May 7 2013 12:00pm

Charlaine Harris Says Goodbye to Sookie Stackhouse

Sookie Stackhouse Charlaine Harris goodbye Dead Ever After

Looking back on the years I’ve been writing the Sookie Stackhouse novels, it seems amazing to me that those years are drawing to a close. When I started Dead Until Dark, I had no idea where the road would take me. I didn’t know if I’d ever get to write a second book about Sookie, much less twelve more.

I’m a seat-of-the-pants writer, which means I don’t plan a lot in advance. This is both my strong point and my weak point, as I see it. The books might be easier going if I knew what was going to happen, but on the other hand, I might close myself off to inspiration if I had a definite set of goals. There were lots of plot points that came to me as revelations during the writing of the books, plot points that became crucial to the progression of Sookie’s life. Bill’s perfidy, Eric’s amnesia, the cluviel dor... all these things were big surprises to me when they popped into my head.

It seemed logical to me—that as Sookie learned more about the world around her and gained in worldly knowledge and sexual experience—that her taste in sexual partners would change, too. Everything else changes for her over the course of the thirteen books. Her financial circumstances, the loss of her Gran, her brother’s turning into a werepanther... all these things change for Sookie, too. She learns a lot about being a survivor, and she learns how much she loves life. I believe the books span a bit over two years in her life, but gosh, what years they are!

When the television show debuted, there were even more factors to take into account. I didn’t let the course of True Blood change the course of the books, because Alan Ball and I were clearly heading for different goals, but of course I always watch the show. I don’t remember anyone ever suggesting I should change something in the books to conform with the show (though over the passage of all these years I’ve definitely forgotten many conversations). I do remember how astonished I was when I first saw Anna Paquin as Sookie, and how awestruck I was at the job she was doing. Seeing my characters moving and talking and embodied by such amazing actors was a thrill I’d never expected. I have friends in the cast, though our paths don’t cross often.

As the show begins its sixth season—sixth!—and I publish the final novel about my heroine, I suppose I should say I’m filled with nostalgia. In truth, I’m not. I’m looking forward to future projects and to more world building and more characters. To me, the last book is not the end of anything, but another mark of passage. I hope my readers will go with me into new adventures; I’m excited about the future.

Charlaine Harris is the author of the best-selling Sookie Stackhouse series. The final book in that series Dead Ever After is on shelves now.

Trilliand Traveller
1. trilliand
Oh well, she's pretty much admitting that she's hating Sookie by now. Maybe if she hadn't had let the story progress so far, that would never have happened. I know it's not my place to suggest to an author how to finish a book series, but as a reader I can like a twist of a story or not like it. And I'm sorry, but I just did not like how Sookie had to end up.

I'm glad True Blood is out there as a TV series. In the beginning I actually enjoyed the books more than the series, but by now it's the other way round. I'm still thankful that Charlain Harris invented and thought up that whole universe in the first place, though.
2. DougL
@1 trilliand

Well, I am the same way, do something I enjoy until I don't enjoy it anymore. As long as she had places to explore and new things for her characters, and she enjoyed it, what's the problem? It doesn't mean she won't pick it back up at some point, or do a mini novel for one of those anthalogies that authors seem to love.

I haven't read the books, though I have at times enjoyed the show.
John Skotnik
3. ShooneSprings
I enjoy the books and the show. Thank you for sharing your world with us.
4. Kat R.
The last book was a big joke...sorry i meant the last 11 books were a big joke, looking where Sookie ends, basically where she started.
CH was tired of the series, that was very clear from her writing and her interviews but $$$ worth more than the integrity of her characters and series and so that's what we've got: an epic fail.
It's really disappointed to see such a great series ruined like this, because she couldn't handle the popularity of characters SHE wrote.
And it's really more depressing to see an author ignoring her readers and tell them 'they read the books wrong'. I guess 90% you her readers had reading issues then.
Whatever. Lets hope TB will do justice to the characters i came to love so much and even if season 5 wasn't the best season the show has still the potential to put the book series to rest forever.
5. Libra Rian
0 out of 5 stars for DEA.

