May 16 2013 2:07pm

Robots! Monsters! New Pacific Rim Trailer Has Us Oversugared!

Pacific Rim trailer

So the story is that there’s an interdimensional portal under the sea and something—maybe us?—accidentally opened it and WE’RE SORRY. WE DIDN’T KNOW. And now monsters. To which the only logical solution is to build robots to punch them. We like this plan! We’re excited to be a part of it!

Watch the new trailer for Guillermo Del Toro’s thought-vacation Pacific Rim. Because it is awesome. See that guy in the picture up there? We have no idea who he is. And we don’t care. Do you care? The monster is staring at him. That is what we care about.

So there you have it. We dare you not to run out of the house/apartment/office/stasis pod right now and start pretending you’re a giant robot and that you’re punching monsters. WE WILL DELAY THE APOCALYPSE! (That’s what that one guy says, right?)

Also, it is just is but does this look like a combined sequel to Cloverfield and Cabin in the Woods?

Margot Virzana
1. LuvURphleb
Why is GLADOS in the trailer? I do think this movie looks like a lot of fun but when I first saw it I thought it was a Portal movie.
William Frank
2. scifantasy
LuvURphleb@1: Because Del Toro loved Ellen McLain's voice work and cast her, then asked Valve for permission to use the GLaDOS voice.
Matthew Schmeer
3. mwschmeer
I still say this is just a Robot Jox remake.
Ross Newberry
4. rossnewberry
mwschmeer@3: Only if they include rocket fists. And I'm not talking about the rocket-assisted punch from the early trailer. I mean full-on detachable fists powered by rockets.
5. Tesh
Two pilots per 'mech? That seems like a tactical glitch just waiting to happen, and no real upside except for redundancy. If that's the purpose, though, they shouldn't be in the same room.
6. vjj
This movie will be the sci-fi movie of the summer. I bet it will be thousands of times better than the terribly disappointing Iron Man 3.
Mordicai Knode
7. mordicai
5. Tesh

You don't know about the Handwavium uplink system? You need to reverse the tachyon flow to the unobtanium core, so you need to be close & have a full gestalt (one to reverse the polarity & one to re-reverse it) in order to make the connection, at least that is the McPhail-Hitchcock Hypothesis behind it.
Jeff Youngstrom
8. jeffy
Saw this trailer in front of Iron Man 3 on the big Cinerama screen here in Seattle last night. As the first frame came up I leaned to my wife and said "We're going to want to see this movie." She looked at me like I was crazy and asked "Is this another Transformers movie?" "Just wait."

And then Idris Elba spoke and it all became clear.
Brent Longstaff
9. Brentus
It's weird to have GLaDOS as a voice if it isn't part of the Portal world. It's not just a matter of using the same voice actor; it's a voice that can only be one character. They might as well have Gordon Freeman walk up and volunteer to control one of the robots in terms of continuity. Oh well, it's fun and not a big deal; it will just be like when I was a kid and thought Indiana Jones was in Star Wars.
10. Juanito
This movie looks fucking RAD!

And he's not DELAYING the apocalypse. He's CANCELLING it. Idris Elba sounds so badass. Although I wish they'd let him use his British accent. It's just so buttery smooth.

What's the problem with using the same voice from a videogame? The grand majority of Hollywood stars only have one voice or one method of acting. You might as well say that Die Hard 2 is a sequel to Coming to America where the dad who runs the McDougal's goes on to become an Army SF officer who likes to offer people gum right before slicing open their throat. Or that Oblivion is the latest sequel to the Mission Impossible franchise.

*shrug* So there's a person with a popular synthetic-sounding voice. I don't think it'll detract from the movie one bit.
12. a1ay
Martin Sheen's another one whose entire career seems to hang together quite well. A difficult child and teenager, he gets into some serious trouble with the law (Badlands) and a judge gives him the choice between prison and the army. He does well in the army, and makes it as an officer in Special Forces, doing some dubious things in South-East Asia (Apocalypse Now) before retiring early, and getting a good job in aerospace manufacturing. His son's a bit of a disappointment (Wall Street), and that, combined with his disgust over finance in general, gets him involved in politics - where he does extremely well...
Eric Desjardins
13. SirExo
This looks like a live action of neon genesis evangelion!
Marc Houle
14. MightyMarc
I guess I'm going to be the one dissenting voice by saying that this movie looks absolutely stupid. I'm looking forward to a number of sci fi movies this year, like Europa Report, Elysium, and Ender's Game, but Pacific Rim is *not* on my list of must-see movies. This trailer does nothing to make me want to see it.

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