Apr 17 2013 3:05pm

Do New Set Photos Confirm Which 10th Doctor Will Appear in Doctor Who 50th Anniversary?

Matt Smith David Tennant on set Doctor Who 50th anniversary

Fresh from David Tennant’s blog, let’s all enjoy this brand new set photo of the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors in costume in front of the TARDIS!

But whose TARDIS is it? And which version of the Tenth Doctor is it? Continue below for a bigger picture, a dejected Zygon, and some speculation on the details within.

Possible spoilers ahead, of course.

Here’s what this picture tells us:

  • Both of these guys are absurdly handsome. (Okay, we knew that.)
  • This is the Tenth Doctor’s TARDIS. Darker blue, different sized windows, no St. John’s insignia.
  • We’re probably dealing with the regular Tenth Doctor, and not clone/hand Tenth Doctor from the alternate universe. Our Doctor departed in the brown suit while Clone Doctor was left with the blue suit.
  • Although Clone Doctor would have gotten a brown suit, as well....
  • There’s a Zygon walking away in the background and it looks so sad and dejected! It was probably trying to make friends with the Doctors and they just weren’t having it.
  • The person walking with the Zygon sort of looks like they might be in a Third Doctor/Jon Pertwee outfit? (This is wild speculation.)

What do you think? 

the Nth Doctor
1. the Nth Doctor
Re: Third Doctor speculation- I kinda hope you are not too far off…they re-cast the First and Second Doctor for Mark Gatiss’ behind-the-scenes TV movie and I am kinda hoping they did some secret filming of those actors in character for the 50th anniversary itself…
Alan Brown
2. AlanBrown
I don't care how they do it, I just want to see the final product, with these two great young actors playing off of each other!
the Nth Doctor
3. Nicholas Agriesti
Seriously? You guys posted a story a week or so ago in which you claimed to have confirmation of the return of Billie Piper as well as Tennant for the fiftieth. The link is right there. Now you're saying that you don't know? That's lame, man.
the Nth Doctor
4. bryan rasmussen
I think that zygon looks mad actually, the way it walks with its buttocks all tight and sort of hunched over. That's how I get when I am steaming over something.
the Nth Doctor
5. Eric Saveau
@3, There are two Tenth Doctors, both played by the same actor. The speculation is about which Ten it is. It looks from this like it might be the Time Lord Ten rather than the human Ten, but we can't be 100% sure just yet.
the Nth Doctor
6. Doc66
"But who’s TARDIS is it?" *whose*
the Nth Doctor
7. Laz75
The "other" Doctor might as well have grown his own TARDIS and it might look like the Tenth Doctor's one.

(Yes, that scene was cut from The End of Time, but it doesn't mean it can't have happened.)
the Nth Doctor
9. Steven Robert Gill
I've always liked the idea that the Docs personal timeline is a little
bit malleable, in that 11 might actually wake up one day with new memories from when he was Doc #3.
I'm going with the therory that some evil outside force has deliberately fugded up the Doc's timeline by stopping each of his previous 10 incarnations from regenerating when they should, somehow at the same moment, causing a universe shredding/headache inducing/paradox creating/idontreallyunderstandhowthatwouldwork, 11 doctor mash up, where some of them have aged because they didn't regenerate.

Personally, I'd rather it be meta-crisis doc with Rose and his own (home-grown!) tardis, more dramatic possibility in that IMO and less of a headache. Bring Back McGann, maybe time travel or maybe via a simple flashback (maybe both!) where we see him actually end the time war.

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