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What Star Wars: Episode VII Could Lift From the Expanded Universe

What Star Wars Episode VII could lift from the Expanded Universe

At this point in time we’re all stuck wondering about the new Star Wars trilogy Disney has promised, what the storyline for these upcoming films could possibly be. We’re hoping for something new, something that won’t be a rehash of old themes, but keep Star Wars cool and fun and relevant to a generation of moviegoers who have never grown up without Star Wars.

Is it likely that all tie-in media of the past couple decades will be ignored in creating these films, but that doesn’t mean that they should ignore it. Here’s a brief wishlist of what from the Expanded Universe we might want to see on the big screen.

1. Mara Jade

What Star Wars Episode VII could lift from the Expanded Universe Mara Jade

There are so many reasons why it would be fantastic if Mara Jade were pulled into film continuity. (A reminder that in a poll done for the Star Wars Insider years back, she was the only character from tie-in media who made the Top 20 Star Wars Characters of All Time list, as voted by fans.) For one, keeping Luke a celibate monk just because he’s the big Jedi Master on the galaxy campus seems unfair and a bit forced. But Luke’s romantic status aside, don’t we all want to see this incredible Jedi in action? Preferably with her Emperor’s Hand plotline intact? Mara Jade’s place in the Star Wars universe has always been a fascinating one, her journey so complex and intriguing that it seems a shame not to use her. If they are worried about explaining her presence away, they could treat her much in the same manner that the Marvel Universe does when introducing a character that comic fans will recognize and a general audience will not. Give her a fun introduction, treat her like she’s been there for a while, she’ll be embraced in no time. And it would have the added bonus of including more fabulous female characters in the Star Wars galaxy.


2. The Rogue Squadron

What Star Wars Episode VII could lift from the Expanded Universe Rogue Squadron

While following a small team of core characters does seem to be the way of Star Wars films, the development that the Rogue Squadron received in the novels make them just what the doctor ordered to keep those space battles from getting dull. Imagine taking down an enemy and instead of your usual chatter—“Red 5 to Red 3”—we got a gang of friends who are used to working together and giving each other hell. These days, most battles on film look exactly the same, and are outrageous for the sake of outdoing the other guys. This would be a welcome way of scaling back and keeping the action fun. And with how keen Disney is on creating individual Star Wars films that don’t play into a trilogy arc, this could be the perfect opportunity; if they gave those characters enough face time, they could easily spin off into their own movie, the same way they got their own book series.


3. The Jedi Praxeum

What Star Wars Episode VII could lift from the Expanded Universe Jedi Praxeum

Some form of Luke’s academy from the novels seems like a given, but depending on how Jedi and Force-users are tackled in these movies, it’s possible they would erase the presence of the school altogether. Still, it seems impossible to deal with new Jedi without even making mention of the manner in which those Jedi become knights. Even if Luke’s particular set of students in the books are traded off for brand new characters, watching how he differentiates his practice from the Order that came before will be an important way of establishing how the Star Wars galaxy has changed since the Empire’s fall. In addition, it allows for a new cast of Force-wielding characters that don’t need to be bogged down in old Jedi Code rules. Those new characters will have all the potential that figures like Ahsoka Tano and Mace Windu and Aayla Secura brought to the table and were not quite allowed to deliver on.


4. More alien characters front and center

What Star Wars Episode VII could lift from the Expanded Universe

Because the Expanded Universe didn’t have to worry about budgets to create prosthetics or CGI for any number of species, alien characters had much more active roles throughout the novels and comics. Those Bothans that Mon Mothma was only able to refer to in Return of the Jedi are an active species, and they cause a lot of political ruckus. The current vogue for science fiction in pop culture has been to avoid aliens for the most part (or to use them as faceless, scowling villains the way The Avengers did and Pacific Rim is about to do), which is precisely why Star Wars making a comeback is so exciting. Give audiences more than that gorgeous cantina scene, let them enjoy a few more aliens besides Chewie, people with different customs and beliefs. Let Star Wars reach for a little bit more complexity instead of making alien life a cute side joke. If you’ve got it, there’s no reason not to show it off.


5. Cloning

What Star Wars Episode VII could lift from the Expanded Universe

While it’s extremely doubtful that Zahn’s Heir to the Empire Trilogy will be replicated to any extent in the new films, the decision to keep cloning a concern is just plain logical. The technology exists, it can be easily abused, and denizens of the galaxy are bound to have opinions on it. If an easy point of contention is needed, or simply a way to mess with our heroes, cloning can do the job. Who should be cloned? What kind of damage could cloning do to a galaxy that does not seem to have laws in place governing the process? How many clones are still left over from the Empire, if some of the old troopers made it all the way through the Rebellion’s win? There are so many possibilities and countless ways to implement them. Keep the clones.