IMO, CH has chose to ignore what won’t fit her preordained HEA.
All the other books in the series now feel like retcon.
Francisco Guimaraes
6. franksands
I am sad to see so much hate here. I didn't finish the series, but I'm on Dead Reckoning and loved everything so far. I love how we are invited to everyday events in the life of Sookie in all books and that helps so much to flesh out all the characters in the book. I might not agree with some of Sookie's decision, like breaking up with Quinn, but I cannot thank Harris enough for this marvellous journey that has been the Southern Vampire Stories.
7. Bitsy
I loved there series except for this last book and the book before that. This last book is a joke! Having read tons of reviews, I'm not the only one who thinks that. It looks like she has lost a large part of her fan base. I am very disapointed with her choices and won't be reading any more of her books.
Shelly wb
8. shellywb
I just read the last book tonight, and I have to say I agree with most of the others here. The ending was ludicrous. I don't care about Sookie's choice of partners- I had no stake in that game. But the villain plot used to "tie up" things was so painfully bad that I was sad I only had an ebook so I couldn't throw it at the wall.

And it's such a shame. I loved the series up until the last two books, when it seemed like she decided that the direction everything was organically moving wasn't how she wanted it to end. It really felt like every character was being pushed around against their natural inclinations to give her the ending she wanted, and that's a pity.

I'm guessing there's going to be a lot of fan fiction written.
9. Frozen Skeeter
The last 3 books were a joke. Just finished Dead Until and it cleaned everything up so neatly and it was so - bland. The first 75% of the series was so fun, comedic, full of interesting tidbits. This just lacked everything. There was zero spunk in Sookie.
10. Frozen Skeeter
^meant Dead After, showed how much thought I gave to these books.
Pamela Adams
11. PamAdams
I've gotten behind on the Sookie books, but have enjoyed the ones I've read. The recent re-read here has shown the frantic pace of Sookie's life- was it really just two years? (Kind of like the realization that the entire plot of Romeo and Juliet takes place over just a few days)

I started the books after seeing you on a panel at a con I can no longer recall. I do remember you talking about writers from other genres trying to cross over to SFF and finding it harder than they thought.

