Apr 16 2013 10:48pm

The Latest Man of Steel Trailer

Superman trailer Man of Steel

“On my world, it means hope.”

The trailer certainly strives for an emotional journey to go along with the super heroic deeds. I have to admit, I’m starting to get excited about this one. Man of Steel opens June 14th and stars, among other things, a score by Hans Zimmer.

2. kalel
SuperFantastic ... can't wait!
Rich Bennett
4. Neuralnet
great trailer.... now this is a movie I want to see
Turlough Delaney
5. Goobdroog
Oh my - this could be better than Batman Begins.

Hmmpf! *strains to lower expectations*
Keith DeCandido
8. krad
My reaction to the first trailer: Meh. They're doing the origin again????

My reaction to this trailer: OOOOOH, SHINY! This has me excited, not least because we see more (though still not enough) of Michael Shannon as Zod. :)

---Keith R.A. DeCandido
Peter Tijger
9. Peter-Tijger
Indeed Krad.....I felt the same, new movie, another reboot, could be cool, but hey....again !!!??!? But now that I've seen this trailer......omg...I want to see this and I want it to be good, real good. My hopes are up, now here's to hoping they deliver!
Kimani Rogers
10. KiManiak
I like the trailer. One question: Are they drastically changing the life (background) of Clark Kent? Didn't see much that would leave me to believe that Kal-El spends his offtime as a bumbling journalist, there.

Stilll, I definitely like what I saw in the trailer.
Karen Bovenmyer
11. maxmelig
Superman is my favorite superhero--and it wasn't until watching this trailer that I realized the similarities between this story and the stories I was told about Jesus as a kid in Sunday school. I haven't gone to church regularly for the last 20 years, but I wonder if the stories I heard as a kid deeply engrained in me the ideals of the culture to which I belonged. I wonder if the creaters had the New Testament in mind when they made Superman, or if the cultral ideals were just imbedded for them also.

Actually, nevermind--I bet there are dissertations, books, and articles by the boatload that compare the mythic journey of Superman with the Bible and other stories that transmit cultrual norms and ideals.

My statement of belief, before I am Internet flamed, is that I believe every person has a right to celebrate the cultrual tradition they feel an afinity with, practice religion as they will, and live in peace and harmony with others.

Also, I dressed up as Supergirl last Halloween :D I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THIS MOVIE!
Joseph Newton
12. crzydroid
@8 and 10: I too, felt more and more excitement upon seeing each trailer of this film. Actually, even before the first trailer, I was actively dreading the reboot, and fearing the gritty realism they might try to give to Superman. I am now pretty eager to see this film.

I still have a list of potential fears and criticisms: Is this movie going to be like his cape--too long? (I keep thinking of The Incredibles--No capes!) I said on the last trailer that I feel like there are so many story threads here that I fear they may not have time to develop them all as much as they such. I also fear that this movie will have all the elements of current films that I don't like, but if that's the way movies are going to be in general, I guess there's nothing I can do about it. I fear the ending action sequence might drag on too long and be too hard to follow--we see glimpses of that even in the trailer, and that is what they do with movies nowadays. Despite this, I still want to see it. I find the scene where Jonathon Kent tells him, "You are my son!" to be very touching. I think my favorite scene from the trailer, though, is where bearded Clark is holding the beam up with the fire all around. I just think that is a very heroic scene that speaks volumes.

@10: I'm also wondering where Metropolis Clark is going to fit into this film! Maybe that's an aspect of the character that they can expand upon more in sequels.

@11: Heh, I suppose there have been dissertations written about it. But I think the biblical connection that is more often made with Superman is from the Old Testament: The story of Moses. They place the infant in a basket down the river to save his life. He is raised by a foreign people. He becomes the great hero (though it breaks down here because it would mean that Superman would be leading the Kryptonians to freedom from the yoke of the Earthlings!) But Jerry Siegel was Jewish, so maybe he had Moses more in mind.
Karen Bovenmyer
13. maxmelig
@12 @cyzydroid Ah yes, Moses! That makes a lot of sense and works well.

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