Apr 29 2013 5:00pm

Watch the Trailer for the Star Wars Movie We Actually Want to See

The Empire Strikes Back Uncut

The Star Wars Uncut crew recently released a trailer for the forthcoming Empire Strikes Back Uncut film and we can’t wait. Can. Not. Wait.

For those unfamiliar, Uncut re-creates the original Star Wars trilogy by cutting each movie into 15-second clips and allowing well, anyone, the opportunity to film or create their own version of that clip. The enterprising animators, videographers, and puppeteers then turn in their 15-second vignettes and Uncut stitches them back together! They debuted the completed Star Wars Uncut in January 2012 and are only 39 scenes away (almost 10 minutes) from finishing The Empire Strikes Back!

Star Wars Uncut itself was a joy to watch and a complete reinvigoration of the movie even for those who have seen it roughly ten million times. (We tried to create a list of our favorite moments from the Uncut version and couldn’t even get it down to 100.) Check out the trailer for the next film The Empire Strikes Back.


Michelle Mulford
1. DervishJ
The kids' bits look awesome as long as they aren't overdone. Also cracking up at the Wes Anderson nod at the end. Thanks for posting this, as I had no idea it was so close to being ready.
2. jere7my
See my take on IG-88 in the "No disintegrations" scene here!
Joseph Newton
3. crzydroid
Looks like there were a fair number of kids who made it in. I signed up for one of the scenes, intending to have my then one-year-old son in his Yoda costume in the carrier on my back (me as Luke). However, when I went to try and film it, he was NOT digging it, so it didn't work out.

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