6. The New Republic

What Star Wars Episode VII could lift from the Expanded Universe The New Republic

There has to be some form of governing body in the galaxy. While fans might be concerned that the new films will get bogged down in the same overwrought political rhetoric that the prequels did, the bottom line is that Leia is a damned good politician, and would want to help oversee the restructuring of a new governmental body. What would emerge in the Empire’s place? Though we don’t need it to be a central piece of the tale, we do need to know how these people have reordered their worlds, what problems they faced in trying to pull it all together again. Who has the power now in their universe, who is pulling strings? Are the Outer Rim planets still on their own, or are they being folded in? Did more than one government get formed? Is there contention between the two? What about the criminal classes, how are they dealt with now? What about stopping the slave trade that exists in their galaxy? So many questions that could lead to so many new stories.


7. Worlds to Visit: Corellia, Nar Shaddaa, the Hapan Cluster and More

What Star Wars Episode VII could lift from the Expanded Universe

The Expanded Universe fleshed out worlds that were merely mentioned in the films and created many of their own. The combined effort made the Star Wars galaxy like a really good 31 flavors ice cream shop, where deciding what scoop you would go for was agonizing. Corellia should absolutely be explored, especially considering its link to Han’s heritage. Nar Shaddaa would give them the chance to explore the criminal classes, the underbelly, and in a far more interesting way than the lower levels of Coruscant provide. Then there are strange sovereign areas like the 63 worlds of Hapes, whole cultures that could be explored and provide intricacy. The Star Wars galaxy is a big place, and continuing to keep that at the forefront of these new films will give them the longevity that they seem to be going for.

What would you like to see from the Expanded set? Characters? Plot arcs? Places? Give ’em to me!

Emily Asher-Perrin really hopes that the Boba Fett standalone film is based on the Bounty Hunter Wars Trilogy, but that's another matter enitrely. You can bug her on Twitter and read more of her work here and elsewhere.

1. mutantalbinocrocodile
Please, Disney, keep Mara, even if you have to kill her offscreen and just reference her in dialogue! You've hinted that you want to have main characters' children in the story. The existing continuity (including prequels, for all their MANY faults) has already set up Jedi emotional detachment/celibacy as questionable and Luke's willingness to take a chance on forgiveness as a big advance for the Jedi. You need Luke married off, so just pay Timothy Zahn some license money if you have to and keep the badass, thematically appropriate love interest he's already got! Pretty please?
Chris Nelly
2. Aeryl
Yes to Mara, yes to aliens, yes to the New Republic, maybe on the Praxeum(at least as presented in the books, definitely must be SOME school) and NO to the Hapes cluster.

Sorry, a hereditary monarchy based on some screwed up inversion of the patriarchy is a big no for me.


I can completely understand that the movies can't conform 100% to the EU continuity, just like the Marvel comics can't. But they can definitely pick and choose from the best stories and characters that the EU has to offer, just like Marvel Cinema Universe has done.
William Frank
3. scifantasy
mutantalbinocrocodile@1: If they have Mara just to kill her, I will be peeved. They killed her once already and it was a disaster. (Zahn's on record as Not Happy about it, and I have to say I agree.)

Licensing shouldn't be a problem--I'd have to see the contract to be sure, but if Lucas didn't own all the rights to the books through work-for-hire clauses, I'll eat my Copyrights textbook--but storytelling will be.

The thing is, I don't want to see Mara thrown in for the sake of shouting out to the fans. I'd rather see a clean continuity break with an entirely new set of stories than a mishmash of references. To have Mara, you need to have a lot of what surrounds her--which means, to have Mara, you have to do Thrawn.

Which they're not.

On the other hand, doing a Rogue Squadron movie, or at least featuring the Rogues, I could get behind, even if they don't feature everybody I would expect (even Wedge wouldn't be a deal-breaker, merely preferred).

Oh, don't get me wrong, I'd love to see the taking of Coruscant by Wedge, Corran, and company, but the Rogues are the archetypal fighter squadron, with as many iterations as they've had missions. Just mention that the escort for this mission will be the Rogues and give me red-striped X-Wings and that's a win.
Chris Nelly
4. Aeryl
I'm NOT HAPPY about it either. The railroad they had to put her on to have it fall out the way it did was just stupid and completely OOC. The hoops they had her go through mentally, to keep her from telling Luke, were stupid.

