May 22 2013 6:00pm

Brandon Sanderson’s New YA Novel The Rithmatist Debuts on the New York Times Bestseller List!

Brandon Sanderson The Rithmatist debuts #6 YA New York Times Bestseller ListTor Books has just received word that Brandon Sanderson's first young adult novel The Rithmatist has debuted at #6 on the New York Times YA Bestseller List!

Congratulations to Brandon Sanderson and illustrator Ben McSweeney on the debut! Curious about the book? Read the first six chapters for free right here.

And read up on how Brandon Sanderson’s The Rithmatist Could Have Been an RTS Named ChalkCraft.

Juan Avila
1. Cumadrin
It was a very good read. I'm considering doing some of the things in the Reading and Activity guide at the end of the book, just for fun.

As a gamer, I did have one critique about the crash course in Rithmatics in the illustrations throughout the book. However, I'm going to post my thoughts on that in the comments of the blog post comparing Rithmatics to an RTS linked up above. Maybe it'll generate some discussion. I really would like to discuss Rithmatics a bit for fun, but I don't know anyone else who's read this. :(
2. Freelancer
The Rithmatist turned out to be a surprisingly good read. I don't use that qualifier because of the author, but because of the expectations which accompany a label of YA on a novel. In most cases, the result is either prose which supposes an inability of juvenile readers to comprehend any but the simplest verbage, or the plot is something which would only interest a tween.

The Rithmatist is none of the above. A very strong story, characters which are instantly sympathetic or distrusted, a measured reveal of the key details behind the plot, utterly realistic dialogue. A fun and engaging read, with believable intrigue and suspense. And magic chalk stuff.

Congratulations, Brandon and Tor, on hitting the NYTBL once again.
Juan Avila
3. Cumadrin
Freelancer pretty well summed up how the book itself was very good. I agree wholeheartedly.

I'm currently waiting for moderator approval for my comment on the blog post comparing Rithmatics to an RTS. Assuming it gets approved, I hope the probably three people that read it enjoy my MS paint drawing of my own Rithmatic Defense, which is a simplification of the Jordan Defense illustrated in the book.
Brent Longstaff
4. Brentus
The book was great, and the magic system was really neat. I wish they would make a real multiplayer tablet game of it. Android and Windows 8 tablets with pen digitizers would work great for the drawings. And maybe iPads could do something like allowing you to zoom in to draw details with capacitive styluses.
Alice Arneson
5. Wetlandernw
Congratulations! And those who placed it on the best-selling list won't be disappointed with their purchase. I thoroughly enjoyed it, for all the reasons Freelancer listed. :)

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