Apr 26 2013 1:30pm

Latest Trailer for Red 2 is What a Fun Action Movie Should Be

Unlike super serious, overly earnest action movies like A Good Day to Die Hard or Fast & Furious 6, we think Red 2 is having a good time. Watch all these Academy Award-winning people doing action-movies stuff while making a bunch of jokes.

Jenny Thrash
2. Sihaya
Most of the action franchises that star these actors are weighed down by the backstory they've already built. This franchise has started somewhere near the last third of the arc, allowing the writers to make a back story on the fly, and only as much of it as is necessary to advance the story or tell a good joke. But since the actors' characters from other films are well established, we can use them to inform the dialogue or action as we please. It's like watching an acrobat suddenly leap high off the wire and do a flip, only to stick the landing. What fun.
Deana Whitney
3. Braid_Tug
Love it! Great knowing they don't take themselves too seriously, but are still going to create a fun movie.
Chris Nelly
4. Aeryl
Anthony Hopkins is KILLING me!! When I saw the first trailer, I wasn't to intrigued, the only shot was of him behind a prison type door, so I thought it would be a rehash of Lecter, poking fun at it.

But now that I've seen what his character is doing, I'm in.

I hate that they are doing the whole "Let's add a woman with a past with Moses/TENSION" thing, but at least she's not also a villain(apparently) so I'll deal.
5. Dianthus
This looks like quite a hoot! Helen Mirren kickin' ass and taking names? That's even better'n Vanessa Redgrave in Mission Impossible.
Also, too, Malkovich, Malkovitch, Malkovitch.
Jenny Creed
6. JennyCreed
Not to get all up in an "I like the book better", but I like the book better. It's not a bad series of movies, it's just completely baffling how you can get on this track from Warren Ellis' bitter, evil shockingly violent little meditation on murder in the service of good business.

I mean it would do the author a better service if they put the caracters in costumes and called the movie series The Authority - that's the comic where Ellis tried to capture the energy, impacting power and simple kinetic joy of the summer blockbuster action movie.

I'll probably give Red 2 a miss and watch Armageddon for the seventieth time instead. . .

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