Apr 4 2013 3:25pm

New Avengers Deleted Scenes Feature Captain America Adorableness

Marvel Universe Phase One The Avengers Captain America deleted scenes

Wow did The Avengers have a lot of deleted scenes! Straight from the special release of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe Phase One on Blu-ray comes even more deleted sequences, mainly centering on Captain America and Loki plotlines that were cut. These new scenes are even more notable for featuring some adorable Captain America stuff!

Here’s a few selections below:

Here’s one in which Cap helps out a family:


Here’s more of the storylines between Cap and the Waitress:


In this scene Loki is sorta told what’s what by The Other. 


Check out more deleted scenes here at io9.

Michelle R. Wood
2. Michelle R. Wood
Am I the only person who thinks the boy in the first clip looks like a Pixar character brought to life?
Michelle R. Wood
3. JJ717
Blocked by Disney, of course. Heaven forbid anyone get to enjoy these without paying the mouse...
James Whitehead
4. KatoCrossesTheCourtyard
@3JJ717, and it's not as if our watching these here will stop us from buying the extended dvd anyway. It'll simply whet our appetite to make sure we do buy it.

Pernilla Leijonhufvud
5. Therru
Yeah, didn't take long for Disney to block them all. Sigh.

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