May 8 2013 1:00pm

The Pop Quiz at the End of the Universe: Raymond Feist

The Pop Quiz at the End of the Universe: Raymond FeistWelcome back to The Pop Quiz at the End of the Universe, a recurring series here on featuring some of our favorite science fiction and fantasy authors, artist, and others!

Today we’re joined by Raymond Feist, author of The Riftwar Cycle. His upcoming novel, Magician’s End, is out from Harper Voyager Tuesday, May 14.

Join us as we cover subjects ranging from desert island iPads to sieging castles, and more.

Please relate one fact about yourself that has never appeared anywhere else in print or on the Internet.

I used to go to the Troubadour in L.A. and play Monday nights in 1964 & 65—I played guitar badly, but I made up for it by singing off key, very loudly.

If you could choose your own personal theme music/song to play every time you enter a room, what would you pick?

As Beethoven’s 9th is too long, the opening four note trumpet pop before the guitar rift from the James Bond Theme by Monte Norman and John Barry. “Bah-ba! Bah-ba!”

What’s your favorite method of procrastination?

Watching “a few minutes” of something on TV that turns into the whole damn show.

The Pop Quiz at the End of the Universe: Raymond FeistBad news: You’re about to be marooned alone on a desert island—name the five things you would bring along.

Enough food and water to keep me well fed for the duration; solar-powered satellite dish and flatscreen; many bottles of good scotch; a large collection of books on my iPad with a solar charger for that as well; an insanely beautiful good woman who can be bad when the need arises.

Strangest thing you’ve learned while researching a book?

How to siege a castle and how to fletch arrows.

Would you rather discover the fountain of youth or proof of life on Mars?

Fountain of Youth! No brainer.

What D&D character alignment best describes you first thing in the morning?

Chaotic/Neutral (with a touch of grumpy.)

List three things you’d like our readers to know about you and your work.

  1. I try REALLY hard.
  2. I don't always succeed.
  3. I try REALLY hard.
Classic Appa
1. Classic Appa
I will be sad that the Riftwar books are coming to an end. That title is ominous for Pug fans.
Robert Dickinson
2. ChocolateRob
Just this minute got back from a book signing by R Feist in Waterstones, Manchester with my cousin Saskia (admittedly she's the fan not me, I lurked at the back while she lined up for a autograph/picture).
Though I'd only read the first book it was still very enjoyable to listen to him talking about the series.
Gary Singer
3. AhoyMatey
I've been a fan of REF's since Magician came out. I’ve been looking forward to the conclusion of the Riftwar Series for a while now! It’s sort of made WoT look really quick by comparison :)
Eric Desjardins
4. SirExo
This is what got me into reading fantasy books, if you dont count the tales of redwall. Even if feist is not my favorite author anymore, I will always enjoy reading about Midkemadia (is that spelled right?).
Classic Appa
5. Thaxll
Not counting all the books I read as a child, The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings was the first fantasy I read in my early teens. (I finished a few months before the first movie came out.) But it wasn't untill I read Magician a year later, and subsequently every other Midkemia book that was out at the time, that I had really become an avid fantasy reader.

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