I look forward to what you write next.
12. Osprey Florida
Crossing my fingers that the end of Sookie will resurrect Harper Connelly.
13. SueQ
I like the books. I have only seen bits of the TV series on YouTube as I don't get the station.
If you don't like the way Ms. Harris wrote or ended her series, the solution is simple -- not easy, but simple -- create some really compelling characters of your own and throw them into interesting and/or perilous situations in your own stories. I'll be interested in reading your ideas.
14. Carol M
I have read all the books and the short stories in the anthologies as well. I have watched bits and pieces of the tv series which i am not very fond of i must say. Everyone has an opionion about both the series and the books. I love the books. Not every reader or every tv watcher has to agree with what an author writes or how she ends a series. Its up to the auther not the reader to end a series the way she wants to end it and as for the screen writers for tv they do tend to take liberties with books as long as the auther agrees to it. I, myself, after watching the first season on dvd could not get into the series. I did see the characters in the series in my head as i read about them in the books. For those of you who think she "hates" sookie in the books, you really need to think like an author and not like a reader. As an auther there is only so much they can do with a character and then its kill them off or do something with a twist. as they say "to each his own" and to each his own opinion on CH's works. I have enjoyed the series immensely.
15. MJFeather
I've read all the books and although i was not happy with who Sookie ended up with i think it was a good end. I certainly didn't see it coming.
I also feel the books have been left open for continuation if need be too.... which honestly i would love to happen. I want to know what happens with Eric and maybe he will make his way back to Sookie.
16. maryinvancity
I have to agree with everyone - the last two books were a hard read. In the beginning the books were full of life and funny dialogue, but by the last two, it was obvious that CH was tired of Sookie and her world. I see other writers that've created iconic characters (such as J.K. Rowlings) who gave their characters such fantastic farewells. It was badly done on her part. Not a fitting ending to Sookie in my opinion.
As a reader, I'd find it hard to read anything else that CH writes moving forward. Why should I get invested (emotionally and financially) in her characters if this is how she treats them?
17. Kim Leland
I loved the books, and hate the series. Until the last two books, that is. I wish I hadn't wasted my money on either of them, but I sort of had to read them. I am not looking for any explanation or anything else from Ms. Harris, but I am rather disappointed in the way she ended the series. It left me feeling as if everything was utterly pointless, and that Ms. Harris just decided to quit. I still won't be watching the series, and unless there is a compelling reason to do so, I don't imagine I'll be watching for any new material from Charlaine Harris, either.
18. Elizabeth Mujica
I am sadden that her time has come to a close, asci really lovethis series. Its always hard to accept a great sseries to come to a close, but as you have stated this gives you more time to write other books or series. Thank you for a wonderful series to read.
I was very satisfied with how DEA ended. I think that just like in life, people have different opinions of who their friends should date, or who a person on a reality show should end up with. Charlaine nurtured her characters and in the end you know that Sookie and Sam should have been together all along. I am glad that Sookie had the experiences that she had so all her wild oats were sowed. Thank you Charlaine for sharing your world with us in print for all these years. Thank you for inspiring the show True Blood because it is a departure from the real world and so deliciously fun to watch! BTW- can't wait for another Harper Connelly book.
20. Mimi Bliss
Wow! What a bunch of crabby snarkfesters. The last book is a good read. I am looking forward to the next book or series or project. Thank you CH.
21. tigerowl
I absolutely adored the Southern Vampire series, devouring the first 10 in a week and then waiting for the last ones to come along. I bought the companion and the short stories too. It was a glorious world that just fell apart into utter pap in the last two books.

The last one was by far the worst and this final one isn't much better. It was obvious from the first couple of chapters who Sookie was going to end up with - which was fine, but the dismissive way she moved the other big loves out of the picture was most annoying.

