Apr 16 2013 12:41pm

Huge Reveal in Final Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer

Star Trek Into Darkness trailer huge reveal

There’s a new, very big, reveal in this recently released final trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness.

We did not see this coming. Seriously. Watch the trailer and take a look at the screenshot of what we mean. Possible spoilers ahead.


Now that we’re all good and excited... what is this?

Star Trek Into Darkness trailer huge reveal

It looks like the Enterprise-E, except the nacelles are wrong and also that’s crazy. Is it a Mirror Universe version of the reboot Enterprise? Is it some sort of secret Starfleet dreadnaught-class type ship that Cumberbatch’s character stole away? Is the name of this ship possibly... S.S. Botany Bay?

Theorize with us below.

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of Tor.com. Stubby can tell you that it is not that ship, that’s for sure.

Keith DeCandido
1. krad
That doesn't look all that much like the Enterprise-E. My guess is this option: "Is it some sort of secret Starfleet dreadnaught-class type ship that Cumberbatch’s character stole away?"

---Keith R.A. DeCandido
3. Joana
Gotta agree with the theory of --> "Is it some sort of secret Starfleet dreadnaught-class type ship that Cumberbatch’s character stole away?"

Paul Lewandowski
4. Snowkestrel
Well, a ship that much bigger than Enterprise explains the scene of the crashing ship taking out a building with its saucer section. That has looked too big to me since the first viewing, and I was afraid that JJ & Co may have gotten the scale wrong again (like scenes inside Enterprise's engineering section, where the brewery they used for the set makes the interior seem too big in 2009).

My bet? Mirror-universe Enterprise, and Cumberbatch is her captain. It would explain the darker hull color when all the other ships we saw in Star Trek (2009) were lighter colored- no darker than a medium gray at most. It would make sense that the more warlike Terran Empire would build a battleship instead of a cruiser for their flagship.

It would also explain the "I am better... Everything." line, if he's captain of one Enterprise comparing himself to the captain of another.
5. Khan Sucks!
Now I have a new theory- this is this universe’s Enterprise E and the Cumberbatch is an evil future Picard!
6. Smiley
My immediate thought was that it was a mirror universe Enterprise-B as it isn't as sleek as a Sovereign class starship, but has a lot of similarities to Sulu's Enterprise B.
james loyd
7. gaijin
I sincerely hope it's a dreadnaught/prototype vessel. If JJ thought the retcon backlash was bad, surely he'd know better than to put a Mirror Universe INSIDE an alternate timeline. Of course, you'd think he'd have known better than to retcon in the first place...
8. knightrider
It has to be the uss excelsior, it's the most likely explination. look at the saucer shape and the overall size is identical in comparison to the Enterprise.
Mordicai Knode
9. mordicai
5. Khan Sucks!

I have to admit; he sure SOUNDS like Picard. That was my first thought.
10. Darth Continent
Aaaand here's where the Star Trek franchise again descends... into shlockness.
F Shelley
11. FSS
For heaven's sake, please stop trying to shoe-horn Wrath of Khan into this movie. It's not funny anymore. Why not go back to spreading rumors about Johnny Depp as the movie-Doctor Who? At least that was funny...
Rich Bennett
12. Neuralnet
I just hope there are tribbles in this movie...

ok seriously now, I am not sure how this is a big reveal, just more mystery. The mystery ship does look bigger, but that could be a trick of perspective if the mystery ship is closer to us in this clip. I have no clue what is going on here, but it looks like it will be a fun movie. I think I am in the camp that the ship is some sort of Federation battleship that cumberbatch's character has stolen... but who knows.
13. ravenlunatick
The problem with thought experiments like this is half the time the fan speculations are actually *more* interesting than what the Hollywood mucky-mucks come up with. Then when I see the actual movie, I'm kinda disappointed...
15. Neil Myers
I've seen a preview of the film and it has nothing to do with the Mirror Universe. The film also has nothing to do with Khan. You will like the plot though and I'm happy to say that the trailers haven't spoiled the surprise.
16. Darth Touma
17. matt s
Oh wow. I like the mirror universe idea. I like the Excelsior idea.

