Jun 11 2013 1:05pm

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Trailer Premieres!

Hey everyone on the internet! Watch The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug trailer now!

We finally get to see Legolas acting tough, and Evangeline Lilly channeling some Galadriel-esque gravitas for Tauriel - here's hoping the film devotes at least an hour to an intense discussion of whether this is, or is not, the elves' fight. We're introduced to Luke Evans as Bard the Bowman! Radagast returns! And Smaug is just, well, awesome, even without Benedict Cumberbatch's voice.

For those of you who don’t have friendly flash players, here’s the international release of the trailer (but it has subtitles):

Steven Halter
1. stevenhalter
It looks visually nice, of course. It looks like a large amount of additional story/characters--even more than number 1.
James Whitehead
2. KatoCrossesTheCourtyard
Looks good.

Definitely will see it with family @ Christmas.

Gardner Dozois
3. Gardner Dozois
Looks like they've made the barrel-escape from the Wood Elves's hall a lot more action-packed.

Going to be visually stunning, or course, and worth seeing for that alone.
Lisamarie LiGreci-Newton
4. Lisamarie
Ughhhhhhhh the dreaded Tauriel makes her appearance. I am curious how they will integrate the added elements here - it might not be bad, but I am loth to trust him after The Two Towers, which I think was a disaster. If they just keep it to mostly side stories, I think it could be interesting. It was kind of fun to see Legolas again.

We'll definitely go see it and probably enjoy it, I just have to distance myself from it a bit ;)

But! Dragon! Overall I am very excited for the movie :) I really loved the shot of Bilbo on top of the tree with the butterflies - one of those little, but memorable moments of the books :)
Gardner Dozois
5. Phlagm
Ugh. Looks like another bad case of prequelitis. You know, it's okay to introduce new characters. You don't have to have all the same guys in all the movies. How aggravating. Also, I assume that one guy who complains is bard. Why does he just look like Legolas wearing a fake nose and wig? And why is he 17? Peter Jackson is the worst.
Gardner Dozois
6. Ragnarredbeard
@4 Lisamarie

I don't get why Jackson feels the need to add things. The books were fine as they were. Adding a female Legolas is not only unnecessary, it just gives people something to whine about rather than watch the movie on its own merits. Its like Jackson does this stuff on purpose.
Flint Timmins
7. Giovanotto
I'm excited to see this. Smaug looks incredibly smug.

I worry that Azog is going to be shoehorned in even more that the last film. Yes he's chasing Thorin and Co., but can't he just sit this one out and meet up again at Erebor?
Gardner Dozois
8. glorbes
Looks pretty awesome to me!

Personally, I'm just thrilled we're getting awesome fantasy films...I don't dislike any of the Jackson adaptations of Tolkien, and I definitely look at them as completely different entities from the books. I liked An Unexpected Journey quite a bit...and I expect this to continue that vibe with the same world class talent behind it...except it has Smaug and (my favorite) giant spiders!
Jenny Thrash
9. Sihaya
Finally some Smaug time. And the birthday barrels! This looks like fun. I don't care for the blue tint over everything, but I can live with that. I have resigned myself to the fact that Tauriel exists so that there can be conflict in Mirkwood, so I just want to see if she's interesting. The trailer makes it looks like she represents the attitude that Legolas comes around to by the time of LOTR, and that Legolas currently adopts his father's political and moral stance towards the outside world at the time of "The Hobbit."
Brent Longstaff
10. Brentus
That looks great, now I am much more excited for the movie! Although I am a tad concerned about how my arachnophobia will handle 48 fps 3D giant spiders (dashed if I'll watch the flat, slideshow version though).
Gardner Dozois
11. Sancticide
@Plagm -- Uhh, 17? Luke Evans is 34.
Gardner Dozois
12. Thomas 000
Basically, this is the trailer for the entire trilogy. Part 2 could have been all they produced and it would have told the whole story just about.
Gardner Dozois
13. Nicoclaws
I really wanted to avoid spoilery images as much as possible, and BAM you put Smaug on the non-spoiler parts.
I shall avoid every geeky website for the next 10 months.
Kit Case
15. wiredog
The Barrels out of Bond scene looks like the basis of the new summer ride at Universal Studios Theme Park in Orlando.

Nicoclaws @13.
You think showing the Smaug in the trailer for "The Desolation of Smaug" is a spoiler? You might want to avoid the books. Some of them have actual drawings, by Tolkein, of Smaug.

Probably want to avoid Tor.Com, too, as it had a reread a while back with extensive discussions of what happens, and why.

Spoiler: Smaug looks like a large lizard, with bat wings, and armored all over his belly. Except for one small spot where he isn't.
Lisamarie LiGreci-Newton
16. Lisamarie
I am more or less okay with PJ adding things - movie, book, different media, diferent storytelling needs, etc - and I do think it could be an interesting way to flesh out Mirkwood a bit and give a little more depth to it. Even if some of the backstory isn't straight out of Tolkien, I generally won't be too upset as long as it doesn't flagrantly contradict it (I understand that somethings in movies will slightly contradict it, and I get that). I'm just worried they're going to try and make it all LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME I AM A STRONG FEMALE CHARACTER to the detriment of the story. I feel that way about Azog too, even though he's not there as a strong female character, but rather some need to bring in a NOW ITS PERSONAL type conflict.

I love strong female characters, and certainly agree it would have been nice if Tolkien had more of them...but at the same time, I never felt like the story was incomplete either. I can understand the desire to include more strong female characters to flesh out the world more but I hope they can do it well and in a way that seems organic to the story (I don't think they did this with the Azog supblot).
Gardner Dozois
17. dbnob777
sorry to be nerdy
but whoever wrote "we've been dying for a peek at the Misty Mountains' menacing dragon"
it's the lonely mountain's menacing dragon - not misty mountains.

Gardner Dozois
18. killerjello
The element of strength shown by Bilbo, stuffing the dwarves into barrels and secreting them out of prison was one of my favorite parts of the Hobbit. And a major part of cementing Bilbo's role as a burglar. Open top barrels in a raging river style ride realllllly irritates me. How is Thorin going to make his dramatic enterance at Lake Town emerging from a sealed barrel? I don't believe that the Mirkwood elves will turn into Storm Troopers and miss with their arrows hunting the dwarves. And Bard does look like Orlando Bloom and very young. Much younger then I picture Bard. Sigh.

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