Poor form, CH.
22. Michelle Belden
I loved how the series ended. Sookie is in a much better place now, less naive but still country-sweet, and better off financially, community-wise, and romance-wise. (Eric was a sexy bad-ass and fun while it lasted but how anyone could think he's lead to happily ever after is beyond me, and that point is well-made in the final book.)
23. Yodamom
I just finished Dead Ever After last night. I enjoyed it. I loved revisiting with many of the characters. I adore her love interest, I think it is just what Sookie wanted for her life all along. She just took the long road of experiance to get there. I am sad to see this family go, it has become my fictional dysfunctional family for years. I really hope we see some books on a few of the side characters.
I would love to see her start writing some of her earlier mysteries too, excellent reads. I love CH's style and have read all her published works and will follow her to her next project.
Thank you CH
24. IWillMissSookie
I guess I am missing what everyone else hated in the last two books. I liked how Sookie felt about herself in the end. It was like she went through a liftetime of crazy and finally found herself and the person she felt like herself with. I thought it was like how you just feel in life sometimes - like you look around and everything is insane. Even if you could read everyone's mind, they're still so hard to understand. When she finally liked herself and was satisfied with herself, she was able to cut through the crap and be with the person who loved her for the person she was before the insanity. I liked it all. And I like watching the series, which is not at all the same and is like fan fiction played out on- screen.
25. Karina
I've read all of the Sookie Stackhouse books except for the last one. I have loved every one of them. It was impossible to miss the spoilers for the last book but I am still very much looking forward to reading it - and I will read it - just as soon as it comes! I am suprised by the hateful things that readers have said to - and about - Charlaine Harris. This is her character and she is entitled to write this series - and end this series - any way she wants to! To all of those hateful readers - if you know just how a series should go then write your own books. Perhaps then you might see that it is not as easy as you might think. And to Ms. Harris - I will most certainly buy anything further you might write.
26. mary baez
Sorry to hear so much hate I thought the books were fantastic I am rereading them the only thing I can say is if you don't like them do not read them. Have not read last one yet till I finish the rereading of them all. Thank you Ms. Harris
27. Tammy B
i have not yet read the last book , but i plan to just as soon as i buy it. I am a big fan of Charlaine Harris, i not only read the sookie stack house novels but i read her aurora tea garden an the grave secret series i am impressed with Charlaines writing ability and i will continue to read all books she may write. I am in utter amazement at the hate people say about her books. As an author it is her mind that wrote the stories and if you cant enjoy what she writes and accept her right to where she takes a character then stop reading any books because all authors have the ability to take any character to any destination they choose. I will always read an follow Charliane Harris i respect her choice to end a series and i respect her decision on how she will end it.
28. jlmes
I haven't read the new one yet, but w/ all the negativity I'm now going into it already disappointed. I'm sad to see Sookie go but am hoping that Harris will now return to some of the series: Harper Connelly, Aurora Teagarden, Lily Bard. All fantastic heroines and series!
29. Theresa Arnold
Loved all the books and won't part with them except to share and return them to me so I can read them all again. Haven't read the final yet. Love the tv series too. Just read an Aurora Teagarden "3 bedrooms, One Corpse" and loved it. Just love GH writings! Kepp on entertaining the world please.
30. Scarklatexgirl
I was not shocked at the ending one bit, I think some must have sped through the non vampire chapters & and missed a lot. I'll sure miss Sookie, but I'll always be able to go back & read her story & enjoy the quirkiness of Sookie as often as I like. I look forward to seeing what CH has on deck for next year.:)
31. Kathy Bergold
I loved it. Sookie is where she should be with the person she is meant to be with.
32. silentrose
i was kinda disapointed in the last book. i thought it would go out with a bang but it was no different from the other books. dont get me wrong i love the series but i wanted something exciting to happen. Although i love eric i do see how it was just to complicated and didnt work for her but i didnt like how she dismissed the relationship so easily.
33. Rubydissolution
I've read all the books and enjoy the series. While this final book was not my favorite in the series (Dead to the World ftw!), I didn't think it was as bad as many people are making it out to be. Yes, I am soo super sad that she ended up with Sam. He was never my favorite choice, but I love Eric so I'm a little biased lol. I was a little angry at how easily she dismissed her relationship with Eric. Sookie had tried so hard to prove to herself that she truly loved Eric and then she forgot him in a week. Really? I found the way CH integrated many of the characters from throughout the series was interesting. I was glad to see many of them, from Quinn to Rev Newlin and I didn't see Claude coming. So, It's no Deathly Hallows, but it was ok.
34. Disappointed
Very disappointed in this final installment. It did not read true to Sookie. Sam? Really? I felt nauseated when they got together. I was still hoping, with 4 pages to go, that she wasn't ending it like this.

Eric was the most interesting, complicated, layered character in the books and their relationship was really what kept me through all 13 books. But I suppose I was reading it wrong according to the writer.

