May 7 2013 12:50pm

The Thing You Were Afraid Would Happen in Amazing Spider-Man 2 is Totally Happening

Andrew Garfield, Peter Parker, Amazing Spider-man

Spider-Man looks pretty sad there. Probably because recent set photos reveal that an event will come to pass that fans have been wondering about since a certain character first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man. (No, not a remake of Raimi’s third Spider-Man film.)

Spoilers below for the film and comics, of course.

We have all been worried about Peter Parker’s love interest, the ever-fashionable and clever Gwen Stacy. (Made even more fashionable and clever by Emma Stone’s portrayal.) Those who have read the comics or are clued in about Spider-Man’s history know that Gwen does not make it very far into Peter Parker’s story, and that this loss is a major defining moment in comics history. Like Uncle Ben’s death, “The Night Gwen Stacy Died,” is a seminal moment in Spider-Man’s story.

The emergence of Mary Jane in the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man 2 film was cause for worry enough, and now we have some pretty haunting proof that Gwen is not likely to live past the second film.

This particular Gwen costume was spotted on Emma Stone via Superhero Hype:

Gwen Stacy, Emma Stone, Amazing Spider-man 2


And the damning evidence? Take a look at panels from the comic where Gwen dies:

The Amazing Spider-man, The Night Gwen Stacy Died

That’s... not looking too good. Damn you, amazing costume designer! We’re already steeling ourselves for heartbreak over here. Obviously we’re excited to see Peter meet Mary Jane and get to know her, but Gwen rocked the last movie. We’ll be sad to lose her.

Via /Film.

Christopher Bennett
1. ChristopherLBennett
Well, it's not an exact match -- no headband, for one thing. Maybe it's just that the costumes designers are drawing on the comics for Gwen's fashion style in general (as the first film already made clear). Did we see Gwen dressed in a similar way in other issues?

I'm fully expecting Gwen to meet her end in this series, and I'm dying to see a real adaptation of "The Night Gwen Stacy Died" at last (instead of the knockoff versions to date that have used MJ and had her survive), but it seems to me that it would make more sense in the third film. This version of Gwen is such a potent female lead that it would leave quite a void if she were lost after just the second film. And we just had the last film end with Captain Stacy dying, so it would be a bit repetitive to go back to that well so soon. Not to mention that it should be the climax of a Green Goblin story, and Electro's the villain in this one.

(Also, I really wish they'd call it The Spectacular Spider-Man instead of TASM2. And the third film could be Web of Spider-Man.)
William Carter
2. wcarter
My guess is it's a red herring.
Throw out the costume for the comic savvy among us, have her in a scene on the bridge, have her fall off even, but then something is going to avert the death.
Alternate theory: nightmare dream sequence
3. Kasiki
@1 christopherLBennett

With there being plans for "Amazing Spiderman" to be a trilogy, this makes it the perfect time for "the night gwen stacy died" storyline. It leaves a third act to see the lasting influence of a character, vrs a short term solution. In much the same way the current iron man deals with events from the avengers that affect Tony mentally, so too can Peter deal with his own demons. With an entire movie to deal with the issues (instead of a maximum of half a movie), they can truely be dealt with, instead of being glossed over. By doing the story now, they can build a better arc for Peter. By doing it later they cheepen the impact.

That said.... since when have movie studios been smart?
4. Blackhand
Just bringing Gwen into the storyline shows where they're headed. Dying was kind of her schtick.
Christopher Grady
5. csgrady78
I expect Spider-Man 2&3 to be back to back. As in 2 will end with a cliffhanger that leads right into 3.

I see Gewn going missing in 2 presumed dead, and the Bridge scene palying out in the beginning of 3. Then the rest of the movie will be fall out and repercussions.
J Bizzle
6. wolfkin
recent set photos reveal that an event will come to pass
and then i knew this wasn't an article about how Spiderman 2 was looking bad. Slightly misleading headline.
I think she will die in this series. But the problem is that Norman might now neven become the Green Goblin in the second film. If that is the case, then how can he kill Gwen Stacy? No Green Goblin=NO Gwen dath.
8. kram namsgjirk
Emma Stone already said she would love to play gwen her death , but if they stick to the comics , then gwen knows MJ Watson,
but Gwen stace her death would be a GREAT ending to the movie , leave peter wrecked by her loss and has to become spiderman again in a third moviewhere he meets MJ and Felica Hardy it has me excited for the movie

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