It's a struggle as a writer, to establish moments like that, to demonstrate that one character has become irredeemable. They chose to sacrifice Mara for storytelling convenience.

And it blows donkey balls.
Dave Thompson
5. DKT
I don't mind any of this, *if* it helps the story. But I don't want Arndt or Abrams to force any of it either. If it fits and works, great.

Mara is easily the best character from the EU, along with Thrawn. I don't know if they'll try to include either of them, even in passing.

That said, here's to seeing some great women roles in the upcoming films (women Jedi, women scoundrels), whether they be established, or new.
Dave Thompson
6. DKT
Also, re: Political rhetoric in the Prequels. IMO, it sucked because the writing and direction sucked, not because it was inherently boring. Someone's going to do a great SW political story one day, with very little blasters or lightsabers. (Maybe it's been done already in the EU and I just don't know about it?)

I don't really see Abrams (or Arndt) making that movie, but it could happen as a standalone one day.
Keith DeCandido
7. krad
Licensing isn't remotely an issue here. Disney owns it all, lock, stock, and lightsabres, and they can use whomever they want, however they want, from any of the licensed merchandise.

I'm sure that, if any tie-in elements are used, they will be changed to conform to what's best for the story being told.

And I get the satisfaction of watching the heads of all those fans who acted superior, because Star Wars novels are "canonical" and Star Trek novels aren't, explode. :)

---Keith R.A. DeCandido
8. Cleigh Curtright
I know it's highly likely they'll be scrapped but I really wanna see the Yuuzhan Vong. They are so interesting compelling and terrifying as galactic villains. And such a great challenge to the emerging new Jedi order.
9. Tommy Raaby
Jaina hello ???? she has a huge fanbase, pretty much the same one as Mara have.
Chris Nelly
10. Aeryl
@8., +1000

I know a lot of people disliked it, but I didn't. Plus it's the ultimate magic vs science throwdown, and who doesn't love one of those?
11. Yavin 4
Great article. I'd add Lowbacca to the list. Who doesn't want to see a Wookie with a lightsaber??
12. Jeff R.
Nope. Clean break time. I hope they don't use a single damnable thing from the EU, right down to picking new names for the next generation.

And Boba Fett better be dead, dead, dead in the Sarlac pit, too.
Chris Nelly
13. Aeryl
No, Boba Fett's awesome, and had plenty of weaponry aboard to kill that thing and escape. I don't know why that's become the fandom hill to die on for some people. I can think of so much worse.
Margot Virzana
14. LuvURphleb
Emily, why aren't we best friends?
If Disney Star Wars touches mara they better do it right! I am happy with the EU up to the point where the legacy of the forces appears. To me they didnt do a good enough job in making Jacen go dark and as one of my favorite characters- Anakin solo irks me- i hated the whole series. Mara died, Jaina needed help from Fett Mara DYING! Ben being a jerk. Than when the fate if the jedi series came out i thought it had such potential. But they ruined that too by book two.
If anything i would like future Star Wars to explore the possibilities of the galaxy turning against jedi and sith. You are a force user you are outlawed. All force users bring chaos an disrupt everything. Think about it. It could be cliched to death but if done right than it would be awesome.
15. Nanci
Agreed with all of these.

And please, please please - Rogue Squadron standalone movie, y/y?
16. Cybersnark
A new trilogy could easily just jump over the bulk of the EU and start with Allana Solo's story --even restate the OT's arc, with Allana coming to terms with her father's Dark Side Legacy. It'd be emotional for EU readers (who know what happened) and compelling for the new audience (who would be learning things alongside Allana), and it would give you a female lead character.

It'd be simple to cast Allana as either a Jedi (trained by her grand-uncle Luke and/or aunt Jaina), a Force-sensitive scoundrel (raised by her grandparents aboard the Falcon), or both (maybe a headstrong renegade Jedi who's broken away from the Order on her own mission/plot-arc).

