Jun 18 2013 8:00am

Morning Roundup: Threepio Calculates the Approximate Odds of Successfully Sending a Telegram in India in August

C-3PO has never looked more dapper than in this art print by Terry Fan. All we need now is R2 with a little blue monocle, and Leia in full Victorian regalia, and Han on a tauntaun with goggles...with brass goggles. Anyway.

Lisa Grabenstetter
1. magneticcrow
I was going to complain about the exclusion of The Revenge of the Rainbow Dragons from the top of that list, but then I realized that it was an 'Endless Quest' book and not part of the official 'Choose Your Own Adventure' franchise. Woe.
2. joelfinkle
Thanks for the Life of Brian nod! "You jammy bastard!"

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