May 29 2013 3:20pm

The Ninth Doctor Returns in New Doctor Who Puppet Episode

Ninth Doctor meets Eleventh Doctor Doctor Who puppet

There’s a new episode out of Alisa Stern’s adorable Doctor Who Puppet adventures! The Doctor Puppet recently stumbled across a nefarious plot to eliminate his previous selves (sounds... ominous) and in this new installment the Eleventh heads back through his past just to make sure things are okay, giving us the meeting between the Eleventh and Ninth Doctors that we’ve always wanted!

Watch it below.


Catch up with the first two episodes:

Episode 1: The Red X - Presented in conjunction with The Nerdist.


Episode 2: The Conjunction of Eleven

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Alan Brown
1. AlanBrown
These are adorable, as always. Please keep bringing them to our attention!

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