Maybe bring in Jaina and Jag Fel as the older "Han Solo-type" characters --inverting the OT's balance with the "Jedi" and "Politician" figures being older and wiser/cynical, while the "Scoundrel" is the idealistic young hero.
17. Tesh
Mara Jade, yes. She and Rogue Squadron are the best parts of the EU. I'd break off the NJO stuff, though and completely ignore it.
18. kayos
I can't believe some are wanting a clean break. The EU had been around for so long surely it has a right to avoid becoming obsolete.
Personally, I'd love to see something from the Yuuzhan Vong series. The Solo kids, the Maw, Yuuzhantar...
That being said, I love the idea of skipping it all and going straight to Alanna. I was so impressed with the Legacy comics if the new films were to be a link between these existing story arcs I'd jizz my pants!
Keith DeCandido
19. krad
A bit of a reality check here from someone who has toiled in the tie-in fiction mines for two decades now....

Tie-in fiction is almost inherently obsolete and irrelevant. It's just the economics of scale. The best-selling tie-in novel reaches an audience that is less than 10% of that of the viewership of its least successful onscreen counterpart. With Star Wars, it's more like less than 1%.

The least-viewed episode of Star Trek still reached a number in the millions. Novels rarely make it to the seventh figure.

Just putting it in perspective.

---Keith R.A. DeCandido
Chris Nelly
20. Aeryl
Not having seen the numbers I don't know, and since you're in the industry, you have Keith. But at the same time, IDK if you can compare the two. ST still had movies and new shows coming on all the time. For us in the SW fandom, the books were ALL we had. So I would think the numbers would be bigger.

But I do know we are a small percentage. It wasn't still I started commenting here that I'd even found people online who'd ever read them.
Keith DeCandido
21. krad
Aeryl: Doctor Who fans are snickering right now. Just sayin'. ;)

---Keith R.A. DeCandido
Mordicai Knode
22. mordicai
Thrawn. Nothing of Thrawn's story or anything, but just the character.
23. Jeff R.
The reason we show have a clean slate is because Episode VII isn't (which is to say shouldn't be, although I have faith that the Mouse agrees with me here) for forty+-year-old geeks like us. Episode VII is for people who weren't yet born when The Phantom Menace came out.

To make the best story for them, best to throw out all of the cruft. There's too much awful, setting-distorting, needlessly-escalating, mutually-contradicting, fan-servicing, victory-negating garbage in there, and even the best bits from the EU are poisoned by association. (This is why people should dread everything resembling a nod to the Doctor Who novel universes: each one of them moves us one step closer to someone mentioning Looms on the TV show. Shudder...)
Lisamarie LiGreci-Newton
24. Lisamarie
krad: I used to be one of those smug fans, sorry! Hahaha!

I have to admit, I would love to see Mara, Rogue Sqaudron and/or the Academy. But I'm interested to see what they come up with.

I really don't want to see dark side Jacen or any of that fallout though, unless they are going to redeem him. Just wasn't my cuppa tea.
Liz J
25. Ellisande
Given that we're not getting the younger, recast versions of Han, Luke, etc, but Harrison Ford and Co, I sincerely doubt we're getting Mara or any story about the immediate fall out of Return of the Jedi. The new trilogy has to be set twenty-thirty years later. (I suppose they could do a framing-device with flashback set up, but that doesn't feel very Star Wars) So I feel like the Academy, the New Republic, and marriages/kids will simply be there and established. Perhaps the standalones can flesh out how it happened, but the new trilogy will have to jump ahead to whatever new problem is going to arise that requires the old gang to saddle up with the kids...
Brent Longstaff
26. Brentus
Rogue squadron would be awesome as a TV series. It could cover lots of their adventures and more importantly. I would also hope it could motivate a new X-Wing game, but sadly the best we could hope for would be a new rogue squadron game. While those were cool, they were far inferior to the x-wing series.
Anthony Pero
27. anthonypero
There's no reason to scrap anything that happens up to the end of the Heir to the Empire series. Keep the first 6 years of the EU, minus Fett. Keep Rouge squadron, the retaking of Corouscant , keep Han and Leia and their three kids. Keep Mara. Develop whatever backstory you need to after that.
Alan Brown
28. AlanBrown
Anthony, is Rouge Squadron like Rogue Squadron, but with better makeup? ;-)

I myself think it is best to ignore the Extended Universe stuff and start fresh, with the older characters in more of a supporting role--Leia in a Mon Mothma type of leadership position, Han her husband that sometimes chafes at his now domesticated existence, and Luke head of a new fledgling Jedi order, but with most of the action carried by new, younger characters. Rogue Squadron could definitely be a part of it, being a major part of established movie continuity. I myself love Mara Jade (when she is in Zahn's hands, that is), but would be glad to see something fresh and new.
Anthony Pero
29. anthonypero
Whatever they do, I'd really like to see someone like Thrawn, who isn't a total imbicile, as the villain.
Alexander Gieg
30. alexgieg
I don't care much about the EU, and a departure from Lucas' manicheist divide between pure goodness and pure evilness would fit well within the series, not to mention it'd be more faithful with the Eastern "monk warriors" theme that are the Jedi. I want to see the Potentium concept brought back and in a positive light, the fight between dark and light represented by Anakin vs. Luke being finally settled by a descendant of both who becomes the first Gray Master, and the appearance of an enemy to appear who can only be defeated by the unified force.

