May 23 2013 8:00am

Morning Roundup: Sherlock and Watson Defend Their Turf

Sherlock Benedict Cumberbatch John Watson Martin Freeman gang signsJohn, we need to let Moriarty know this is our turf. Futher, did you bring my hat? I want to wear my fly hat so the honeys know the Sher-Lock is on Lock. You are my homey, John. Homeys are forever.

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1. RobertX
If it is him that would be awesome. He is one of my favorite Marvel characters.
Heather Dunham
2. tankgirl73
I love that Cumberbatch is doing the Vulcan salute, since this photo is most certainly pre-Khan.
Kristen Cook
3. Clover4
Actually it's the Nerdfighter sign. The question is, does he know that? DFTBA!

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