May 12 2013 11:31pm

Astronaut Chris Hadfield Sings David Bowie’s Space Oddity in Space

Astronaut Chris Hadfield has been living onboard the International Space Station for five months now, and has been charming the world from 230 miles above. Hear him sing David Bowie’s “Space Oddity.” Is it the best thing ever? Stubby says, yes.

1. Aldus
Now let's see if the RIAA sues him for copyright infringement.
adrian bellis
2. Nilrem
That is brilliant on so many levels :)
3. farah311
Best dramatic performance, short form?
Deana Whitney
4. Braid_Tug
Wow! I give the Editor a number of props too.
The timings were perfect for the song.
Michael Walsh
6. MichaelWalsh
Nice to see at the end "With special thanks to David Bowie ..."
Jennifer B
7. JennB
Awesomeness! I have to admit that I was totally creeped out by the idea until I realized that they had changed the words. Then I was able to relax and just enjoy.
James Nicoll
8. JamesDavisNicoll
HUGO HUGO HUGO. Hadfield deserves a rocket.

The problem is will people remember this in 2014?
Grace McDermott
9. Stormy
I'm yelling out to the people in my house "Space SPACE!".

The camera work is really quite surprisingly beautiful too. :D
10. I_Sell_Books
Bowie's entire catalog is available to the public for free.

Also, Hadfield wins, and not just the internet, but everything!
11. ~ Sil in Corea
Chris Hadfield has done mighty work in getting kids excited about space exploration. They are the generation who can make it happen.

I've been sharing this with all my friends and relatives since it went up on YouTube. Chris did a really fine job, not just with the song, but with bringing the joy of going into space into a lot of people's awareness. His sense of sadness at leaving the station really comes through.
12. SueQ
I had a teen lad wonder to me: who is David Bowie? He was very familiar with Cmdr. Hadfield's work, however.

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