And altering the Yuuzhan Vong history for this purposes would work well. From out of the galaxy, impervious to either the Light or Dark sides, biotech-based, hell bent on destruction rather than the Sith's more modest control. Make them the anti-force, and in the end twist everything even more by making victory only happen when the new Grey Force transcends itself and manages to embrace its opposite.

Then proceed from there. :)
Alan Brown
31. AlanBrown
I always enjoyed the parts of the Star Wars universe that didn't put a heavy emphasis on the Force. I took it as a story like Lord of the Rings, a tale of the end of the age of magic. But the EU tended to take it in an opposite direction, making the Force an even bigger part of the tale, and the fulcrum on which the future balanced. And I disliked the Yuuzhan Vong, and strongly hope they have no part in the future movies at all.
32. Crazy
I'd also like to see Lowie. One of my favorite quotes is "A wookiee with a lightsaber? Now that's just overkill." A demonstration of that would be great!

Also have Anakin, Chewie, and Mara alive.

Oh, and someone mentioned that a good political SW story up above, I would suggest the political parts of the Hand of Thrawn duology. I know some disagree, but I think that book has wonderful political strategems with people trying to do the right thing, but disagreeing on what that is.
33. strider
Hopefully, they will ignore the EU.
34. alice204
I think IF luke is going to be married it should be to mara or someone like her because they are really great together even in combat. They complement each other and she is not afraid of telling luke when he is wrong. I don't mind them as friends too. The plot should be original but should acknowledge the eu because if the the movies and books are on completly different trajectories it would be a complete mess, unless the books are cut out of the picture (all of them). love the rogues though whats star wars without the boys; wedge, corran, tycho, wes and hobbie
Alan Brown
35. AlanBrown
There should be a scene in the new movies where Han Solo is reading from a tablet, and throws it down on a table in disgust.
"You wouldn't believe the stupid fictional adventures these tabloids invent for us and our fictional children," he snarls. "They drive me nuts."
"Then why do you read them, dear?" asks Leia.
"Well, I did like the stories about the further adventures of Rogue Squadron. And the alien admiral, Thrawn," says Han. "Those were pretty entertaining. But then there was this weird alien invasion they invented. And its not right talking about people's kids going over to the dark side. That's just slanderous..."
And there you have tied the EU into the movies. They are fictional books in the Star Wars universe, just as they are in our world. The only difference is, in the Star Wars universe, they are speculating on the futher adventures of real people.
Anthony Pero
38. anthonypero
Awesome Alan. But the line should be:

"They dropped a PLANET on CHEWIE!"
Anthony Pero
41. anthonypero
Ah yes. I have tried to block from my mind any reference to the Yuhzan Vong. That arc could have been awesome, threat from another Galaxy, Thrawn consolodating power to try to prepare for it, etc, etc... But the Vong themselves were so unnecessarily OTHER.
Chris Nelly
42. Aeryl
They started out that way, but as the books went on, and you spent more and more time with THEIR characters, they became very fascinating. I especially liked how the story concluded and it helped to explain a lot of why they were the way they were and helped reveal the extent of the damage severing the Vong from the Force caused.
Alexander Gieg
43. alexgieg
I guess the Yuuzhan Vong are an aspect of SW that people either love or hate, no middle ground there. I'm in the former camp. In fact, one of the things I loved the most about them was exactly their very otherness. Quite refreshing for a scenario populated mostly by rubber head aliens: equal to humans in everything except for their appearance.

