Apr 8 2013 1:30pm

What Game of Thrones Looks Like as a Subway Map

Game of Thrones subway map Jonathan Roberts

The Lands of Ice and Fire artist Jonathan Roberts recently discovered that if you take away the actual lands of George R. R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire world, then the journeys of its characters appear in much the same manner as a subway map.

Towards that end, Roberts tweaked his own “Character Journeys” map in the style of the London Tube to better visualize the phenomenon. The names and places have been excised, as the map is current up to the end of A Dance With Dragons and would contain spoilers for TV-only folks. King’s Landing and Harrenhal are obvious hubs, but so is the Inn at the Crossroads, surprisingly! Other important nations/neighborhoods seem to be bypassed completely, but isn’t that always the way?

Illustrated by Jonathan Roberts, 2013

Douglas Freer
1. Futurewriter1120
I would love to see this treatment done for WOT and, when more is released, The Stormlight Archive.
Chris Lough
2. TorChris
One of the ideas I batted around during the run-up to A Memory of Light was a map doing just that but it gets completely insane once characters figure out how to Travel/Skim/etc. (Perrin's T'a'R adventures in the last two books alone are maddening.)
Douglas Freer
3. Futurewriter1120
Someone on Dragonmount attempted a map of each book with just the guys. It was pretty accurate but I'd love to see the other characters get mapped together.
4. KukuduKoo
Ah! But where is the Wall? It's time to finally remember what started this madness after all! Check this out

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