The whole thing just.... sad and disappointing. Perhaps someone out there will write a better version and I can forget I ever read this one.
35. wendyanddee
I loved them all! Good job!
36. Wtactualf
In the end, Sookie turns into Arlene. An intolerant co-dependent hypocrite.
37. Elizabeth Simon
I have read all the books multiple times (just finished the last). I think she did a great job with the series and I also love True Blood on it's own. I have read her other series and enjoyed those as well. I am sad that there are a lot of bad reviews for the last book and I hope she can look past those and understand there are many of us who enjoyed every one.
38. Candiss
I do appreciate the SVM books and also like the True Blood series on HBO. I read the books first and saw the show second and have loved the series thru the years. However, I am not a fan of this last book for several reasons. The characters from previous books do not even seem to match some of the same characters in this book - it's like who are these people and what have they done with the original characters? Some of the same stuff happens that has happened before (Sookie shot in the shoulder! that happened in book 5; Claude is plotting against Sookie - that happened in book 12; the fairies supposedly closing the portal but they all keep showing up again - someone needs to plug that hole for good ) And for all the 'journey' that Sookie has been on, she ended up right back where she started, albeit a bit richer. Kind of makes her 'journey' seem somewhat pointless? I literally dislike this book so much that my first thought was to toss it in the fire, however, I can't do that to a book, no matter how much I dislike it. I won't be buying After Dead as I am no longer interested in seeing where they all end up after reading this book.
39. Mary Beth
I loved the series...until the last book. It broke my heart at the end. I am thankful for the story line and hopeful that somewhere down the road we hear more from miss stackhouse. I know it is easy to be a critic but I would have loved to see a different outcome.
40. Manu
I love the books but I am also happy and greatful that it ends. Everything nowadays is a series and people just can't get enough of characters, they create TV shows and merchandise and wear T-shirts that say "I love such and such"... It is not real, it is fantasy, fiction and it has to end somewhere. I have my own life to live, I cannot put everything around a publishing date of the next novel just so I know the heroine is still in love with the same guy and hasn't dumped him for someone else. It is the writers choice to end it or to continue, people don't have to like it. Noone forces you to read it, if you don't want to pay for it (not knowing what happens), wait till you can get it for free in your local library.
41. mcgillicutty
I'm going to compare this to a boyfriend that strings you along, telling you all the things you want to hear and just when you begin to suspect that he's not right for you, he gives you hope that it will all turn out okay.
He's also asks for money and because you believe he is an honest man, you happily give it to him.
Now this boyfriend did have good intentions but as time went on he got greedy and the money became more important than you. His heart was no longer into the relationship but he really, really wanted the money so he continues to tell you things he knows will make you happy .
You become suspicious when his stories and things he told you just don't add up, he just didn't seem to care anymore. Even though you knew it was coming, you hoped against hope you were wrong.
Finally, after giving him the best 10?? years of your life, he gave you the big FU and took off. Why oh why, didn't he just end it years ago ??
Everyone would have been so much happier.....
42. idamihaela
I just finished reading the last book. I couldn't believe it! I thought: "What the f... is this?" Where's my ending?!
The beginning was gloomy and almost boring. Then i felt that everything was rushed and too many characters in the same place. Where's Eric in all this story? What abt Sookie's love? Just turns out to be nothing because of some marriage happened between Eric and some quinn of Oklahoma? And what abt Eric who always mixed his own selfish interests with the ones of thew heart? Somehow it felt wrong putting Sookie in bed with Sam in the end... They had a beatifull friendship...why turn them lovers? and on such short notice?
I am sure CH could have done better... She built the relationship between Eric and Sookie for so many books and now? Why did she do that??? What's the point...it's just like all the books she wrote from 2-nd book to the previous one are senseless. I REALLY, REALLY HOPE THE TV SHOW WILL BRING THE ENDING WE ALL WANTED!
43. missron
i really need to stop smaching my head into my desk now. She claims above she's never let anyone persuade her to change the books (that she remembers) and yet its widely known she was gonna kill Bill off, had the scene written and everything but was persuaded to not do it. she herself has stated this in interviews etc. She's now blatently lying in order to dig herself out of the hole she dug for herself with this last book. and no, i'm not whinging that sookie chose differently to how i wanted; im whinging because it was a badly written book plain and simple. her admitting that she doesn't plan her books kind of explains A LOT!
44. Tania Marshall
I have know since the beginning that Sookie would NEVER have consented to becoming a vampire or settled to be someone's piece on the side. Although I've been reading the series for over a decade, it's important to remember that all the action has taken place over 2 years. Her personal values have always remained intact. I found it most telling that her arrest is what shamed her the most and made her take serious stock about what SHE wanted from her life.

