Apr 8 2013 12:30pm

Benedict Cumberbatch Has Turned Around in Latest Star Trek Into Darkness Poster

Star Trek Into Darkness poster Benedict Cumberbatch

The first Star Trek Into Darkness teaser poster depicted Benedict Cumberbatch’s sneaky baddie standing in the classic movie poster pose, inside of some wreckage in the shape of a Star Fleet symbol. Now, in this new poster it looks like he’s burned that thing down and turned around to face us. Where will Cumberbatch go next? Will he be closer every time we look back at the poster? Until his beautiful face looms larger than life? Will it bug us? He’s not touching us.

[Via Den of Geek]

2. JimboLove
Unlike Margaret Thatcher.
3. SueQ
Why oh why do the villians have to be so hot?!

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