Jun 28 2013 12:30pm

The Thousand Names Sweepstakes!

Out on July 2nd from Roc Books, The Thousand Names launches Django Wexler's new Shadow Campaigns series, an epic fantasy saga of war and magic. Sneak a peek at the book here, then enter to win one of five shiny new hardcover copies. Comment in the post to enter!

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A purchase does not improve your chances of winning. Sweepstakes open to legal residents of fifty (50) United States and the District of Columbia, who are 18 or older. To enter, comment on this post beginning at 12:30 p.m. Eastern Time (ET) on June 28, 2013. Sweepstakes ends at 12:00 p.m. ET July 3, 2013. Void outside of the 50 US, and DC where prohibited by law. Please see full details and official rules here. Sponsor:, 175 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10010.

Dustin Freshly
1. Fresh0130
Read the preview yesterday, looked to me like it's going to be a very good start to a new series with interesting and well thought out characters.

Count me in for a free copy!
Jeremy Goff
2. JeremyM
Sounds like it would be a good read.
Chad Shaffer
4. Chad Shaffer
Like the cover.
Chad Shaffer
5. jsevenfive
Would love to read this!
Chad Shaffer
6. Fraser JH
Read the excerpt yesterday, disappointed it wasn't out yet!
Chad Shaffer
Cover's good, excerpt left me wanting more, count me in!
dustin mcclelland
8. dustin3278
would love to try out this author. sounds great
Chad Shaffer
10. dlynb
From what I've seen so far, seems like its shaping up to be a great read!
Chad Shaffer
11. Pam Huxtable
Looking forward to reading it.
Chad Shaffer
12. RahTheRah
Looks and sounds really cool, would absolutely love the chance to read it!
Steven Wilber
13. DragonReader
I have been looking forward to this book. So count me in on the drawing.
Chad Shaffer
14. MiaC.
Please count me in.
Chad Shaffer
15. Epheros
Oooh, I always love free books!! I'm in...
Chad Shaffer
16. Nichole Anne
I'm excited!
Chad Shaffer
17. ChrisK
Sounds right up my alley!
Greg Lincoln
20. glshade
sounds so much like a thing i have thought of writing,,,,
Chad Shaffer
21. Alex Chiang
Read the excerpt, looks very nice :D
Chad Shaffer
22. blogan
Looks Awesome
Chad Shaffer
24. Michelle Bitner Smith
Anything about names is great.
Chad Shaffer
26. jc1960
sounds great, I 'd love a new world to explore. Thanks!
Chad Shaffer
27. speedknob
Seems worth checking out to me!
Chad Shaffer
28. BMichaels
I liked the preview and especially the personality of the new colonel. Sign me up!
Chad Shaffer
29. DavidEsmale
This looks amazing!
Chad Shaffer
30. srizzo00
I liked the excerpt. I'd like a chance to see more!
Chad Shaffer
31. Leslie @ WFTM
Looks awesome. I'm always up for more epic fantasy!
Chad Shaffer
33. Ahimsa
It's on my wish list already. Super keen to read this.
Chad Shaffer
35. Ahimsa
It's on my wish list already. Super keen to read this.
Chad Shaffer
37. Herb39
Loved the excerpt!
Chad Shaffer
40. Dean B.
Please, make it so, number one.
Jeff Tufano
41. profchaos
Looks like a great book. Count me in.
Alan Dionne
42. amdionne
1. Fred 2. Bianca ... 999. Zoe 1000. Dawson -- how's that?
Chad Shaffer
44. Kevin Leitner
Very exciting! Please enter me in the running!
Chad Shaffer
45. JayHawk
Kevin Svendsen
48. Vine34
Definitely getting the eBook, but a hardcover would be sweet!
Chad Shaffer
49. Tehol Lives
I would love a copy, Thanks!
Debra Delorme
50. whalehugger
Sounds like an awesome read - I'll enter the contest :)
Chad Shaffer
52. Arzvi
Checked out the sneak peak, wow the book is very promising
Joseph James
53. wjames1204
Was on vacation without email a month ago, and go figure I missed out on accepting a winning email for a sweepstakes. Trying again now that I'm out of Paid time off haha. This sounds like an intersting story, hoping to win a copy.
Chad Shaffer
54. hilary
count me in
Chad Shaffer
57. dreadbeat
Yes, most definitely yes.
George Gordon
59. gordong1968
This looks really interesting. I would love to win a copy.
Chad Shaffer
60. Arcanist7
Looks interesting!
Chad Shaffer
61. Desmond
Count me in, please!
Chad Shaffer
62. knc
The preview was interesting, so I'd like to check it out!
Eric Craddock
63. ebonecircus
Here's a haiku:
I love these contests,
especially when I win.
The winds kiss the trees.

