May 31 2013 2:45pm

2 Weeks Left to Get the Ebook of Lamentation for $2.99

Ken Scholes Lamentation ebook 2.99Ken Scholes’ distant future fantasy novel Lamentation takes readers into the ancient city of Windwir, a place where magick is commonplace, but what will happen when war comes to these Named Lands?

Lamentation is the first in the Psalms of Isaak series, and the second volume—Requiem—is coming on June 18th.

Find out where it all began for only $2.99 from the retailers below or your favorite ebook provider.

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Andrew Willett
1. AndrewWillett
I just wanted to say that "The Ebook of Lamentation" would make a superlative name for... I dunno, maybe an indie EP. For something, certainly.
Liz Bourke
2. hawkwing-lb
Things I have learned about myself: $2.99 promotions make me buy ebooks, even if I do not then read them. (At least, any time soon.) Curse your nefarious schemes!
3. dbe7
Correction: Requiem is the fourth in the series. Not the second.

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