May 10 2013 10:05am

Teaser Trailer for Gravity Has Us On the Edge of Our Space Seats

Teaser trailer Gravity Alfonso Cuaron

We’ve all been waiting for some legit footage from the new Alfonso Cuaron sci-fi thriller Gravity. Now that it’s here, we’re not so sure we ever want to actually go into space. Gripping!

Darth Touma
2. Darth Touma
Oh My.. Not ever wanting to go in space is right.. Day-UM
Del C
4. del
Arvo Pärt!

I wonder if that's in the film, or they're only using it for the trailer while the score is being finished, the way they always used to use O Fortuna?
Darth Touma
5. Vigor8
The over-the-top sound effects -- when there shouldn't be any sound at all -- ruin the whole effect. Considering how many shots are stolen from Kubrick, you'd thing the director would have learned something from him.
Mike Conley
6. NomadUK
Vigor8@5: Absolutely. Can you imagine the sheer claustrophobia and panic that would be induced by having no sound at all -- just visual effects and the sound of breathing and ventilation? Think Bowman chasing after Poole on steroids ... damn, it would be awesome.

Just shows the utter lack of imagination exhibited by most science-fiction films.
Darth Touma
7. NiktheHeratik
Space is disease and death wrapped in silence and darkness. I hate space! Err wait, that's the wrong space movie.

I'm intrigued, but couldn't they just get some plucky interesting unknown leads just to surprise us a bit?
Scott Silver
9. hihosilver28
@Vigor8 & NomadUK

I have faith in Alfonso Cuaron. Children of Men is one of my favorite movies of the past decade and Prisoner of Azkaban is hands down the best Harry Potter movie. I think it'll be good...even if they don't adhere to the sound in space dilemma.

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