(does "especially" have four syllables, or five?)
Alyson Mahn
65. AyeJaySedai
I am in! If I win I promis to put it on my shelf in alphabetical order.
Chad Shaffer
67. FredG
Count me in.
Chad Shaffer
68. brianna witbeck
Entering To win the book.
Chad Shaffer
69. chelcie shell
Chad Shaffer
71. eric’s alias
looks like a good book.
Chad Shaffer
73. RLBrown
Me likes to read words.
Chad Shaffer
74. moonsent
Would love to read this!
Chad Shaffer
76. matkeltri
Count me in!
Richard Schatz
80. schatzfam
Since you promised a shiny copy, I have to enter.
Chad Shaffer
82. NancySeattle
Yay..more books!
Chad Shaffer
84. Will Bryan
Looking very forward to this.
Chad Shaffer
85. Sara42
This looks good. Would love to win a free copy.
Chad Shaffer
87. wandering-dreamer
Sure I'll enter!
Chad Shaffer
91. Anne Burner
I'm throwing my hat into the ring, thanks!
greg scott
92. worthy
new book...oh, all right. If I must. :)
Chad Shaffer
93. Darth Touma
no-no-no-no Nobody's fault.. but mine..
Chad Shaffer
94. SciFiChick
Mommy likes..
Chad Shaffer
95. Iron Maiden James
for my thousandth name.. I'll choose.. Tim..
Chad Shaffer
98. JAC
Enjoyed the preview.
Chad Shaffer
99. Mihaela D.
Would love to read this!
Chad Shaffer
100. shannon Baas
Looks like a great book.
Chad Shaffer
101. Kat Riley
The book looks like a great read!
Chad Shaffer
102. sstipanovich
Looks good. I'd love to have a copy.
Chad Shaffer
104. Renee G
Sounds great. Now I just need to know what happens next.
Chad Shaffer
Can't wait to read this!!
Tim Shaffer
109. Loud2004
Sounds interesting. I would try something new :)
Chad Shaffer
110. INCyr
This looks fantastic! Would love a copy to read!
Chad Shaffer
111. Tay
Here's to hoping!
Chad Shaffer
113. Dawn S.
Please enter me, this sounds great!
Debra Kidle
114. lubelle
Magic combined with conflict makes for a wonderful combinaton of intrigue. I would love to delve into this book!
Chad Shaffer
118. Carla Pullum
This book will keep me on the edge of my seat!
bob keck
121. ky2here
I guess I'm a bit behind because I wasn't aware of these. What a great way to catch up.
Kari Flores
122. kari944
This looks like a great book, would love to read it. Thank you for that opportunity.
Chad Shaffer
123. Diane Baum
Enjoyed the review, would like to read it
Greg Lincoln
124. glshade
Sounds a lot like my favorite Steven Erikson book....must have one...please
Chad Shaffer
125. glowingdark
Sounds like an interesting book!
Chad Shaffer
126. talisha sturms
Sounds very interesting
Chad Shaffer
Chad Shaffer
129. Fennyster
Looks great! Count me in!
Chad Shaffer
130. trunuyawkr
Would love to win this! thanks!
Chad Shaffer
131. KBTibbs
Oh, this looks great. :)
kathy pease
133. klp1965

Thank you for the great giveaway please count me in :)
Chad Shaffer
135. Shauntea Crutcher
This seems like a book that I would like.
Colleen Welander
136. colleen31
This is right up my ally. Nice summer read.
Chad Shaffer
137. tina reynolds
looks interesting
Buddy Garrett
138. garrettsambo
It sounds like it is going to be a great series.
Chad Shaffer
139. Laurie Emerson
I love reading a new series. Sounds so good!!
Erin Cook
144. cookster77
looks like an interesting book to read, hope I win
Heather Cowley
148. cowleyh
I cringe when I get excited about a series, 'cuz that means I have to WAIT months and months to read the next book...but usually, it's worth the wait. Count me in!
LeAnn Knott
149. knottlady
Love to get in on a start of a new series. Sounds like a good story line. Thanks for the chance to win!!!
Chad Shaffer
150. runner
Groovy Thousand Names!
Chad Shaffer
151. mosaix
I love swords! Yes!
Chad Shaffer
The cover is very cool looking...put my name in to win!
kenan still
153. jstill
The setting and time period is very interesting, a cool mix of Victorian and flintlock fantasy.

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