And I now definitely think that is the ship that crashes in the water. The nacelles on the crashing ship are just too far apart to be the Enterprise. Though admittedly I can't explain the shot of the Enterprise emerging from the water (gas, maybe?).
Mike Conley
18. NomadUK
That's dreadnought.

Anyway, lot's o' blastin' away, that's for sure. Trying to remember how many times things blew up in such classic episodes as 'The City on the Edge of Forever', and 'Amok Time', and 'Mirror, Mirror' ...

Oh, that's right. Zero times. Whatever did they used to do without explosions?
19. STforlife
I think this ship was built by Section 31.
20. JJohnson
Didn't you people watch the original cast movies!?
its the prototype for the next class of starship i.e. The Excelsior
21. jaquesparblue
Looks like a weird cross between an Ambassador-class and an Excelsior-class
22. D.diddy
Probably a ship full of helpfully suggestions from future Spock.
23. Harold Sipe
"dreadnaught-class type ship"
24. Brightrocket
Oh No! The movie looks like it will be a blast to watch, damn them to hell they've ruined it for guardians of the trekverse.......Farging Bastages!
Christopher Bennett
25. ChristopherLBennett
@19: I suspect you're right. From what I've read about the prequel comic, it foreshadows a corruption within Starfleet and there's a mention of the number 31. A Simon Pegg interview also mentioned the story being about a danger coming from within. The comic and some hints from the movie also suggest there's a war with the Klingons looming on the horizon. My current conjecture is that the ship is a secret Section 31 project designed as a weapon against the Klingons, perhaps for a pre-emptive first strike, and that Harrison steals the ship to expose and strike back at the corruption in Starfleet. Maybe he's even a disguised Klingon agent. (Arne Darvin????)

@20: Yes, I've seen the original movies, and I know that the Excelsior was built 26 years later than the events of this movie. It doesn't make sense to equate them. The only thing they have in common is being bigger than the contemporaneous Enterprise -- but then, the Abramsverse Enterprise is already bigger than the Enterprise-D.
26. BobAl
The Enterprise is brand new and it's supposed to be top-of-the-line. It's hard to believe that the Federation has simultaneously built something that much bigger (short of a cargo ship, like a futuristic oil tanker).

I'm betting something like the Enterprise E time-travelled from the future (yeah, time travel AGAIN -sigh-).
Christopher Bennett
27. ChristopherLBennett
@26: It doesn't follow that the most advanced ship is automatically the biggest. If anything, I'd think a more advanced ship could be smaller due to advances in miniaturization, efficiency, and such. So it isn't logical to assume that the ship must be from the future just because it's bigger. Especially since its lines and proportions are so similar to the films' Enterprise, suggesting it shares some of the same designers and comes from the same generation of technology.

Besides, the Enterprise is a multipurpose craft intended primarily for exploration, diplomacy, and support missions. It's plausible that a secretly built ship intended purely for war could be bigger, more powerful, and more heavily armed than the Enterprise even if it's at the same overall technological level and was built around the same time. After all, an aircraft carrier is bigger than a Coast Guard cutter.
28. Robert Hayes
My original theory was that he was Gary Mitchell.

Now I think that he isn't Khan, but he IS a genetically-engineered being of some kind.
29. MB2088
it's an excelsior class.
30. MB2088
it looks a lot like an excelsior class - look at the neck connecting the saucer and the engineering sections, it has that darker ribbed look, like excelsior did. deflector dish and engeniering sections are also right on. sure the nacels are big and dopey, but so are the enterprise's. that's kind of jj's thing... big dopey nacels.
31. BlueprintPod
There's possibly another view of the huge ship in the new trailer. Just after the words "Beyond The Darkness" appear, at 1:29. The Enterprise is firing on something, and to me it looks like the saucer section of this new ship.

If it is, interestingly it has a sort of donut-shaped saucer section with a hole in the middle and a smaller wedge-shaped hole towards the edge of the saucer.

