Apr 30 2013 12:45pm

Kirk/Spock Slash Is So Back in Latest Star Trek Into Darkness Clip

Star Trek Into Darkness clip Kirk/Spock slash fiction canon

In the latest clip from Star Trek Into Darkness, we’re introduced to Alice Eve’s “Carol Wallace” who we thought was Carol Marcus, even though she’s assigned by Admiral Marcus, who we’re pretty sure is Robocop Peter Weller.

But the BIG news is how Spock reacts to this new “science officer.” Is the famously implied Kirk/Spock relationship from the original series finding it’s way into the new canon? Watch below and see for yourself.

Spock looks like he’s gonna cry. Seriously, things haven’t been this bad since that back rub incident.

Kevin Lindgren
1. Kevin Lindgren
I can't believe no one had commented on this! Kirk and Spock are men of the 23rd Century where there are no taboos against consentual sex. If it was "logical" to get it on, they would get it on! (Although Quinto pretty much always has that look on his face)
Kevin Lindgren
2. Lore Soong
The backrub incident lol, I remember that!! Too funny. Yeah, I saw the clip and thought the same. Bromances are really nothing new though. It's just that Kirk/Spock really set the bar. Look forward to seeing the movie.
Kevin Lindgren
3. dabogirl
and there is another major scene (I ain't going to spoil it) in this movie which is even more a slash tribute than this one... oooh my...

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