Meanwhile, I don't see Eric's actions as badly as many fans have complained about. He's been around for a 1000 years and has been ruthless and self serving for centuries. I was quite touched that he extended his contract with Freyda by 100 years to ensure Sookie's safety during her mortal lifetime. Imagine, he'll be fulfilling his end of the bargain for over 100 years after her death because of the one year of uniqueness he had with Sookie. Freyda is gorgeous and powerful, his end of the bargain won't be all that awful.

Sookie's happy ever after is that after being an outcast in her home town all of her life, she is now accepted, supported and loved by the everyday folks that have always meant so much to her. I even like that she's taking it slowly with Sam (my choice for her since Book 3). It's clear that she wants him to be a permanent part in her life, but her knowledge that she'll survive if that doesn't work out is the best happy ending.

Meanwhile, I watch True Blood because it's like an accident on the side of the road. You can't help but watch. The only cast choice the TV people got right was Alcide.
45. Culviel D'oh
CH publicly acknowledged at some point that she meant for the vamps et al to be symbolic of minority/marginalized groups. The writer's stated intention of exploring diversity and tolerance is ditched when Sookie decides to "settle" for what looks like normal. Husband, children, church, picnics in the sun. SO WHITE BREAD. Unconventional my ass! It reads Danielle Steele - not PNF/PNR/UF.

Sookie doesn't have to become a vampire for her to end with one. What's the point of Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Fiction if it's too "Unrealistic" otherwise?

TBH - I don't think CH could have written the book any other way because the character's popularity wayyyy outgrew her talent as a writer. She couldn't write an epic finale, so she churned out a tired, sparkless, droll ending that was riddled with continuity errors and retcons from prior books.
Not even going to mention the numerous deus ex machinas created to "move the plot."

CHarris is tired.
Maybe it's time she retired.
She should have retired this series many books ago when still cared.
46. CharlesP
I was just so relieved that Amazon refunded my purchase of DEA. I didn't care who Sookie ended up with. Still don't care.
The book was bad. I kept waiting for it to get better. It never did. And now it never will.
I think it's probably the worst written book in the whole series. It had me wondering if CH even wrote this book herself or if she handed the reins to her 'fan-turned-moderator-turned-continuity editor.'
CH seemed to have given up. If this is her 'best work' then she should moonlight at another job. Seriously disappointed.
47. ElijS
I have to say i found the last book to be very good. It tied up a bunch of loose ends and it brought back so many characters and also should how much sookie has grown into a woman who can handle any situation. If you did not like the book then you should not have read it. Opinions are like butt holes everyone has one and they all stink.
48. vikingsrule
I also feel the books have become unreadable after book 10. The last 3 seemed to lack everything the first 10 had. They seemed to have been written in a rushed manner with little substance the last being the worst. I have invested time and money on this series and wont bother again. Charlaine has lost me as a reader. While I agree every writer has the right to finish a series of books the way they choose they must also be prepared for people to be critical. Sadly this applies to the last Sookie Stackhouse book it made absolutely no sense following the prior books. It just felt hurried and in reality there are more fanfics out there better written than this last book. I thoroughly enjoyed the first 10 and looked forward to each new one coming out. I don't believe that Charlaine took into account how invested people were in the characters. Everything that she wrote about in the early books she has done an about face on in the last. Characters have been demolished and Sookie herself has gone back to the same boring, mousy bar waitress she was in the beginning. Boring! As for the almost non existant vampire storyline you chose to right in the vampire genre' yet you obviously don't like the concept.
49. Maureen Fink
My daughter got me hooked on Sookie Stackhouse. I guess I didn't read the same books as the complainers and haters that have commented. I loved how it ended. I thought from the beginning that Sookie and Sam should be together but neither was ready to admit it. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and this is mine. Thank you Charlaine for bringing Sookie Stackhouse to us. At some point I'll probably reread the whole series. May won't be the same without a new Sookie to look forward to. Again Awesome Job I think you did the series proud! I hope you read this and know your work has pleased some of us!
50. Snookie Forever!
I enjoyed the last book. Sookie did not become a vampire hater. She didn't become conventional. And CH didn't flop. Sookie got a perfect Sookie ending- what she really wanted for her life and a greater understanding of the world around her. And most of all, she found her place in the world. She finds the balance she was struggling for with her role in both the supernatural world and the mundane. I love that Mrs. Harris ended the series with a new beginning for Sookie.