It could be something else entirely, of course, but have a look and see what you think.
Michael Grosberg
33. Michael_GR
Maybe it's not a huge dar k ship but rather the same size and color as the Enterprise, perhaps even of the same class (difficult to see as differences in shape could eb the result of a slightly different viewing angle), only closer to the camera and badly lit.
Paul Lewandowski
34. Snowkestrel
@33 - A few seconds earlier, you see a view of (presumably) the dark ship from the point of view of the Enterprise, and it is huge. Given that p.o.v., and the size of the ship at whatever distance it must be form the Enterprise, I think the size comparison in the side-view shot must be accurate.
Turlough Delaney
35. Goobdroog
Regarding the headline...how can it be a reveal when we don't know what it is?
36. KJ
I think the film is going to be more about a coup or secretive Star Fleet organization attempting to take over rather than Harrison being some kind of rogue. The events of the previous movie probably spurred the more militaristic members of Star Fleet to begin building a very powerful offensive class ship in secret to counter the type of planet destroying threat that Nero represented. The destruction of Vulcan in the previous film would also mean their anti-conflict influence on Star Fleet has been largely removed.
37. Goblin
What I read about the Pre-Comics of this movie and now saw in the trailers, I think Harrison has to do something with Cpt. April, who seems to be dead and is not. Also in the trailer, you see Klingons and they teamed up with Harrison to destroy the whole Star Fleet (as it was wrote in some prescribe of the movie early on). So the Enterprise is the last functional ship of Star Fleet and first gets shot by the new mysterious ship. For my opinion it looks more like an Ambassador-Class ship. Then in the last trailer you hear Scotty say something like "it's down" and Kirk says "No, she's not". I think they are talking about the Enterprise after it hardly crashes. Yes, I don't think the Enterprise is one of the ships that crashes into buldings on earth that showed in the trailer. I think they manage it to stop the down and hide till Scotty repairs the main functions and than the Enterprise show up again and kick the mysterious ships ass.
Another time-travel-story would be nearly boring, because the first movie did that. Another ship from another timeline or future? Would be disappointing for me. But the informations and trailers let it all seem like it's exactly this.
I also think, no one of the Enterprise-Crew will die, and I think the Enterprise will be not destroyed. The only thing, if the Enterprise will be destroyed is, that than I hope they get the mysterious ship for replace. Maybe the mysterious ship is already called Enterprise?
38. Shatrix
It could be this timelines version of the Excelsior, or it could be just some other Federation ship that the badguy steals... I can't see them doing another time travel movie or using the mirror universe cuz that would be just too much, even for JJ... Prolly just a small group of Federation people defecting to the Klingons, or Klingons surgically altered to look human stealing this ship and destroying the rest of the fleet. I for one would love to see some of the other Federation ships close up and in battle, not just the ugly pizza cutter looking new Enterprise constantly... like in First Contact
39. Theofanis
Maybe this ship is called Reliant even it isn´t a Miranda class vessel :-)
40. doodoo bomb
perhaps ambassador spock helped the federation design a ship from
the future
41. peted
The name of the Enterprise B captain that Kirk was "killed" on was
John Harriman. Very similar to Harrison.
42. ascott
John Harrison is really his name; he's John Harriman, original captain of the Enterprise-B, who has travelled back in time to have his revenge on Kirk for embarassing him during the events in Star Trek Generations. Somehow the alternate universe timelines will work out.
43. orcinus
@34 How can you judge the size of it from the PoV of Enterprise? You'd need stereoscopic vision for that. Without that, you need a side-view to judge the size, or know the distance.
Christopher Bennett
44. ChristopherLBennett
@43: The point is that in the earlier shot, the other ship is farther away from the camera than the Enterprise is, indeed directly behind it from the camera's POV, yet appears much larger in the frame. That would be impossible unless it were considerably larger than the E.
45. Thought
Garth of Izar????
46. Amy F.
Patience....patience...and you will find out soon.......
47. TallPortly
Did anyone notice the two shots where the Enterprise braid is on the wrong side? When Kirk says "let's go get the son-of-a-bitch" his braid is on the left side. There is a scene of Spock running and his braid is on the left side. That suggests the mirror universe and two Enterprise crews, two Earths, and everything all mixed up together.
Christopher Bennett
48. ChristopherLBennett
@47: No, it suggests that the shots were flipped in the trailer so that they'd better fit the line of action of the shots around them. This is a common cinematic technique stretching back generations. I believe we have seen the same shot of Spock running in earlier trailers, and this was a mirror image of that.

