Jun 25 2013 10:30am

New Pacific Rim Trailer Wants to Shake Your Hand...Neurally

Pacific Rim trailer

We don’t care how many times you make that stupid “cancel the apocalypse” speech in these Pacific Rim trailers, Idris Elba, we are still going to like this movie. Bad writing, attempts at characterization...these won’t stop us! You’ve got mechs fighting monsters and it looks gorgeous and that’s all we want.

Still, this new trailer for Rock ’Em Sock ’Em Everything Pacific Rim gets points for turning what is essentially noise in movie form into something creepy and understated. And for providing Tor.com a new office in-joke with the needless repetition of “neural handshake.”

Also check out that newsreel of the robot parade.

Pacific Rim trailer

Sysphus Sister
1. Sysphus Sister
Dammit...just TAKE ALL MY MONEY NOW.
Sysphus Sister
2. wingracer
This is making me really want to pull out my Evangelian box set, hehe.
Sysphus Sister
3. mizzi
Not only is it about giant robots fighting giant monsters, but it's also directed by Guillermo Del Toro!! Definitely gonna see!
Sysphus Sister
4. Erik Dercf
I really love a good fight when I see one and this looks like a good fight to watch.
adrian bellis
5. Nilrem
This is one of the very few movies I've been planning on seeing at the cinema this year.
Giant Robots and Guillermo Del Toro, I cannot wait for it to be released here :D

Wingracer, I know the feeling, althoughI'd be tempted to add Patlabor WXIII and possibly Gunbuster to the urge to pull something out to watch in the mean time :) (although I tend to need little excuse to watch Gunbuster).
Sysphus Sister
6. jencat
While there's probably no way this can live up to the frankly awesome hype, for once half the fun has been watching it build up because nobody knows what the hell to expect other than Del Toro + Giant Robots - Apocalypse?! The promos have slightly shifted in tone every time a new trailer came out - the one that includes the shot of the crowd cheering suddenly made it all clear that, yes, this is a Del Toro film and will possibly be slightly quirky and off-kilter a la Hellboy amongst all the robot punching and cancelling of apocalypses. And I've been quite unusually happy to watch every single trailer, multiple times, and I may have even bought a tiny copy of the last poster because the image of teeny tiny pilots standing in front of giant robots was really very cool.

And now I have my Imax tickets for release day (and an excuse to take an afternoon off work, woohoo!) and I'm quite accepting of the fact that the film itself can't *possibly* be as good as the anticipation of getting there, but I've seriously enjoyed the last year of squeeing every time I get to watch a giant robot punching a giant monster. With rockets. This is kind of what fandom's all about, after all ;o)

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