May 20 2013 3:30pm

How Do We Like This River Song Timeline?

Doctor Who River Song timeline

It would seem that River Song’s arc on Doctor Who has come to an end in “The Name of the Doctor” (Although as always that will remain to be seen.) so Doctor Who Online’s senior art editor Will Brooks put together this nifty infographic that illustrates how her twisty timeline matches up with the Doctor’s. The full hi-res version is up on Photobucket (it’s gigantic, so follow the linky-link to see the whole chart) but we’re not sure we’re convinced yet. Does this timeline work for you? Can we ever be certain if we don’t get direct confirmation from the characters? After all, those season 6 “First Night / Last Night” minisodes were never given precise dates....

Jordan Hibbits
1. rhandric
So that's the definition of "wibbly-wobbly"! ;)
Nice job!
2. scifisiren
I don't understand why everyone is saying "This is the end of River Song on Doctor Who." It's wibbly-wobbly, people. It seems to me that this (The Name of the Doctor) is the point in his timeline when the Doctor accepts both his role in her death and his feelings for her, so now he can interact with younger River in the way that older River was always referring to. I'm sure we'll see younger River again.
Andrew Willett
3. AndrewWillett
Without this article I would never have known about the existence of the "Night and the Doctor" shorts. How did I miss those?
4. hasan aslan
Did I miss something here ? When did they live together and River learned everything about him ? Won't these things happen in the future with another doctor ?
5. mollymolo
Andrew: I had the same reaction! I just now watched the First Night and Last Night minisodes (and the others)-- as someone who's a big fan of River (and her relationship with the doctor), I was really moved by the shorts and also really grumpy about them having been hidden away in some webisodes and not actually on the show proper.
6. Retep
I would have thought that here final comment to him in 'Name of the Doctor', as she disappeared ("Spoilers") would indicate that she does meet him again later in his timeline.
Where comes the assumption that her role on the show is finished?
7. Difficat
It is really a wonderful timeline, and fun to follow. However, I think Picnic at Asgard has to be the Tenth Doctor, not Eleventh. When River was looking through her diary for entries that would be early for him, she asked about that one. (She mentioned another event, but I don't recall what.) If she did that with the Eleventh Doctor, she would know that he hadn't been there yet. She also recognized his younger face, so she had certainly interacted with that version before, from her point of view.

Um, where does one find First Night/Last Night?
8. williamstome
I'm not sure if this is accurate, but it gives a great way to rewatch DW: in RS order!
9. Jeff Who?
williamstome: I agree, although you'll end up watching some episodes 2 or 3 times won't you?

Anyway, did anyone else notice that he includes the youngest (first night of Stormcage) and oldest (about to go to the Singing Towers) versions of River Song from First Night/Last Night but forgets to mention the middle version? Around 5 years after her first night in Stormcage, River apparently makes one of her (many) escapes and ends up at the same place/time as the TARDIS (presumably Alderin Beta on the night of the 21st of September, 2360 again) being chased by Sontarans who she had previously insulted.

Lord only knows how you can figure out when "5 years later" should be (or how the Doctor figured a particular date was her birthday for the Winter Frost Fair for that matter). The only real hint I see is that she has her vortex manipulator so it probably had to happen after The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang in her timeline.
I love it! Though River learned how to fly the TARDIS in Let's Kill Hitler -- the TARDIS taught her how. I've also been trying to figure out the difference between a Professor and a Doctor in the UK. Because the Doctor calls her Doctor River Song at some point and it surprises her, though I can't remember the episode. And at the end of Closing Time she has just earned her Doctorate. I feel like there's more between LKH and CT.

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