Apr 12 2013 4:30pm

The Enterprise Is Falling Out of the Sky in Brand New Star Trek Into Darkness Poster

Star Trek Into Darkness poster Enterprise crashingIt looks like things are getting rough for our favorite Federation starship in this latest poster for Star Trek Into Darkness. Will this movie actually destroy the Enterprise? Like what happened in Star Trek: The Search For Spock, Star Trek Generations, and very nearly Star Trek Nemesis? How many Enterprise destructions can we handle? Will Kirk turn death into a fighting chance to live?

1. Dunny0
Are we sure that's the Enterprise? The nacelles look all wrong - which is to say the look like TOS nacelles, not the new universe JJ-prise nacelles.
I'm thinking thus may be another Starfleet ship, the one seen doing major damage to a city in the trailer.
Chris Nelly
2. Aeryl
It isn't. I saw an article on here or The Mary Sue, where someone said it was another ship being destroyed.
3. KJ
Yeah, it doesn't look like the Enterprise from the last film to me either. The nacelles look too long and close together. The disk doesn't look right either. This is most likely the ship that crashes but not the Enterprise (unless its an earlier or later model).
4. matt s
I do believe that's the Enterprise in the photo. However, the preview that shows the ship hitting the water and causing the wave (you only see the shadow of the ship through the wave) indicates a different ship because the nacelles are way too far apart than the E-JJ. I can't decide if I like JJ's vision for the E because the nacelles are too close together. It just looks silly from a top-down view. The ship hitting the water in the first previews has nacelles that more closely resemble the designs we're used to the in Prime universe.
Publius 75
6. publius75
I am so sick of this, "We have to save the Earth" plot. It's Star Trek, go boldly explore someplace new!
Shelly wb
8. shellywb
I don't know what it is about their ad campaign/promotions/coyness but it's sucked all the excitement out of me that I'd had for this movie, and I've loved ST for 40-some years, including the 2009 movie. I don't think I'm even going to go opening weekend at this point, and it will be the first time I've missed one.
9. KJ
@matt s
Yes, I agree with you now. The poster probably shows the Enterprise as it looks like the craft in the Superbowl ad with "NCC 1701" on the saucer section and which is almost identical to the Enterprise in the previous film. There seem to be many differences with those depictions and that of the water crashing ship for the crashing ship to be the Enterprise.
Jenny Thrash
10. Sihaya
#5 needs a 'like' button, badly.

I don't generally try to get spoilers from publicity posters. If we thought that posters really conveyed accurate information about a film, then we could all assume that Marylin Monroe only has a minor role in Some Like it Hot; the gal on the poster is clearly the star. We'd think Star Wars IV is a futuristic barbarian film with Mark Hamill in the Conan role.
15. Andy in Seattle
Can they actually GO SOMEPLACE in Star TREK?!?!? The only way Star Trek is good is as a TV series. There is only so many "save Earth and/or the UFP" I can put up with

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