Jun 18 2013 5:05pm

Penguin Books Announces The Dark Crystal Author Contest!

Have you always wanted to read a sequel to The Dark Crystal? Have you ever wanted to write it yourself?

The Jim Henson Company has partnered with Penguin’s Grosset & Dunlap imprint for The Dark Crystal Author Quest. They’ll be accepting submissions between October 1st, 2013 and January 1, 2014, and the winner of the contest will receive a $10,000 contract to write the initial book in a YA series set in the world of The Dark Crystal. So remember: The Great Conjunction is the end of the world. Or the beginning.

Tabitha Jensen
1. pabkins
ARE YOU SERIOUS!!! I hope they find someone fan FREAKING tastic to write this because nothing short of magnificent is acceptable YOU HEAR ME!!! #dies with glee and happiness that I will someday have this book to read. Ok sorry creepy I am, yes I know.
2. mirana
So...what happened to just hiring an author and paying them for their time? Giving a chance to unpublished/lesser published authors is great, but why make them write fanfiction to get considered? THEN they will make them do a second round of unpaid revisions to be considered? Which will then be used as a free marketing tool on the website??? What in the hell are they thinking?
3. BMichaels
It seems like a fresh idea and a neat opportunity for those who want a chance to actually have something considered.

Besides, they're certainly not the first company to utilize free marketing or volunteer work. At least in this case there's a nice carrot at the end for the chosen author.
4. ~ Sil in Corea
Great idea!
"Conjuncion" spellcheck!
Michael M Jones
5. MichaelMJones
I'll admit I was excited about this, until I looked at the fine print.

"4. Each entry will be the sole property of the Sponsors. By competing in the Contest and/or accepting a prize, each entrant (including the prize winner) grants to Sponsors the right to edit, adapt, publish,copy, display, reproduce and otherwise use their entry in connection with this Contest and in any other way, in any and all forms of media now known or hereafter devised, throughout the world, in perpetuity, including publication on www.darkcrystal.com. Further, each entrant (including the prize winner) grants to Sponsors the right to use each entry and the winner’s name, likeness, and biographical information in advertising, trade and promotional materials, without notice, review
or approval, or further compensation or permission, except as set forth herein, and except where prohibited by law. Sponsors are not obligated to use, publish, display or reproduce any entry."

So... just by submitting, they own your story in all forms, for all time. And they can use your name, likeness, and biographical information in any way they see fit. Unless I'm somehow missing something.

Consider this the Black Hole of Dark Crystal Fanfic. One person gets the brass ring, everyone else gets the satisfaction of a nice try.
Greg Lincoln
6. glshade
If I thought I could tell a story I would but there are so many great writers out there why should I try... Seanan McGuire, Catherynne m Valente, Tim Akers, Mark Hodder, MarkCahdbourne, TA Pratt, Rochard Kadrey, Chuck Wendig these guys are the bomb... What chance would I have....
7. ironekilz
The site actually says this is a prequel, not a sequel.
Jeff LaSala
8. JLaSala
My assumption is they'd like to establish a good prequel, and see if that author/story is good, and if so, then approach the possibility of sequels. But that's tricky. The Dark Crystal ends with an important climax, where a new era is upon the world and—presumably—peace and wisdom will prevail. That's not generally a backdrop for stories with drama and conflict. :)
9. emsee plum
I worked on my submission extremely hard for the past few months and I can tell you it is in no way fanfic. I wrote my own fantasy based story within their structure and materials. Mind you, I was born into the world of Henson and Froud and it has shaped my world view since I was three lol. I saw dark crystal in the theater in 81. If i ever had a boy his name would be Henson. So I sent in my submission today and they are welcome to my head.

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