Jun 20 2013 1:30pm

Dance it Up to This Slick Ska Version of the Game of Thrones Theme

Game of Thrones ska theme Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra

Hungarian ska band Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra just released a very slick ska band version of the insidiously catchy theme song to Game of Thrones and oh man, oh MAN where are my beer-soaked checkered shoes because this puts me right back in the midst of my mid-90s youth.

The song comes complete with a GoT-themed video and if you keep the lounge-y beat going long enough you’ll end up feeling like you’re watching the opening credits to a 70s cop show. None of this is a bad thing.

Watch and listen. There’s a free download of the song here. Pick it up!

Jim Burnell
1. JimBurnell
It's catchy, but once the trumpets come in, I start hearing what it might sound like as a Mexican polka... *shudder*
David Thomson
3. ZetaStriker
I love the guy at the end who says "Winter is Coming" with a Jamaican accent.

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