I've read every book and short story in the series and I loved watching Sookie grow and learn. I also love that Sookie stays true to herself in the end. That's a truly unconventional ending for what many people mistakenly believed was a vampire love story. The real love story is Sookie accepting herself and getting to know herself better.

Thank you, Mrs. Harris, for giving us Sookie and taking us on such a wild ride. It's been a thrill.
51. LuBell
I see why the NYTimes gave book 13 only 2 stars. It was lacking all the excitement in the previous 12 books. But could you think of any other way for Sookie to end up? Did we actually want to see her "turned"? And now we get to imagine where her life with Sam will go. He'll move into the house on Hummingbird, they'll have "sup" children and life will never be dull.
52. Michelle Mac
I guess I am confused. What was the message? That vamps are bad, that supes and magic are bad? Thats fine, but this series was firmly pitched as a fantasy series. CH may want to say they're mysteries, but those mysteries are set in a UF/PNR world. Its just such a weird conclusion. So just an experiment on Sookies behalf, and she's now decided they're all too much trouble??

I honestly don't know what to think. And thats the biggest problem for me with this book. I don't understand who Sookie is anymore. She certainly got over Eric mightly quickly since her declarations of love in the previous book. Sookie's "Eric's my team", "But I couldn’t imagine how I would fill the hole in my life left by his absence". Her reaction to their breakup didn't line up with this. Am I to conclude she didn't really love him, or is it poor writing that failed to move Sookie from where she was in DL to where she is now in DEA? Is Sookie really that fickle?

