet, so it’s our biggest PARTY ever! Since 2008, this stubby little rocketship has traversed the realms of original fiction, original art, given you rereads and rewatches from your favorite worlds, not to mention articles, reviews, and original essays exploring all aspects of science fiction, fantasy and the universe!’s fifth birthday is on July 20th, so we’re throwing ourselves a party on Wednesday, July 24th and you’re invited!

For the milestone of turning 5 Earth-years old, we’ll be offering up complimentary drinks, swag, free book giveaways, other special birthday goodies, but also, a show. At the start of the festivities we’ll be hosting Lev Grossman, Ellen Datlow, Genevieve Valentine, and Michael Swanwick in an exclusive SF trivia contest. Hosted by Ryan Britt, and featuring secret prizes and exciting stakes, this spectacle is not to be missed. Come place your bets on your contender!

It will all go down at Housing Works Bookstore and Café in New York City on Wednesday July 24th, 6:30 PM. All the staff will be on hand to hang out, have a glass of complimentary wine/beer, and talk about the greatness of the last five years. Join us for this once-in-this-universe special birthday party! 

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Susan Stoneburner
1. stos
I read a lot due to my physical condition preventing me doing much else. While I can't go to NYC my thoughts will be with every one there. Have a great night.
James Devlin
2. JimD
I downloaded the anniversary story collection (onto my new Kobo Mini), and am planning to attend the party. Let the wild rumpus begin!

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