Apr 4 2013 2:30pm

The Doctor Puppet Has Lost His Friends! How Will He Find Them in These Animated Shorts?

Doctor Puppet animated shorts, Alisa Stern, Nerdist

The Doctor Puppet has been a busy fellow these days! After saving Christmas last year in NYC, he is now starring in some new shorts produced by creator Alisa Stern and Nerdist—and they are adorable with a capital A. Plus, we see the Doctor Puppet come into contact with a couple of very lovely friends!

Watch below!

First up is “The Red X.” The Doctor receives a message, and is sure he knows who it came from... which of course means he's entirely wrong.


The second episode is “The Conjuction of Eleven,” which sees our favorite puppet encounter someone we all know he desperately needs to meet. But it ends on a cliffhanger! You are warned!

We need more of these! Desperately! So with absolute understanding of and sympathy toward how long and arduous the stop-motion process is, we lovingly say, “Hurry up and give us more!”

Nicholas Winter
1. Nicholas Winter
Oh these are cute! I'm not usually a fan of this style of animation but it really works here.

Hopefully they'll do one with all eleven of the Doctors in a full length video. I know I'm dreaming but what an experience that would be!

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