And you mean the insignia. The braid is on their sleeves.

Not to mention that nothing in the so-called "Mirror" Universe is actually backward like a mirror image. The inversion is moral, not directional. Plus we've already seen the Abramsverse version of the Mirror Universe in one of the recent comics, so it's unlikely they'd repeat it in the film.
49. SueQ
Here's one theory I haven't seen anywhere else: he's Gary Seven's evil twin. He has stolen Carol Marcus's Genesis device and is out to take over. Imagine what the companion cat-lady is like.
50. Zaggs
Mirror universe? Possibly. But what would the beef be with the Klingons? Interest to note that the Dreadnaught looks like it was from a different design school than the Enterprise. Pause the trailer after the "beyond the darkness" part and you see the Enterprise firing on the Dreadnaught. Excep tthe Dreadnaughts saucer section is not whole. But more of a doughnut with a projection inside of it.
I would expect a mirror Enterprise to be closer to the Enterprise. If its a stolen Section 31 vessel, how did Harrison crew it?
Christopher Bennett
51. ChristopherLBennett
@50: To my eyes, the big ship is clearly of the same "design school" as the E. In that profile shot above, I can see how closely the rear halves of the two ships parallel each other -- similar oversized nacelles on fat vertical pylons, a similar taper to the rear of the secondary hull.
52. Tregonsee
Back in the day of Trek Fanzines, 1972 or so, there was one called "Dreadnaught Federation." The idea was that a prototype of a pure warship was designed, partially built, and then mothballed as unneeded. Eventually, a threat which frightened the Klingons arose, causing it to be completed and made part of a joint defense effort.
53. James Tiberius Kirk
The Enterprise-B was an excelsior, right? Okay.

The villain's name is John Harrison, right? Okay.

The captain of the Enterprise-B was John Harriman*, right? Okay.