I used to defend Sookie, but now, she's not really worth the effort
53. Rachel Christopher
When I heard that this was going to be the last book of this series, I was thinking that there was going to be a lot of the storylines that had no end, and/or no closure to them... but this is one of the best books written... Great ending...WOW!!!! But its still sad for it to end...
54. Jacques Saint-Germain
I thought it was time to end these books. They seemed drawn out somewhat since number 10 and lacked the excitement and humor of the first 8 books. I hate to not finish what I started so I had to read the latest installment regardless of the negative reviews. It saddens me that I have to agree with the many reader's who were left feeling disappointed with the final Sookie novel.
The book, imo, had no heart, and for a final novel in a series this long, that's a damn shame.
55. Shawana45
I loved the Sookie Novels ! However this last one sadded me. I think every one has the right to their own thoughts , as a reader we do put a huge investment into these books and it's hard for us. Sookie seemed as if she went into a cannon- "Back where she started" But maybe Sookie whispered in CH ear that she wanted a simpler life and she was tired with Vampire politics... I just don't know but I did hope that she ended up with Eric or in Fairy Land or whateever ..... But I must say Anne Bishop author of Black jewel series makes CH look like an Angel- The ending of Twlights Dawn made me cry and than I threw the book out the window. CH has done all she could and i wish her many blessings and love ... Thanks for creating SOOKIE!
I will still read CH books and I understand when a character makes different choices.. You never know Sookie might of pleaded with CH to let her live an ordinary life for a while.
56. Sunny27
I have loved this whole series but this last book was bad. This is how CH wraps things up? So disappointing. I could hardly read the Sam & Sookie parts. To me those two were best buds & more like siblings than lovers.
57. joey1013
I read the book and its boring and very unsatisfying for a finale in a very long series. The whole story was lame.
58. Nevertrustanauthor
Yeah, here's the thing. You can say that those of us who were disappointed in the series ending are being "catty, snarky, and mean", however, I have seen a common thread woven in the many complaints and there's no denying the proverbial elephant in the room. Charlaine Harris disappointed her many FANS on two basic levels. The first level of disappointment being her quality of work, which was, I'm sorry to say, beneath what we've come to expect of her thus far. The ending seemed rushed and there were also typos and grammatical flaws in the text, itself. It was not fluid with the other books. Harris can complain until her lips are blue (settle down Charlaine, no death threat intended) about how it is her right to take these characters on whatever journey she so chooses, however, she's wrong on that point. Once you publish your books, those characters belong to everyone. It's as droll as celebrities who complain about being famous. You cannot make a choice without natural consequences in this world, the rest of us live in the real world and abide by the laws of cause and affect. The ending of this series was expected to be cathartic, and I'm sorry, but as a reader, I feel a little betrayed. I don't think any author should have to crank out mindless demands of her followers. However, some respect should be given to the people who make your success even possible, and that's your FANS. O ce upon a time I counted myself one of them. I even dressed up as Sookie on Halloween. Loved the series, truly. I defended this final book until the last page left me sitting there, scratching my head. I even tried not to say a single derisive word about it until the "hooplah" had passed. I thought people should read and decide for theirselves. What offended me more than the choice of ending for this book are the many interviews and Facebook statuses where it is made perfectly clear that the readers just need to get over it. Sorry, but we are the Mac to your cheese, the butter to your bread, the dressing for your salad....you get it. Without us, your characters would have died in the first edition. Just ask any actor from a cancelled prime time show. You were tired of the series? Oh well. You had one book to pull it together, and as far as I'm concerned, you fell way short of the goal. I think you were well aware that you would disappoint the readers, hence your little disclaimer at the beginning of the book which clearly states this is the ending you had in mind from the beginning. In that aspect, you've failed even more as a writer. You set us up to have lukewarm feelings for Sam, therefore setting him permanently in the "friend zone". The majority of the series swirls around Eric and Sookie, and though no one objects to Sookie having a "normal life", this ending was a terrible disappointment as far as character interaction goes. The reader is supposed to be satisfied with "you and me need to let each other go"? Really? It's as if the entire series never happened. Call it snarky if you want, but I feel like this could've been written better,mplotted better, even with the ending you had in mind. Your readers deserve better. Shame on YOU, Harris, for not delivering!
59. Can't believe it
I cannot believe the way she ended this series. I will never, ever read anything she writes again. I can't believe that she cares so little for the charcters she writes as to let them just be blah in the end. I hate Bill, but even Bill is better than Sam. And, as the writer, you don't care what I think? Well, I pay your salary and I will never, ever read your stupid books again. You got the Fae wrong from the beginning, but you could have made it right and found or made up a way that Eric and Sookie could have been together.
60. Jade888
I loved the books, and i rarely say this about any author, i thought her ending was perfect couldnt have done it better i love who she ends up with he is so perfect for her... In fact i loved the last book so much it hit me with such wonderful emotions, im going to re read it tonight :-)
Thank you Charlaine for the wonderful ending xxx
61. mary-anne
I just read the last book and lets I am not very happy. I'm fucking pissed off I can't believe that son of a bitch let sookie go for Sam in the end. I wasted hours reading her. The ending is so not what I was looking for.
62. Eff Sookie
I can't stand the way Sookie sleeps around, the fact that she says she's not a one night stand didn't stop her from sleeping with Quinn & I can't stand the way the writer ended it, Sookie should have been with Eric because he NEVER gave up on her, Harris isn't much of a writer and it's annoying that she had to repeatedly describe characters...This is my ending:
deciding he can't live without her Eric gives up all that he has & they get remarried, Sookie asks him to turn her so they can happily forever after & he does....The End.

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