Jun 25 2013 5:15pm

New Ender’s Game Propaganda Posters Really Want Us to Join the Fleet

Ender's Game movie propaganda posters

The Ender’s Game movie folks have released some pretty, new propaganda posters for the upcoming movie. We take no responsibility if they make you want to fight the Formics.

In Orson Scott Card’s classic Ender’s Game, Ender Wiggin is recruited to join the International Fleet and fight for the preservation of the human race. The film adaptation is opening on November 1st, and we’re pretty excited about it. Now the filmmakers have released three new propaganda posters on IF-Sentinel, an official site that promises news and updates from the International Fleet, so if you do want to sign up keep checking back—they’re bound to post application forms soon.

Check out the other two below.

Ender's Game movie propaganda posters

Ender's Game movie propaganda posters

YouDont NeedToKnow
1. necrosage2005
Thanks, but I'll NEVER give a penny of my money to OSC and his bigotry.
Howard Beale
2. Howard Beale
This country just can't get past the 9-11 iconography, can it? All it does is continue to foster a nationalistic paranoia that helps to engender a surveillance state.
Nathan Martin
4. lerris
This was posted in the thread regarding the movie trailer:


One of the four points is directed at those who absolutely must see it but are genuinely torn - make an offsetting donation to an organization working in opposition to OSC's views.
Howard Beale
6. Divdiv
Is it me, or are these posters kind of missing the end point of Ender's Game..?
7. Freelancer
Hey Stubby,

Are the posters "pretty new", or are they new and pretty? Just saying.

Everybody I've ever met who has met Mr. Card will say unequivocally that he is not any kind of hater. But the haters who hate supposed haters will never stop hating. Just make sure you support Roman Polanski, ok?
8. Freelancer
Divdiv @6

Well, technically yes, the posters miss the end point. That's because the point of reference for the posters is the time before the end, when the IF is the only thing standing between the human race and extinction, as far as the world knows.
10. boquaz
Howard @ 2

I'm assuming your comment is a super-clever tie in of the Ender's Game world to the real world. I mean, I really hope so, because it's brilliant.

I think that connection is exactly what they're going for here, and it is appropriate.
Brent Longstaff
12. Brentus
@6 - These are "in-world" posters, so they are not supposed to be getting the point of the book, which contains events that won't have happened yet when these posters are made.
Howard Beale
13. miriam12
I wonder if the first poster's "Never Again" slogan is supposed to reference the Holocaust... because if so, serious irony and bravo to whoever came up with it. It's like a little wink at the book readers who know what's coming.
Sky Thibedeau
15. SkylarkThibedeau
I think Uncle Orson already has his money. If you don't buy a ticket you'll be only hurting the gay men and women working hard on the film.
Marcus W
16. toryx
Freelancer @ 7: I've met OSC and he was very kind and gracious to me and the people I was with.

I loved Ender's Game and have read it several times but once Mr. Card started being so vocal about his politics, I haven't been able to enjoy it or any of his other writings. So, much as I liked the book and many of the actors in the movie, I'm not going to be watching it. That's just my personal choice.

As far as the posters go, I think they fit pretty well with the environment depicted in the book so I don't have a problem with tham at all. Ender's brother would certainly have supported using posters like that.
Katharine Duckett
18. Katharine
Okay, mod stepping in: let's steer the discussion back towards the movie and keep the rhetoric to a minimum, per our moderation policy.

@16, comment edited to keep your point but remove inflammatory parallels. @17, comment deleted because it references removed material. Thanks!
Howard Beale
19. jun
it's like this with Starship Trooper movies: you can't tell if the director was being sarcastic with the heavy militarism and fascistic propaganda OR he was just making a really, really superficial movie.
i'm already half disappointed at this adaptation.
Liz J
20. Ellisande
@19 I have to totally disagree with that - it's not a question at all in Starship Troopers. Watch Robocop if you're really unsure of Verhoeven's point of view, but c'mon, the bit when the kids stomp the roaches is the best parody of "everyone has to do his part for the war effort!" propaganda possibly ever.
Howard Beale
21. jun
@20 did some search and i have to admit - you are right - i was wrong about Starship Troopers. but i would argue that my confusion is in part because the director went too far with the parodies - i was simply too astonished by to believe someone would push the fascist satire that far and make an entire movie out of it. at least for me it severely interfered with me connecting with the characters. the source material has already been accused of using characters simply as mouthpieces, but i guess the director wouldn't know that since he didn't even finish reading it.
David OBrien
22. claes
@necrosage - OSC is just religious, and his intolerance is related to his faith. I hold very different beliefs myself, but I don't begrudge him the option to hold different views. I may not agree with him, but I still like his writing. And you, necrosage, were intrigued enough to look at this page ;) Or perhaps you are just intolerant and look at every Ender's Game page and then spread vitriol about OSC. Either way, both of you are entitled to your opinions. But why even look at the page if all you are going to do is lambast the author? Perhaps you enjoy his writing too...

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