*Yes it is meant to be Harriman, not Harrison.
54. Goblin
I just saw something in a blink of the eye. In the new trailer harrison fired to the council from outside the building. He sits in a kind of shuttle.
After he fires you see kirk lying inside and then there's the cut to Harrison outside. If you look fast and closely there is something written on the fence of the vehicle. I'm not that fast and close in reading, but I mean there is some name like "Regency" written on it.
Can anyone read better and tell what writing is on it? Maybe the name of the ship it belongs to, like on the Enterprise-shuttles always the name of the "mothership" is on.
55. Goblin
Did I wrote "fence"? Hell, what was in my mind. ;-)
I mean "there is something written on the window of the vehicle".
I've got a bad English I know. Sorry about that.
Christopher Bennett
56. ChristopherLBennett
@54: It seems to say "EMERGENCY." The shuttle may be some kind of emergency vehicle, though it's odd that it would be armed. Then again, trailers often cut together bits of separate scenes to make them look like a single scene, so the emergency shuttle may be from elsewhere in the film.
57. Joe K
It looks exactly like the Enterprise E from the ST First contact movie. The nacels match those of the ship crashing into the bay(widely spaced and angled) and the side profile is virtually identical; see 2:13 in the trailer and google any image of Enterprise E. Also the First Contact movie has the enterprise E traveling back in time.
58. Russ Green
The blonde haired women looks like Dr. Dehner from Star Trek (the original series) episode: Where no man has gone before. When her and an officer named Gary Mitchel had psionic powers.Gotta say That the villian in the clip resembles Gary Mitchel.
59. Russ Green
The blonde haired women looks like Dr. Dehner from Star Trek (the original series) episode: Where no man has gone before. When her and an officer named Gary Mitchel had psionic powers.Gotta say That the villian in the clip resembles Gary Mitchel.
Christopher Bennett
60. ChristopherLBennett
The blonde-haired woman has already been identified as Carol Marcus.
61. Goblin
Some new thoughts...
at a article in the web I read, that on a app the mysterious hip was larger to see. It's big, but for me it looks not very good. It hasn't the smooth and waving lines like the old ships or even the Enterprise.
Also the name of that ship was revealed, and it's USS Vengeance.
That brings more light in the lines Harrison said in a trailer. "I'm here to have my Vengeance". So it seems to me, he meant that special ship.
Maybe he was into its development or anything else important.
It also shows to me, that it is definitely a Ship of Star Fleet or the Federation Of Planets.
A lot of thoughts going through my mind at the time.
I'm firing up for the movie.
62. ND79
The 'dark' ship could be a secret Starfleet project using the reversed engineered equipment from the portion of the future mining/enemy ship that fell into SF Bay from the last movie. Harrison looks to be an undercover Starfleet agent gone rougue, possible his real name is Khan and Harrison is an operative alias, would seem to go along with Harrison waxing poetically during the trailer. The 'dark' ship may not be Botany Bay but may house the Genesis Project, which would explain why Carol Marcus looks at Harrison more like she knows him v. anger in the trailer scene where Bones is scanning Harrison. These are just my ideas and could be complete trash, we will know in a approx. a month.
Christopher Bennett
63. ChristopherLBennett
@62: Don't forget, this movie is set in 2259, over a quarter-century before TWOK. It's way too early for Genesis to exist. And really, even if this movie did feature Khan, why would it have to be about Genesis? "Space Seed" wasn't about Genesis. A given character can be featured in more than one story.
64. preacher909
Everybody is so blinded by Khan and Gary Mitcjell. Who are the REAL Trekkers out there? Who remembers....Gary SEVEN? Hint: Spock's neck pinch did not work on him, he was throwing the Enterprise security around like children and he gave Kirk and Spock a speech after they managed to put him in the brig. He broke out, of course.
66. Partial_M
Mirror Universe Jean-Luc Picard, thrown back in time to mindf&$# us all to death.
67. nonya2332
This looks like an Ambassator class ship, like the Enterprise-C.
68. Stoney3K
I got curious when I looked at the IMAX 3D poster for Into Darkness here. There's a forward shot on there of the Enterprise, being chased by Cumberbatch's ship in the background.


The forward section of the primary hull and the nacelle pylons are most definitely from the Enterprise E model. Looking at it from the front, it's a spitting image of the Enterprise as we saw it in First Contact. Look at the details on the deflector dish and the lines from the saucer section to the nacelle pylons, which are very characteristic for a Sovereign.

If you look at it from the side, it seems they used some different nacelles which were slapped onto a Sovereign forward section in some sort of re-painted digital kit bash. Those huge nacelles look to be obscured by the saucer section in the poster's front view.
69. logicman
the scene where we see the enterprise rise fro the water is in the begining of the film. The ship is hiding from a alien culture so as to not viloate the prime directive. Yes the ship that crashes is the larger stolen future version of a starship, which one from what universe we will see...
70. CoreyLongest
I was thinking that Cumberbatch is playing a temporally displaced Picard and he is captaining his timeline's Enterprise E, and is not movie's main villain. I think Picard goes back in time to prevent somesort of catastrophe brought on by Starfleet themselves that my guess brings on war with the Klingons and at first is at odds with Kirk and his crew but later after truth is revealed they join together to fight the true threat.
Christopher Bennett
71. ChristopherLBennett
@70: The movie's out now. As Mark Twain said, "Supposing is good, but finding out is better."

Back to the subject of the Vengeance (the ship this post was originally about), what I like about the shot seen in the screencap above of the two ships facing each other is that they're not entirely in the same plane -- the Enterprise is tilted a bit away from the camera while the Vengeance is tilted a bit toward it. A nice change from past Treks where every ship usually had the same definition of up and down -- and when they even used "tilted" or "listing" ships/stations as a visual cue for derelicts, which is particularly silly in space.
72. constant man
Khan is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
74. logan castellas
Yes dreadnaught-class military prototype vessel designed by Khan.

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