Apr 17 2013 4:45pm

Two New Teasers for Stephen King’s Under the Dome

Under the Dome television show Stephen King

Two new clips have just been released from the highly anticipated television adaptation of Stephen King’s Under the Dome, both of the showcasing just how hard life will be for not only those trapped under this mysterious force field, but also for those on the other side....

Karen Morrell
1. karenm83
I remember not being super impressed with the book, hopefully the show is better
3. TomT
It's a bad sign that I don't remember anything more about the original King book/story than there was a dome. Usually I can remember some details at least.
5. AlecAustin
I haven't read the book, but did King address the questions of starvation and drinking water? (I assume the dome is magically permeable to oxygen, so people don't all asphyxiate.)
Douglas Freer
6. Futurewriter1120
@5 Their was plenty of food and water for the town to survive on between the diner and grocery store which was stocked with non perishables.. They were probably under the dome anywhere from two weeks to a month.
The dome could let air in, but it was so minuscule that it might as well not have let any in at all but it was so high that they could've survived for a year I think if they didn't die of heat. The dome was like a greenhouse so it wouldn't cool off. The air longevity didnt matter though since a generator blew up and all the air burned up with it. The survivors survived by being at the wall of the dome itself and breathing what little air could get in.

edit: Technically it wasn't even a dome, it was a giant wall, the army aimed missiles above airplane heights and still were hitting something and people tried digging under and found no end to it after 50 feet I think, that followed the boundary line of the town causing some interesting injuries like this one woman working at her garden and it happened to be outside the limits and she was reaching for something when the wall came down.
Karen Morrell
7. karenm83
It really irritated me that (roll over for spoilers) aliens were the cause of it. What is his deal with this lately?

Do all his stories have to devolve into this at the end? Find a new resolution already.
Karen Morrell
8. karenm83
I tried whiting out the spoiler-y part but it didn't seem to work. How do I fix that?

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