May 3 2013 8:00am

Morning Roundup: Giant Rubber Duckie Invades Hong Kong. The Penguin Not Responsible.

Though the whereabouts of the criminal mastermind known only as The Penguin are unclear, he has not taken responsiblity for the giant rubber duckie which is currently sailing around the world. It showed up in Hong Kong yesterday, and is reported to be the work of an artist named Florentijin Hofman. The duckie (as yet unnamed?) is is 46-feet-tall and 55-feet-long. Also, no word yet if a giant Ernie is lurking somewhere beneath the waves. (Via Inhabitat.)

Your collection of daily offsitle links are like taking a giant bath with monsters and includes more inflatable objects, confirmed mutants, who the REAL Batman is, and more!

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Hedgehog Dan
1. Hedgehog Dan
Am I the only one, who, from the giant duck, instead of the Penguin, immediately thought about Toyman from Superman TAS?
Hedgehog Dan
2. Hedgehog Dan
"Is this how all of our moms would explain The Matrix?"

Aaand... nope. :) My mom is an IT-teacher and a huge geek (she loves Pratchett and collected Shadowrun novels for a long time). She loves the first film more than me, actually.
(And Mother's Day approaches, BTW, so be warned anybody and not to forget! :O )
Kit Case
5. wiredog
I did hit post on the Tony Stark comment. Auto-modded, I guess.

Anyway, here's the link:
Fake Name
6. ThePendragon
@HedgehogDan #1 Nope, I actually came in to post the same thing.
Hedgehog Dan
8. The_Duck_Is_Rising
All together, sing:
Rubber duckie, where are you,With a love, oh so true,
And a wing that I can hold,
To feel you near as I grow old?
'cause I want (yeah-yeah yeah)
A rubber duckie (yeah-yeah yeah)
To call (yeah-yeah yeah)
My own (yeah-yeah)
I want a rubber duckie so
I don't have to face bath times alone
Well, just imagine bath times with a rubber duckie that size!

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