Not that the Yuuzhan Vong were really more than just another kind of rubber head alien, but at least they had noticeable cultural differences from all the others. :-)
Anthony Pero
44. anthonypero

To be clear, Aeryl, I have read every EU novel published since Heir to the Empire. I read all the New Jedi Order series novels as the came out, and never grew to like or appreciate Vong culture.
Chris Nelly
45. Aeryl
Well you're not supposed to like their culture, but I did grow to like the Vong, and can appreciate how their culture was their own undoing.
Anthony Pero
46. anthonypero
Being forced to get to know a culture I had no interest in getting to know and never came to appreciate made reading through the whole series a real pain and unenjoyable. I'm not syaing this was true for everyone, just that it didn't work for me. Which is unfortunate, because there are things in that series that I loved.
Chris Nelly
47. Aeryl
Like you say, everyone's different. I've just always been a sucker for writers who can humanize villains and make you empathize with them.
48. Lunatic Dave
I think we have to loose anything that contradicts the next generation outlines from what Lucas passed on to Disney. This means we have to loose the Mara/Skywalker marriage & kids. It seems they've decided that means taking out all refernces to Mara such as Heir to the Empire. Some material should be same and I hope we might get Rogue squadron and the early Jedi Academy stories being made canon & brought into the new films.

I'd also like to see Palpatine's Return! His death in ROTJ was somewhat strange & the Comic Dark Empire's Clone Palpatine story creates a means for it to happen.

A clone Palpatine might also be needed to tell the original 9 story version as if the TESB Director is to be believed, between TESB & ROTJ they changed the ROTJ story to include & bring forward the Emperor in person (& presumably his end story from the sequel triligy). Even wondered why the emperor was so old and how Death Star 2 was build so quickly, well it would have made sence if it was part of the sequel triligy.

This is also why Lucas was for a long time contradicting his Ep4 era quotes and saying Ep7 to 9 were not going to by made.
Anthony Pero
49. anthonypero
By the time they were writing the final draft of ep4, my understanding is that the death star happened at the end of ep6. Then Lucas, during the final draft, felt that in order to male A New Hope stronger, he needed to pack in more elements. The death star was moved up from ep6, Kenobi's death was moved up from the end of ep5, which eventually gave us Yoda. Chewie was introduced because he wanted a Wookie in the movie and a new back story was made for qookies that left them with ewoks in 6, when it was originally supposed to be wookies.

At least, this is how it is explained on the original special edition DVDs. Of course, Lucas is a notorious liar, so who knows?
50. Lunatic Dave

Gotta check out my old DVD copy again. Love the quote. Thanks. I do recall the bits about killing Kenobi early being the reason they created Yoda & the changes with Chewbacca leading to the Ewoks.

These changes while doing Ep4 plus the changes that Irvin Kershner referred to for ROTJ after they finished Empire and you have to wonder how much the 9 movie story arc changed since first referenced by GL and question whether any of it's original concept still works.

I hope one day they publish GL's star wars concept story notebook that reportedly had all the character backstory notes, the 9 movie story outlines and the notes on stand alone film ideas.

This would be interesting to see what parts of the prequel triligy were from the original concept (I guess 10%) and how much was modern era GL brainwaves. Same will apply to the sequel triligy once ep9 is done.
Anthony Pero
51. anthonypero
The Secret History of Star Wars goes into detail on a lot of this, along with the Wikipedia entry on Star Wars. Much of the backstory was rewritten during Empire, including Vader being Anakin.
52. Lunatic Dave
Big thankyou anthonypero.
I can't wait to get my hands on that book.
Sorry for getting off topic everyone.

Back on the EU, now they've made the change I suspect a lot of EU characters are better off staying in Legends, rather than them apprearing in the new canon without the interconnected EU world they first belonged in. I suspect it'd just feel half baked. There are however a lot of ideas that I'd be happy to see reintroduced.

The one that comes to mind is the Imperial Knights from the Legacy Comic Series. Force users that are neither Jedi nor Sith, but are still clearly defined and relatable. This was an awesome concept that created a more complex dynamics than just good versus evil.

I also loved the Imperial Guard character Kir Kanos from the EU and I'd love to see battle scenes involving Imperial Guards actually being lethal.
Lisamarie LiGreci-Newton
53. Lisamarie
The JW Rinzler 'Making of...' books are quite good too. I'm about a third of the way through the Empire Strikes Back one.
54. CrazyJedi
I would love to see Lowbacca, and that line from the comics, "A Wookiee with a lightsaber, now that's just overkill." That line just kills me every time.
55. Michael Varn
Keep an eye on the Dark Empire comic series. If you haven't read it , do so. This EU concept of Luke Skywalkers story after the ROTJ could fit perfectly.into the story arch of the sequel trilogy. This also provides a way for the return of Darth Sidious and the continuation of the role of Cloneing from the prequel trilogy.
Anthony Pero
56. anthonypero

Which is probably why the concept art and rumors are out there and so persistent: Disney is probably leaking them intentionally to keep us locked onto that arc, when its something else entirely.

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